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ABC News and Press

Keeping you up-to-date on the latest news in herbal medicine. From ABC's appearances as a trusted source of information for the press to the speaking engagements of Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal, you'll find it all here and more.

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ABC News - Press Releases

Press releases from the American Botanical Council

EuroPharma Supports ABC Educational Mission through Turmeric Adoption (4/26/2017)

ABC Mourns the Passing of Fredi Kronenberg (4/21/2017)

American Botanical Council will celebrate the 12th annual HerbDay on Saturday May 6 (4/10/2017)

ABC Endorses Supplement OWL Dietary Supplement Product Registry (4/3/2017)

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ABC In the Media   

OWL Endorsed by ABC
Apr. 5, 2017 – WholeFoods Magazine

HumanN Invests in the Long Game with Nitric Oxide Enhancement
Apr. 6, 2017 - New Hope Network 

School of Pharmacy Hosts International Botanical Conference
April 2, 2017 – University of Mississippi News

President of Mauritius Recognized by ABC for Contributions to Medical Plant Research 
March 15, 2017  

Find more ABC media mentions in the archive.

News Also of Interest

What the People of the Amazon Know That You Don't. TEDGlobal. Oct. 2014. In this TED Talk, ethnobotanist Mark Plotkin warns that indigenous tribes and their knowledge are the Amazon's most endangered species.

Humble Plants that Hide Surprising Secrets. TED. Oct. 2014. ABC Advisory Board member Ameenah Gurib-Fakim introduces rare plant species that have evolved in Africa's isolated regions and islands.

ABC News - On the Air

ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal travels the world speaking about relevant herbal topics. Check out video, podcasts and articles featuring Mark:

From NBJ Summit
Mark Blumenthal speaks on Fighting Ingredient Adulteration

Ingredient adulteration is the biggest problem affecting the supplement market today. Hear what herbal organizations are doing to help others understand how to properly identify and test incoming raw materials so they will not fall victim to inauthentic material. See video here.

17th Annual CMA Annual Conference.  ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal was the keynote speaker. See Mark's lecture on the topic of adulteration here.

DNA Tests Reliable for Raw Botanicals, but Not Extracts
In this video from Natural Products Insider, Mark explains that DNA testing is a reliable test method for raw botanical materials, but it has serious limitations when it comes to validating the identity of botanical extracts, especially when it’s used alone. Watch here.

Supplements Under Attack, Parts 1 & 2
Dr. Ronald Hoffman interviewed Mark for the Intelligent Medicine Podcast regarding the recent actions of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, based on potentially flawed testing of DNA testing. Listen to both episodes here.

Responsible Use of Herbal Medicine
Aug. 11, 2014. 88.3 WPPB. In this episode of Stirring the Pot with Stefanie Sacks, Mark offers insight into the world of herbal medicine and teaches listeners how to responsibly and effectively navigate the incredible array of herbal remedies now available to the public. Listen here.

Inside Botanical Adulteration
July 2014. Natural Products INSIDER’s Steve Myers interviewed Mark about the scope of the botanical adulteration problem and potential solutions, including how companies can limit exposure to adulteration by qualifying suppliers and only doing business with those who pass tests, as well as collaborative efforts undertaken by ABC, NCNPR and the American Herbal Pharmacopeia (AHP), as part of the Botanical Adulterants Program. Watch the video here.

Your Best Resource for Reliable Herbal Medicine Information
March 15, 2014. Steve Lankford interviewed Mark on how we know what herbs are safe and reliable, what the best forms and dosages are, and more. Listen to the recording here.

Find more of ABC On the Air in the archive.



ABC News - On the Road

ABC's staff and board members speak at conferences, symposia, and workshops around the world:

Vitafoods Europe. May 9-11, 2017. Geneva, Switzerland. ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal will give a presentation titled "Adulteration of Botanical Raw Materials and Extracts and a Review of the Botanical Adulterants Program.”  More information.

HerbDay. May 6, 2017. Austin, TX. ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal will give a presentation titled "Humorous Health: Conventional & Alternative Medicine, Pharmaceuticals Drugs, Diet, and Lifestyle as Seen through Cartoons.” More information.
8th Annual Conference American Council for Medicinally Active Plant. June 20-23, 2017. ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal will give a presentation about the state of the herbal industry, with a focus on fraud and adulteration. More Information



ABC Webinars

ABC's of Herbal Extractions

ABC Special Projects Director Gayle Engels takes you through the basics of creating herbal extracts in this two-part webinar series.


Botanical Excellence Awards

ABC’s Botanical Excellence Awards were founded in 2006. They are presented each year at the American Botanical Celebration, which takes place in conjunction with the Natural Products Expo West/Next Innovation Summit (formerly known as Nutracon). Recipients are chosen based on their contributions to the herbal and botanical community during the previous year.

2016 Award Recipients:

James A. Duke Excellence in Botanical Literature Award: K. Hüsnü Can Başer, PhD, and Gerhard Buchbauer, PhD for their work — Handbook of Essential Oils: Science, Technology, and Applications, 2nd edition

Norman R. Farnsworth Excellence in Botanical Research Award: Her Excellency Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, PhD, President of the Republic of Mauritius
Varro E. Tyler Commercial Investment in Phytomedicinal Research Award: Brassica Protection Products LLC

Mark Blumenthal Herbal Community Builder Award: Ikhlas Khan, PhD

ABC Champion Award
Josef Brinckmann, medicinal plants research fellow at Traditional Medicinals

All recipients

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