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Herbal MediaWatch highlights articles from a wide range of media sources to help you keep up-to-date with the exploding amount of coverage on health and health-related practices.

ABC has tested the links of the following articles prior to publication; however, some news organizations remove stories and disable links at various times. ABC sends links to these articles as an educational service, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in them.


June 19, 2018

Science & Research
A Third of Children Use Alternative Medicines. The New York Times. June 18, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
FDA Official: CBD ‘Violative Ingredient’ in Supplements. Natural Products INSIDER. June 8, 2018.

Community & Industry
P&G takes step to expand use of natural ingredients. Cincinnati Business Courier. June 18, 2018.
UNPA Leader Proposes ‘Negative List’ of Ingredients Posing Safety Concerns. Natural Products INSIDER. June 11, 2018.

Cannabis Update
UK signals changes on medicinal cannabis use after epileptic boy's case. Reuters. June 18, 2018.
Where Entrepreneurs, Lawyers And Caregivers Can Learn About The Cannabis Industry. Forbes. June 16, 2018.
Lawmakers In Illinois Embrace Medical Marijuana As An Opioid Alternative. NPR. June 15, 2018.
FTC Official Signals CBD Not Enforcement Priority. Natural Products INSIDER. June 15, 2018.
UN Drug Committee Finds Cannabis an Effective, ‘Relatively Safe Drug’. Leafly. June 11, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
Giant hogweed, plant that causes blindness and third-degree burns, discovered in Virginia. CBS News. June 18, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
ESSNA: Education key to exposing sports nutrition “charlatans”. NutraIngredients. June 18, 2018.
Study highlights progress in turmeric supplement quality, but concerns around synthetic curcumin adulteration. NutraIngredients-USA. June 18, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Psychedelic tourism thrives in Peru. Yahoo! News. June 8, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine and What Can It Treat? Forbes. June 18, 2018.
Everything you need to know about Chinese cough medicine Mother Nature Network. June 17, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
President Trump Expresses Support For Bipartisan Marijuana Fix. NORML. June 14, 2018.
Natural Products Association Requests Comment Period Extension on National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard. Natural Products Association. June 14, 2018.

June 14, 2018

Science & Research
There’s building evidence on nutrition’s role in preventing cognitive decline, researchers argue. NutraIngredients-USA. June 12, 2018.
How to Tame a Zombie Fungus. The Atlantic. June 11, 2018.
Scientists identify foods that fight disease. EurekAlert! June 10, 2018.
Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice May Help Older Adults Maintain Heart Health. Nutraceuticals World. June 7, 2018.
Essential oils to fight bacterial infections. EurekAlert! June 7, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Kratom Advocates Take Their Fight To Washington As Potential Federal Ban Looms. The Huffington Post. June 12, 2018.
FDA Official on DMAA: ‘We’re Not Sending Warning Letters’. Natural Products INSIDER. June 12, 2018.
Brazil probes California firm for 'biopiracy' of tropical fruit açaí. Reuters. June 12, 2018.

Community & Industry
Are Clean-Label Demands Raising the Cost of Contract Manufacturing? Nutritional Outlook. June 13, 2018.
Coalition for Accurate Product Labels seeks risk-based labeling and ingredient disclosure requirements. NutraIngredients-USA. June 13, 2018.
ASCO endorses integrative oncology guidelines for breast cancer patients. Fred Hutch News Service. June 11, 2018.
Labor Conditions on Tea and Cocoa Farms Are Extremely Not Good. Modern Farmer. June 4, 2018.

Cannabis Update
Mother's stand-off with British authorities over medicinal cannabis stirs debate. Reuters. June 11, 2018.
Why These are Such Exciting Times for U.S. Hemp. Nutritional Outlook. June 7, 2018.
A brief history of marijuana and its medicinal effects. BBC News. June 6, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
Is Our Obsession With Wellness Doing Us In? The New York Times. June 11, 2018.
Don’t Forget to Water the Logs: Mushrooms Are in for Home Gardens. The Wall Street Journal. June 11, 2018.

Trends & Technology
3 Health-Boosting Foods Trending In Food & Beverage Industry And Why. Forbes. June 13, 2018.
Vitafoods Europe 2018 Review: Personalized Nutrition, Functional Foods, Nutricosmetics, and More are Driving Growth in the Nutraceuticals Industry, Organizers Say. Nutritional Outlook. June 13, 2018
Artificial Intelligence and Dietary Supplements: The Future of Formulating? Nutritional Outlook. June 7, 2018.
Psychedelic tourism thrives in Peru despite recent killing. San Francisco Chronicle. June 6, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
Why Are Some of Africa's Biggest Baobab Trees Dying Off? Texas Public Radio. June 11, 2018.
Revamped Kew – saving plants that may help to cure cancer. Hippocratic Post. June 11, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
ACHS Helps Nepalese Essential Oil Producers Turn ‘Oil into Water’. American College of Healthcare Sciences. June 12, 2018.
Natural Products Association Joins Coalition for Accurate Product Labels. Natural Products Association. June 12, 2018.
New Website Gives NPA Members Access to Exclusive Benefits. Natural Products Association. June 7, 2018.
NPA Recognizes Outstanding Contributions to the Natural Products Industry. Natural Products Association. June 7, 2018.
AHPA represents member interests at Cosmetic Ingredient Review meeting. American Herbal Products Association. June 7, 2018.
AHPA Presents at Canna West 2018. American Herbal Products Association. June 7, 2018.
Study: Majority Of Chronic Pain Patients Replace Opioids With Cannabis. NORML. June 7, 2018.
Rare Colorado Butterfly Plant's Recovery an Endangered Species Act Success. Center for Biological Diversity. June 7, 2018.
NSF International Adds Next-Generation DNA Sequencing to Food Safety, Supply Chain Services. NSF International. June 7, 2018.
Senators Warren and Gardner Release STATES Act to Respect State Cannabis Laws. Americans for Safe Access. June 7, 2018.
A Tax on Weight Loss Products Would Harm, Not Help. Council for Responsible Nutrition. June 7, 2018.
Vietnamese school children plant the seeds of a bear bile farm free future. Animals Asia. June 6, 2018.
New Report Examines Optimal Nutrition in Ageing Populations. Council for Responsible Nutrition. June 6, 2018.
Parkinson’s Disease School Returns for Another Year of Innovation and Integrative Medicine. Bastry University. June 5, 2018.
IFM Names Terry Wahls, MD, as the 2018 Linus Pauling Award Recipient. The Institute for Functional Medicine. May 31, 2018.

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June 8, 2018

Science & Research
Mangos help promote gut health. EurekAlert! June 6, 2018.
Soy germ extract may ‘modestly but significantly’ reduce hot flashes. NutraIngredients-USA. June 5, 2018.
Montmorency tart cherry juice lowered blood pressure and LDL cholesterol in older adults. EurekAlert! June 5, 2018.
Botanical Research: Benefits for Cognitive Function, Insomnia & Other Conditions. Nutraceuticals World. June 4, 2018.
Green tea molecule could prevent heart attacks. Science Daily. May 31, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
CDC Reports End of Probe into Salmonella Tied to Kratom. Natural Products INSIDER. June 1, 2018.
Are Nutricosmetic Supplements Ever Allowed to Make Sun Protection Health Claims? Nutritional Outlook. May 31, 2018.

Community & Industry
Andrographis Ingredient Granted EU Patent for Possible Alzheimer’s Disease Benefit. Nutritional Outlook. June 6, 2018.
High-Potency Turmeric Extract Granted European Patent Covering Three Curcuminoids. Nutritional Outlook. June 6, 2018.
$60 million herbarium coming to botanic garden. Campbelltown-Macarthur Advertiser. June 4, 2018.

Cannabis Update
Illinois lawmakers OK medical marijuana as painkiller substitute, bill now goes to governor. The Chicago Tribune. June 6, 2018.
5 Things You Didn’t Know about the Hemp Plant. Nutritional Outlook. June 6, 2018.
Medical cannabis and the challenge for regulation of medicines. The Conversation. June 6, 2018.
New Hemp CBD Research: Brain Health, Gut Health, and More. Nutritional Outlook. June 4, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
What Are Adaptogens? The New York Times. June 1, 2018.
What It’s Like to Trip on the Most Potent Magic Mushroom. The Atlantic. June 4, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Saw Palmetto “Fresh from Florida” Logo Conveys Authenticity, Lack of Adulteration to Consumers, Valensa Says. Nutritional Outlook. June 6, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Immune Health and Functional Dietary Supplements. Natural Products INSIDER. June 6, 2018.
Consumer health and personalisation concepts to drive nutra-pharma integration? NutraIngredients. June 4, 2018.
Is Trüronia the Next Kool-Aid? US News & World Report. June 3, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
Ecuador: Waorani people map their rainforest to save it. Mongabay. June 6, 2018.
The 117 Hong Kong plants that could make you seriously ill – or even kill you – according to new online guide for toxic flora. South China Morning Post. June 3, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
The art of healing: five medicinal plants used by Aboriginal Australians. The Conversation. June 4, 2018.
Ancient scent reborn for exhibition at Athens Archaeological Museum. Xinhua. June 3, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
Vietnamese school children plant the seeds of a bear bile farm free future. Animals Asia. June 6, 2018.
New Report Examines Optimal Nutrition in Ageing Populations. Council for Responsible Nutrition. June 6, 2018.
The World Health Organization Takes First Steps to Reschedule Cannabis. Americans for Safe Access. June 5, 2018.
NPA’s Natural Seal Program Celebrates 10 Years. Natural Products Association. June 5, 2018.
AHPA recommends oshá harvest permitting in GMUG National Forests. American Herbal Products Association. June 5, 2018.
FDA warns companies to stop selling dangerous and illegal pure and highly concentrated caffeine products. US Food & Drug Administration. June 5, 2018.
Natural Partners and Fullscript plan to merge to create the industry-leading, technology-enabled, wellness management service for integrative healthcare practitioners and patients. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. June 2, 2018.
NCCIH Welcomes Three New Members to Advisory Council. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. June 1, 2018.
Digital Therapeutics Alliance and USP Announce Collaboration. United States Pharmacopeial Convention. May 31, 2018.
Kew Science Festival at Wakehurst. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. May 31, 2018.

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June 1, 2018

Science & Research
Chinese research reveals Ginkgo biloba's pharmacological mechanisms on Alzheimer's. NutraIngredients-USA. May 30, 2018.
New review highlights benefits of plant-based diets for heart health. EurekAlert! May 30, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
What you need to know about kratom as the feds crack down on the herbal supplement. The Charlotte Observer. May 31, 2018.
New supplement advertising rules in Australia: TGA outlines education and enforcement plans. NutraIngredients-USA. May 30, 2018.
FDA sends warning letters to 'sunscreen supplement' makers for overstating benefits. NutraIngredients-USA. May 30, 2018.
FDA warns three more kratom marketers over opioid treatment, other disease claims. NutraIngredients-USA. May 24, 2018.

Community & Industry
When transparency is no longer a differentiator, supplement brands need to be creative with corporate social responsibility. NutraIngredients-USA. May 24, 2018.

Cannabis Update
They Let Their 15-Year-Old Son Smoke Pot to Stop His Seizures. Georgia Took Him Away. The New York Times. May 30, 2018.
FTC’s Potential to Hamper CBD Businesses. Natural Products INSIDER. May 29, 2018.
Marijuana Compound Removes Toxic Alzheimer's Protein From The Brain. Science Alert. May 26, 2018.
Indigenizing cannabis: quiet revolution grows as more First Nations embrace legalization. NOW Toronto. May 24, 2018.
Is the UK the world's biggest exporter of legal cannabis? BBC News. May 23, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
8 adaptogens that (could) help with stress. Mother Nature Network. May 29, 2018.
US consumers trust big brand supplements the most, BrandSpark survey reveals. NutraIngredients-USA. May 25, 2018.
Naturopathy, The Medicinal Use of Herbs: Wikipedia’s Skeptical Assault on Botanical Medicine. Global Research. May 24, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Plant Protein Ingredients Are Overcoming Supply, Formulating Challenges as Demand Grows. Nutritional Outlook. May 31, 2018.
Ashwagandha: Leading the Adaptogenic Revolution. Nutraceuticals World. May 31, 2018.
Capsaicin, green tea have strong body of science supporting weight management benefits. NutraIngredients-USA. May 29, 2018.
Are online supplement subscriptions the industry’s future? Mintel says model is poised for growth. NutraIngredients-USA. May 25, 2018.
Nature & nurture: Food and cosmetics combine in next innovation wave. NutraIngredients. May 24, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
Illegal loggers ‘cook the books’ to harvest Amazon’s most valuable tree. Mongabay. May 24, 2018.
Agroforestry gives Kenyan indigenous community a lifeline. Mongabay. May 24, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
TCM and the Black Panthers: Chinese medicine and its American history goes under the spotlight in New York exhibition. South China Morning Post. May 30, 2018.
China's Drugmaker Shares Are Red Hot, But So Are Valuations. Bloomberg. May 29, 2018.
London's Indigenous medicine and teaching garden opens. CBC News. May 26, 2018.
Indigenous groups in [British Columbia] welcome traditional Chinese medicine clinics. The Globe and Mail. May 25, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
Supplements Are Important for Vast Majority of Americans Who Do Not Receive Recommended Nutrients from Diet Alone. Natural Products Association. May 29, 2018.
When the Music Goes Silent. United Plant Savers. May 28, 2018.
Survey: Oncologists Believe Medical Cannabis To Be Equally Or More Effective Than Conventional Treatments. NORML. May 24, 2018.

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May 23, 2018

Science & Research
Rhubarb a potential treatment for gastrointestinal dysfunction: China trial. NutraIngredients-USA. May 21, 2018.
Nanoparticles derived from tea leaves destroy lung cancer cells: Quantum dots have great potential. Science Daily. May 21, 2018.
Flavonoids may slow lung function decline due to aging. Science Daily. May 21, 2018.
New study out of Poland suggests garlic extract may reduce cardiovascular risk in obese individuals. NutraIngredients-USA. May 18, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
The FDA Is Warning People to Steer Clear of Sunscreen Pills. TIME. May 23, 2018.
FDA Continues Crackdown on Kratom Vendors. Pain News Network. May 22, 2018.
Multivitamins, CBD chart same course through Congress. Natural Products INSIDER. May 18, 2018.

Community & Industry
Middle Tennessee State, Chinese Group Eye Ginseng Institute. US News & World Report. May 23, 2018.
The Doctor Is Cooking. The New York Times. May 22, 2018.
Internationally recognized UNM Curanderismo program back this summer. UNM News. May 17, 2018.

Cannabis Update
Mexico Requests Public Comment on Draft Regulations for Cannabis. Lexology. May 22, 2018.
Complications Arise From High Demand for Medical Cannabis in Germany. High Times. May 21, 2018.
The Endocannabinoid System: Hemp and Beyond. WholeFoods Magazine. May 21, 2018.
Bags of Cash and Stealthy Deliveries: How Pot Start-Ups Pay Taxes. The New York Times. May 18, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Valensa to use state seal to help shine light on saw palmetto quality issues. NutraIngredients-USA. May 21, 2018.
What Role Should DNA Barcoding Play in Identifying Botanical Ingredients Today? How Has the Technology Progressed? Nutritional Outlook. May 21, 2018.

Trends & Technology
2018 Skin Care Ingredient Trends. Natural Products INSIDER. May 22, 2018.
Cultural factors restricted growth of Amazonian ingredients, experts say. NutraIngredients-USA. May 21, 2018.
New Zealand hunger-suppressant supplement calocurb enters US market. Can it overcome the category's stigma? NutraIngredients-USA. May 21, 2018.
Nootropics industry has a largely untapped opportunity in eSports. NutraIngredients. May 17, 2018.
Data supporting nootropics in sports nutrition still in beginning stages, expert says. NutraIngredients-USA. May 17, 2018.
True blue botanicals: Why the appeal of spirulina and butterfly pea flowers is more than just colour. NutraIngredients. May 16, 2018.
Weight-Management Dietary Supplements and the Search for Effective Ingredients. Nutritional Outlook. May 15, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
Saving Species project launched in Viet Nam. TRAFFIC. May 17, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
Americans distrusting Big Pharma seek traditional Chinese cures. Nikkei Asian Review. May 19, 2018.
South Sudanese embrace traditional Chinese medicine. Xinhua. May 19, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on new FDA actions to keep consumers safe from the harmful effects of sun exposure, and ensure the long-term safety and benefits of sunscreens. US Food & Drug Administration. May 22, 2018.
United Natural Products Alliance announces ‘no-sale’ policy for liquid, high-dose caffeine products as a condition of membership. United Natural Products Alliance. May 22, 2018.
FDA warns companies selling illegal, unapproved kratom products marketed for opioid cessation, pain treatment and other medical uses. US Food & Drug Administration. May 22, 2018.

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May 18, 2018

Science & Research
New study finds ginger proven to treat vomiting in children with acute gastroenteritis. EurekAlert! May 10, 2018.
A Mind Without A Brain: The Science Of Plant Intelligence Takes Root. Forbes. May 9, 2018.
The best foods for arthritis symptoms – new research. The Conversation. May 8, 2018.
Healing honey study guides beekeepers towards the best native trees and shrubs. Australian Broadcasting Corporation News. May 7, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Observers question adverse event reporting compliance for products sold on Amazon. NutraIngredients-USA. May 3, 2018.

Community & Industry
Revealed: Find out who won at the NutraIngredients Awards 2018. NutraIngredients. May 17, 2018.
Pharma deal could prove among sector’s biggest consolidations yet. The South China Morning Post. May 17, 2018.
Integrative medicine programs unite under new collaborative. UCLA Health. May 7, 2018.
Betz to replace Coates at helm of Office of Dietary Supplements at NIH. NutraIngredients-USA. May 4, 2018.

Cannabis Update
Huge Win for Hemp in Wisconsin. WholeFoods Magazine. May 15, 2018.
Marijuana Growers Turning to Hemp as CBD Extract Explodes. US News & World Report. May 14, 2018.
Study reveals that many oncologists recommend medical marijuana clinically despite not feeling sufficiently knowledgeable to do so. EurekAlert! May 10, 2018.
NPA CEO Weighs in on CBD, Regulatory Risks. Natural Products INSIDER. May 4, 2018.
Colombia sees billion-dollar bonanza from legacy of marijuana trade. Reuters. May 3, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Some shady ingredients find home in nootropics category. NutraIngredients-USA. May 17, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Data supporting nootropics in sports nutrition still in beginning stages, expert says. NutraIngredients-USA. May 17, 2018.
Supplier Sabinsa Discusses Ayurvedic Ingredients Market, Adulteration, Research in the Dietary Supplement Industry. Nutritional Outlook. May 17, 2018.
Functional Beverage Innovation: Fringe is In. Natural Products INSIDER. May 16, 2018.
Weight-Management Dietary Supplements and the Search for Effective Ingredients. Nutritional Outlook. May 15, 2018.
Curcumin Ingredients Are Expanding Sports Nutrition Applications, OmniActive Says, Ahead of Vitafoods Europe. Nutritional Outlook. May 14, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
Is Red Palm Oil a Sustainable Superfood? Care2. May 8, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
Exploring Indigenous traditional healing in the treatment of diabetes. Saskatoon StarPhoenix. May 17, 2018.
Red ginseng becomes staple in Singapore. The Korea Times. May 17, 2018.
Ecuador: Native Women Build Bridges with Alternative Medicine. TeleSur. May 8, 2018.

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May 17, 2018

Science & Research
How do you test a nootropic supplement for efficacy? Analytical labs weigh in. NutraIngredients-USA. May 16, 2018.
Microbiome Research Advances, and Limitations, for Dietary Supplements. Nutritional Outlook. May 16, 2018.
When stress depresses the immune system, Echinacea can help, study suggests. NutraIngredients-USA. May 15, 2018.
Plant medicines, healing and psychedelic science. EurekAlert! May 15, 2018.
NIH-funded study suggests fish oil, blueberry supplementation linked to improved cognitive performance in older adults. NutraIngredients-USA. May 15, 2018.
A look at brain waves after pre-workout supplement ingestion suggests it may increase alertness. NutraIngredients. May 14, 2018.
MU med school researcher plumbs potential of herbs in cancer fight. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. May 12, 2018.
What are some botanicals with strong science supporting their cognitive benefits? Researchers explore in scientific review. NutraIngredients-USA. May 11, 2018.
OSU Scientists Say They’ve Created A New Sunscreen Out Of Plant Waste. Capital Press. May 16, 2018.
Botanical Extract Blend Supports Gut Health? Nutritional Outlook. May 10, 2018.
Aged garlic extract supplementation may benefit health of adults with obesity. NutraIngredients-USA. May 9, 2018.
Scientists Uncover Pathway To Cancer-Fighting Compound Found In Madagascan Plant. IFL Science. May 7, 2018.
Plants Are Communicating With Each Other Using Underground Signals. Atlas Obscura. May 2, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Pukka Has Been Told To Stop Advertising Its Tea As 'Detox'. The Huffington Post. May 16, 2018.
CSPI warns consumers, asks for FDA action on adulterated ginkgo products. NutraIngredients-USA. May 16, 2018.
CSPI to Consumers: Avoid Ginkgo Biloba Supplements. Natural Products INSIDER. May 15, 2018.
AHPA notes steep drop in rate of NDI filings; reasons for decline remain murky. NutraIngredients-USA. May 1, 2018.
Dietary Supplements vs. Foods — A FSMA Regulatory Challenge. Natural Products INSIDER. April 30, 2018.

Community & Industry
Welsh farmer helping to fight Alzheimer's by growing high-altitude daffodils to combat disease. The Telegraph. May 13, 2018.
Sourcing Supplement Ingredients and Components From China. Natural Products INSIDER. May 7, 2018.

Cannabis Update
UNPA wrestles with stance on CBD trade at recent meeting. NutraIngredients-USA. May 15, 2018.
Philadelphia to Treat Opioid Addiction with Medical Marijuana. High Times. May 15, 2018.
Pennsylvania To Lead Nation In Medical Marijuana Research. Forbes. May 15, 2018.
Can CBD Products Improve Your Fitness Results? US News & World Report. May 11, 2018.
Market growth continues to fuel CBD ferment. NutraIngredients-USA. May 11, 2018.
When It Comes To Colorado’s Marijuana Industry, Congress’ View Is Clouded By Myth. Colorado Public Radio. May 7, 2018.
Hemp CBD Market Grows Increasingly Competitive, Sales Growing. Nutritional Outlook. May 2, 2018.
Appeals Court Dismisses Petition Challenging DEA’s Marijuana Extract Rule. Natural Products INSIDER. May 2, 2018.
Court Rejects Challenge to DEA Rule, Leaving CBD Federally Illegal. Leafly. May 1, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
FDA Releases Intentional Adulteration Training Course. The National Law Review. May 10, 2018.
New Hidden Stimulants Surface in Sports Dietary Supplements. Nutritional Outlook. May 3, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Cocoa CRISPR: How gene editing could save Hershey’s Kisses. Fast Company. May 14, 2018.
I Grew Up Eating This Common Indian Vegetable. Now It's a Wellness 'Superfood.' Healthyish. May 14, 2018.
Weavers of wellness: Wearing Ayurveda. Forbes India. May 12, 2018.
Food is Medicine Working Group could open doors for personalized nutrition, medically tailored meals. NutraIngredients-USA. May 9, 2018.
Vitamins Are Trendy. Vitamin Stores Aren’t. Racked. April 30, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine is widely used for cardiovascular disease. EurekAlert! May 16, 2018.
Beijing stages opera about Chinese Nobel laureate. Xinhua. May 14, 2018.
The endurance of bush medicine. Pursuit. May 13, 2018.
Is colonialism creating inappropriate regulation of traditional medicine practitioners? EurekAlert! May 11, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
Six New Companies Join CRN. Council for Responsible Nutrition. May 15, 2018.
USP #1 Verification Program for Dietary Supplements. United States Pharmacopeia. May 15, 2018.
NSF International and Austrian Ski Federation Work Together to Minimize Inadvertent Doping Risks. NSF International. May 14, 2018.
AHPA endorses the Hemp Farming Act of 2018. American Herbal Products Association. May 4, 2018.

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May 4, 2018

Science & Research
Substance in Chinese medicine can cause cardiac arrhythmia. EurekAlert! May 2, 2018.
Five Areas Of Research In Natural Product-Derived Drug Discovery. Science Trends. April 30, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Pro-Kratom Scientist Blasts Denver Ban, Federal Policies as Recipe for Death. Westword. April 27, 2018.

Community & Industry
UNPA signs memoranda of understanding with three new single-ingredient trade groups. NutraIngredients-USA. May 2, 2018.

Cannabis Update
Why the N.F.L.’s Ricky Williams Suggests Cannabis for Constipation. The New Yorker. May 7, 2018.
Cannabis, CBD Should Not Be Schedule I Drugs, Herbal Leaders Urge FDA in Public Comments. Nutritional Outlook. May 2, 2018.
Cannabis versus Cancer. Scientific American. May 2, 2018.
Australian clinical trial set to study cannabis as insomnia treatment. New Atlas. May 1, 2018.
University of Colorado Showcases Cannabis Illustrations. Westword. May 1, 2018.
Women shaping the cannabis industry. Chemical & Engineering News. April 30, 2018.
Getting off opioids with medical marijuana: Patients turn to pot over pills. CNN. April 29, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
How a Rose Blooms: Its Genome Reveals the Traits for Scent and Color. The New York Times. April 30, 2018.

Trends & Technology
The online revolution: How social ‘influencers’ and digital technologies are driving changes in marketing. NutraIngredients. May 2, 2018.
Nutrigenomics 'driving the next growth stage' as innovation recognised in survey. NutraIngredients. May 1, 2018.
5 Green Superfood and Grass Supplement Trends to Watch in 2018. Nutritional Outlook. April 30, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
The Global Ayahuasca Community Is Reeling in the Wake of Recent Murders. Vice. May 1, 2018.
Brutal murders in Peru put spotlight on tourism boom linked to hallucinogenic brew. South China Morning Post. May 1, 2018.
Peru's brutal murders renew focus on tourist boom for hallucinogenic brew. The Guardian. April 29, 2018.
New York museum exhibition traces complex story of Chinese medicine in America. Xinhua. April 28, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
BRIT® Hosts Center for Plant Conservation’s National Meeting May 3 – 5, 2018. Botanical Research Institute of Texas. May 2, 2018.
New FDA Guidance on Homeopathics Will Limit Consumer Choice, Raise Prices, and Hurt Small Businesses for No Health Benefit. Natural Products Association. May 2, 2018.
MUIH Commencement Speaker Announced. Maryland University of Integrative Health. May 1, 2018.
USP Announces Updated Ingredient Verification Program. US Pharmacopoeia. April 23, 2018.

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April 27, 2018

Science & Research
This Genetically Modified Herb Could Help Save Millions Of Lives. IFL Science. April 25, 2018.
Sonoran Desert: An oasis for new medicines? GCU News. April 19, 2018.
Green digitization: Botanical collections data answer real-world questions. EurekAlert! April 18, 2018.
How does plant DNA avoid the ravages of UV radiation? EurekAlert! April 17, 2018.
Conflicting evidence on the efficacy of dietary interventions on rheumatoid arthritis: Review. NutraIngredients. April 16, 2018.
NCCIH Presentations at the 2018 International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health. NCCIH Research Blog. April 16, 2018.
Curcumin trial retraction latest in long line for retired researcher. NutraIngredients-USA. April 13, 2018.
Herbal medicines and obesity: Comprehensive new review needed to understand clinical efficacy. NutraIngredients-USA. April 10, 2018.
Accelerated increase in plant species richness on mountain summits is linked to warming. Nature. April 4, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Botanical harmonisation: Progress sluggish as plants remain in wilderness. NutraIngredients. April 17, 2018.
Herbal supplements 'at a crossroads' amid stricter regulations in APAC. NutraIngredients. April 11, 2018.

Community & Industry
Inquiries about supplement-drug interactions on rise, ABC says. NutraIngredients-USA. April 26, 2018.
50 years in the garden: Horticulturist reflects on decades working (and living) amid MoBot flowers. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. April 17, 2018.

Cannabis Update
Decolonizing cannabis: can legalization set Indigenous communities free? NOW Toronto. April 19, 2018.
Experts React To Donald Trump’s Action To Protect Medical Marijuana. High Times. April 16, 2018.
Does Cannabis Affect Your Immune System? High Times. April 14, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Online stores sold pharma-tainted supplements, reveal Norwegian regulators. NutraIngredients. April 26, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Herbal Beauty Products Market Could Top $140 Billion by 2025. WholeFoods Magazine. April 16, 2018.
Herbal supplements in Indonesia: On-trend ingredients and pressing health concerns revealed. NutraIngredients-Asia. April 12, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
Natural Products Association: Most Effective Advocacy Organization in the Natural Products Industry Storms Capitol Hill. Natural Products Association. April 26, 2018.
Leading Senate Democrat To Introduce Marijuana Descheduling Bill. NORML. April 26, 2018.
UC San Diego Receives $4.7M Gift for Medical Cannabis Research. University of California San Diego. April 25, 2018.
Looking Back, Looking Forward: NCCIH at 20. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. April 25, 2018.
Join Fort Worth Botanic Garden and BRIT for Inaugural “Lunch in the Garden.” Botanical Research Institute of Texas. April 24, 2018.
EFSA assesses safety of green tea catechins. European Food Safety Authority. April 18, 2018.
Americans For Safe Access Responds to Trump’s Commitment to Respect State Cannabis Laws. Americans for Safe Access. April 13, 2018.
Botanical Experts Gather in Oxford for International Conference. University of Mississippi. April 12, 2018.
Art exhibit celebrates American native plants as part of international collaboration. United States Botanic Garden. April 2018.

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April 26, 2018

Science & Research
Chinese scientists sequence antimalarial plant genes, finding way to extract more medicine. Xinhua. April 25, 2018.
New studies show dark chocolate consumption reduces stress and inflammation. EurekAlert! April 24, 2018.
Hemp shows potential for treating ovarian cancer. Science Daily. April 23, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Leading Scientists Say Salmonella Outbreak Tied To Kratom May Be Side-Effect Of FDA Crackdown & Underscores Need For Regulation … Not A Ban. PR Newswire. April 25, 2018.
SARMs Control Act Would Strengthen DEA's Power to Enforce Against SARMs in Dietary Supplements. Nutritional Outlook. April 25, 2018.

Community & Industry
2018 Natural Products Day: Keeping Up Appearances at the Capitol. WholeFoods Magazine. April 25, 2018.

Cannabis Update
How Seniors Joined the Cannabis Craze. The New Yorker. April 20, 2018.
Marijuana industry poised for supercharged growth thanks to President Trump. USA Today. April 20, 2018.
Scientific guidelines for using cannabis to treat stress, anxiety and depression. EurekAlert! April 19, 2018.
Panel recommends FDA approval of epilepsy drug derived from marijuana. STAT. April 19, 2018.
Regulatory Lawyers Assess FTC in Republican Administration, Impact on Dietary Supplements. Natural Products INSIDER. April 18, 2018.
CBD in supplements leads to stormy session at industry meeting. NutraIngredients-USA. April 16, 2018.
Hemp Farming Act of 2018 introduced in U.S. Senate. New Hope Network. April 13, 2018.
Trump and Gardner Strike Deal to Avoid Crackdown on Colorado Marijuana. Roll Call. April 13, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
'Adrenal support' supplements may contain unsafe ingredients. Reuters. April 25, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Great expectations: Personalised nutrition promise belies status as an emerging science. NutraIngredients-USA. April 25, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
CRN Applauds Legislation to Increase Enforcement Against Illegal Products and Promote Consumer Safety. Council for Responsible Nutrition. April 25, 2018.
The Supplement OWL Turns One—With one year under its wing, the industry-wide dietary supplement registry continues to soar. Council for Responsible Nutrition. April 24, 2018.
UNPA completes solar-power installation at its historic Salt Lake City headquarters. United Natural Products Alliance. April 24, 2018.
AHPA recommends CBD not be scheduled under any international drug control convention. American Herbal Products Association. April 24, 2018.

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April 10, 2018

Science & Research
Ingredient Players in ‘Post-Workout’ Supplements. Natural Products INSIDER. April 9, 2018.
Orangutans Use Plant Extracts to Treat Pain. Scientific American. April 6, 2018.
New health benefits discovered in berry pigment. EurekAlert! April 5, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Proposed Chinese Tariffs Could Raise Supplement Prices. WholeFoods Magazine. April 9, 2018.
Florida court dismisses class action that hinged on NDI status of ingredient. NutraIngredients-USA. April 8, 2018.
Gottlieb stresses nutrition as way to combat rising disease burden. NutraIngredients-USA. April 6, 2018.
What's the Deal With Kratom? US News & World Report. April 6, 2018.
Chinese Tariff On American Ginseng 'Definitely Concerning,' Wisconsin Farmer Says. WBUR. April 3, 2018.
WATCH: 'Ground-breaking' regulations set to transform Australian industry. NutraIngredients-USA. April 2, 2018.

Community & Industry
School Offers Medicinal Gardening Class. US News & World Report. April 9, 2018.
Empowerment through herbalism. Brattleboro Reformer. April 8, 2018.

Cannabis Update
Cornell advancing industrial hemp as NY crop. Press-Republican. April 8, 2018.
Medical cannabis is legal. That does not mean it works. The Sydney Morning Herald. April 7, 2018.
The Ultimate Guide to Cannabinoids in Cannabis. High Times. April 6, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
Vermouth has a long history with apothecaries and mixologists. Saskatoon Star Phoenix. April 7, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
In 'All-Natural' Sexual Enhancement Supplements, Viagra Is Often a Hidden Ingredient. Newsweek. April 5, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Clean Label on the Rise in Sports Nutrition Supplements. Nutritional Outlook. April 9, 2018.
Across China: Goji berry lovers wolf down China's superfood. Xinhua. April 6, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
Herbarium exhibits plant species significant to Hmong people. The California Aggie. April 5, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
The greatest glasshouse in the world awaits. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. April 5, 2018.
Senate Leader Plans To Spearhead Federal Hemp Reform. NORML. April 5, 2018.

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April 5, 2018

Science & Research
Cocoa bean roasting can preserve both chocolate health benefits, taste. EurekAlert! April 4, 2018.
Gherkin extract improved exercise performance compared to placebo, says manufacturer-backed study. NutraIngredients. April 3, 2018.
Pecans May Improve Certain Markers Related to Cardiometabolic Health. Nutraceuticals World. April 3, 2018.
Study Confirms Synergistic Properties of Curcumin & Piperine Combination. Nutraceuticals World. April 3, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
In a first, FDA orders recall of a ‘contaminated food’ — kratom with salmonella. The Washington Post. April 3, 2018.
FACT CHECK: Calif. Judge Rules Coffee Must Come With A Cancer Warning, But Should It? NPR. March 30, 2018.

Community & Industry
Chinese Tariff On Ginseng Is A Blow To Central Wisconsin. Wisconsin Public Radio. April 4, 2018.
What role should dietary supplements play in the 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans? NutraIngredients-USA. April 4, 2018.
Wisconsin ginseng growers worry about new Chinese tariffs. Wausau Daily Herald. April 2, 2018.

Cannabis Update
What’s Behind All the Synthetic Marijuana Hospitalizations? Healthline. April 4, 2018.
Medical marijuana gets wary welcome from older adults, poll shows. EurekAlert! April 3, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
Remembering the Tansy, the Forgotten Easter Pancake of Centuries Past. Atlas Obscura. March 30, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Brain-Health Nootropic Supplements Growing in Sports Nutrition. Nutritional Outlook. April 4, 2018.
Recent Personalized Nutrition Research. Natural Products INSIDER. April 4, 2018.
Genomics: Riding the future wave of supplements. New Hope Network. April 4, 2018.
Food as medicine: moving closer to personalized nutrition. The Seattle Times. April 4, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
5 Plants and Animals Utterly Confused by Climate Change. The New York Times. April 4, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
Herbs are Yunnan village's prescription for a better life. China Daily. April 4, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
FDA orders mandatory recall for kratom products due to risk of salmonella. US Food & Drug Administration. April 3, 2018.
Chinese Citizen Pleads Guilty to Mail Fraud and Smuggling Related to Dietary Supplement Scheme. US Department of Justice. April 3, 2018.
MUIH Board Elects New Chair, Vice-Chair. Maryland University of Integrative Health. April 3, 2018.
Research Continues to Show Benefits of Cannabis in Fighting the Opioid Crisis. Americans for Safe Access. April 3, 2018.

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April 3, 2018

Science & Research
Dietary supplement shows promise for reversing cardiovascular aging. EurekAlert! March 29, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
CRN says more enforcement should go with FDA's plan to step up package screenings. NutraIngredients-USA. April 2, 2018.
Gottlieb promises action on ‘natural’ claims, hints at support for potassium salt petition. FoodNavigator-USA. March 29, 2018.

Community & Industry
Practitioners of Last Resort: Appalachia’s Alternative Health-Care Providers. Rewire News. March 30, 2018.
Call for new category of herbal products likely to fall on deaf ears. NutraIngredients-USA. March 29, 2018.
Arjuna launches ‘highly potent’ ashwaganda; clinical trials on ingredient ongoing. NutraIngredients-USA. March 29, 2018.
2018 Natural Choice Awards. WholeFoods Magazine. March 23, 2018.

Cannabis Update
Where Marijuana Is Legal, Opioid Prescriptions Fall. Scientific American. April 2, 2018.
Cannabinoids – Some Thoughts From This Year’s Expo West. JD Supra. March 29, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
Books essay: naturalist and artist Maria Sibylla Merian was a woman in a man’s world. The Art Newspaper. April 1, 2018.
Could the Best Medicine Be Growing in Your Backyard? Hour Detroit. March 30, 2018.
Do Ayurvedic Supplements for Menopause Work? Atlas Obscura. March 28, 2018.
The Diet That Might Cure Depression. The Atlantic. March 29, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
FDA Study Reveals Presence of Pharmaceutical Drugs in Some Supplements. WholeFoods Magazine. March 30, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Herbarium's new director looks forward to digital tool for documenting plants. Mankato Free Press. April 2, 2018.
The Right Chemistry: Exploring matcha tea and maca root. Montreal Gazette. March 30, 2018.
Baobab fruit takes off as a ‘superfood’ with sharp rise in UK sales. The Guardian. March 30, 2018.
What are the top 10 botanicals in Europe? NutraIngredients. March 26, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
Tibetan Medicine: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health and Healing. Tricycle. April 2018.
Ayurvedic Botanical IP. Natural Products INSIDER. March 30, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
As a Lead Program Partner of NYBG’s New Edible Academy, Blue Apron Will Inspire Tens of Thousands of Kids and Their Families to Plant, Grow, Harvest, and Cook with Seasonal Ingredients. New York Botanical Garden. April 2, 2018.
CRN Names Its 2018 Annual Conference Chair. Council for Responsible Nutrition. April 2, 2018.
Federal judge approves consent decree with New York dietary supplement manufacturer Riddhi USA. US Food & Drug Administration. March 29, 2018.
CRN Announces Newly Elected Board Directors, Shares Full Board List and Officers. Council for Responsible Nutrition. March 29, 2018.
National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions Announce 2018 Grosvenor Teacher Fellows. Missouri Botanical Garden. March 28, 2018.
AHPA comments to FWS provide recommendations for CITES. American Herbal Products Association. March 27, 2018.

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March 29, 2018

Science & Research
The Medicine Woman: Emory Researcher Takes Up Fight Against Superbugs. WABE Atlanta. March 28, 2018.
Study Identifies Two Substances Derived From Plants That May Have the Potential To Treat Depression. NCCIH Research Spotlight. February 28, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
EC bestows novel food status on herb blend for supplement use. NutraIngredients. March 28, 2018.
Bill would lift restrictions on Alaska’s naturopaths. Alaska Public Media. March 27, 2018.

Cannabis Update
Pot and Politics: Investigating Barriers to Medical Marijuana Legalization. Harvard Political Review. March 27, 2018.
McConnell leads Congress in reconsidering hemp's agricultural potential. The Christian Science Monitor. March 27, 2018.
Major Cannabis Study Forthcoming in Philadelphia. MD Magazine. March 26, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
Do Ayurvedic Supplements for Menopause Work? Prevention. March 27, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Fruit d'Or joins DNA testing effort in move to raise cranberry quality bar. NutraIngredients-USA. March 28, 2018.

Trends & Technology
A Golden Opportunity: The Rise of Turmeric & Curcumin. Nutraceuticals World. March 28, 2018.
Turmeric: Metabolic Health Powerhouse? Nutritional Outlook. March 27, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
New York museum to unveil groundbreaking show on traditional Chinese medicine. Xinhua. March 28, 2018.
Technology standardizes traditional Tibetan medicine. Xinhua. March 28, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
Federal judge approves consent decree with Florida company that sold unapproved new drugs and misbranded drugs. US Food & Drug Administration. March 28, 2018.
AOAC Leads Way for New Standards and Methods for Infant Formula, Food Safety, Dietary Supplements, and Alternative Methods. AOAC International. March 28, 2018.
AHPA staff participate in panels on pesticides and food adulteration prevention at GMA Science Forum. American Herbal Products Association. March 27, 2018.
FDA’s Increased Intelligence of Tainted Products is Commendable, But Only if It Leads to Enforcement Action. Council for Responsible Nutrition. March 27, 2018.
Supplement Safety & Compliance Initiative (SSCI) Completes Pilot Audit. Natural Products Association. March 22, 2018.

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March 27, 2018

Science & Research
Could these food supplements help treat psychosis? Medical News Today. March 26, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Long-sought Appalachian herb at root of Chinese response to Trump's trade tariff. Charleston Gazette-Mail. March 24, 2018.
Updated: Trump Signs Omnibus Spending Bill With Boost in FDA Funding. Regulatory Focus. March 23, 2018.

Community & Industry
$1.5 million in [complementary medicine] funding. Australian Journal of Pharmacy. March 26, 2018.
Focused research, sustainability bona fides, help PLT's nootropic ingredient Zembrin compete in crowded space. NutraIngredients-USA. March 23, 2018.

Cannabis Update
McConnell wants hemp removed from controlled substance list. Bristol Herald Courier. March 26, 2018.
Cannabis Strength Keeps Increasing But Schizophrenia Rates Aren't And We Don't Know Why. Science Alert. March 24, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
Can Forskolin Supplements Help You Lose Weight? Women’s Health. March 26, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Personalized Nutrition Trends: Genetic Testing. Natural Products INSIDER. March 26, 2018.
Why Mushrooms Are the Latest Must-Have Skincare Ingredient. The Independent. March 26, 2018.
The Plant-Based Phenomenon Is Growing. WholeFoods Magazine. March 23, 2018.
Industry experts observe increased acceptance of herbal products among US consumers. NutraIngredients-USA. March 22, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
Overproduction and Consumption Threatens Andes Superfood Haven. TeleSur. March 25, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
CRN and GOED File Joint Amicus Brief Calling for Dismissal of Amarin Pharma Complaint. Council for Responsible Nutrition. March 23, 2018.
Supplement Safety & Compliance Initiative (SSCI) Completes Pilot Audit. Natural Products Association. March 22, 2018.

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March 24, 2018

Science & Research
Botanical extracts exhibit ‘low-moderate effect’ in measurements of fitness. NutraIngredients. March 22, 2018.
Antioxidants and amino acids could play role in the treatment of psychosis. Science Daily. March 22, 2018.
Eating pecans had significant effect on biomarkers of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. EurekAlert! March 22, 2018.
Could beetroot juice slow key step in Alzheimer’s progression? NutraIngredients. March 22, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Dutch authorities call for legislation on synephrine limits in food supplements. NutraIngredients. March 22, 2018.
Within broader synthetic botanicals question, stakeholders focus on labeling issue. NutraIngredients-USA. March 22, 2018.

Community & Industry
Trustworthiness of supply improves against backdrop of stubborn outliers. NutraIngredients-USA. March 22, 2018.
Who made the final? NutraIngredients Awards shortlist announced. NutraIngredients. March 22, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
Can Chamomile Extract Promote a Good Night’s Sleep? Medical News Bulletin. March 22, 2018.
The DEA Crackdown on Thomas Jefferson's Poppy Plants. Mental Floss. March 22, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Millennials and Healthy Living: It's About Online Content, Not Doctors' Visits. Forbes. March 22, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
The erosion of predictability: Climate change and the botanical supply chain. NutraIngredients-USA. March 22, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
House Passes Budget with Medical Cannabis Protection Amendment. Americans for Safe Access. March 22, 2018.
Homeopathic Drugs Could Benefit from Federal Oversight, Watchdog Group Says. Center for Science in the Public Interest. March 20, 2018.

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March 21, 2018

Science & Research
Seeking answers on supplements. The Harvard Gazette. March 21, 2018.
The botanist, the chemist, and the painkilling lettuce. The Sydney Morning Herald. March 18, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
'The devil is in the details': Why the Australian supplement industry still faces the risk of over-regulation. FoodNavigator-Asia. March 20, 2018.
Hop-based ingredient does not ward off ageing, says EFSA. NutraIngredients. March 16, 2018.

Community & Industry
Ocean Spray seeks FDA approval for health claim. Capital Press. March 21, 2018.
Clorox to Buy Dietary-Supplement Maker Nutranext for $700 Million. The Wall Street Journal. March 12, 2018

Cannabis Update
Medicinal cannabis is safe and effective — it’s time to reboot research. European Pharmaceutical Review. March 19, 2018.
The coffee cannabis connection. EurekAlert! March 15, 2018.
Medicinal pot documentary shares hopes for legalization at SXSW. KVUE. March 14, 2018.
Colombia looks to become the world’s supplier of legal pot. The Washington Post. March 10, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
Today’s houseplants do more than look pretty. The Washington Post. March 20, 2018.
Next-Generation Superfood Supplements — With Beauty Benefits. The New York Times Style Magazine. March 14, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
FDA is Using Innovative Methods to Prevent Illegal Products with Hidden Drug Ingredients from Entering the United States. FDA Voice. March 21, 2018.
New testing partner will bolster transparency of botanical ID, Sabinsa says. NutraIngredients-USA. March 21, 2018.

Trends & Technology
This traditional Chinese medicine company has been approved to use cannabis in facial beauty treatments. Business Insider Australia. March 21, 2018.
Sweet Science: Russian Scientists Come Up With Healthy 'Golden' Chocolate. Sputnik. March 20, 2018.
Ginger Set to Become the Next Big Digestive-Health Ingredient, Companies Say at Natural Products Expo West 2018. Nutritional Outlook. March 20, 2018.
8 Drivers of the Mushroom Ingredient Market. Nutritional Outlook. March 20, 2018.
From calming capsules to energizing teas: Botanical product launches at Expo West. NutraIngredients. March 20, 2018
From Landfill to Lipstick: Grape Waste as Cosmetic, Food Ingredient. Laboratory Equipment. March 19, 2018.
Brain health: how biohacking with supplements improves it, and why taking ‘smart drugs’ could be dumb. South China Morning Post. March 18, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
Sami-Sabinsa Group to fund reforestation of Pterocarpus marsupium in India. NutraIngredients-USA. March 21, 2018.
Climate change could wipe out half of all plant and animal species from the Amazon rainforest by 2100, finds study. The Independent. March 14, 2018.
One plant has the ability to help us understand climate change. Quartz. March 13, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
Evaluating the Efficacy of Ayurveda. Natural Products INSIDER. March 19, 2018.
Scientist turns to Ayurvedic medicine in hunt for a cure to dementia. Financial Times. March 11, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
AHPA participates in AOAC International Stakeholder Panel for Dietary Supplements. American Herbal Products Association. March 20, 2018.
New Analysis Supports Health Claims for Soy Protein and Heart Disease. Natural Products Association. March 20, 2018.
Updated AHPA Primer on Product Liability Insurance for the Dietary Supplement Industry. American Herbal Products Association. March 19, 2018.
Local authorities and communities celebrate success of wild plant collection initiative. TRAFFIC. March 15, 2018.
Review: Adjunctive Use Of Cannabinoids Efficacious In Patients With Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy. NORML. March 15, 2018.
Kew launches 10-year plan to share its collections and help secure future of the planet. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. March 14, 2018.

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March 10, 2018

Science & Research
Chicory root dietary fiber improved bowel regularity in Beneo-backed study. NutraIngredients-USA. March 7, 2018.
American Civil War era tea yields modern day medicine. Chemistry World. March 5, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Key Ayurvedic Botanicals and Regulatory Challenges. Natural Products INSIDER. March 7, 2018.
Modern-Day Laws for Traditional Ayurvedic Botanicals. Natural Products INSIDER. February 28, 2018

Community & Industry
Pharmacists Encouraged to Learn More About Herbal Supplements. Monthly Prescribing Reference. March 8, 2018.
Supplier Quality Audits: A Critical Factor in Ensuring GMP Compliance. Cannabis Industry Journal. March 7, 2018.
Supplement maker MegaFood gets certified as a B Corporation.. NutraIngredients-USA. March 7, 2018.
Kraft Heinz launches new platform to ‘shape the future of food’. Food Business News. March 7, 2018.

Cannabis Update
Cannabinoids help curb the frequency of epileptic seizures in youngsters, new Australian review reveals. NutraIngredients-Asia. March 7, 2018.
What I Learned at the CBD Summit. WholeFoods Magazine. March 7, 2018.
America Is Giving Away the $30 Billion Medical Marijuana Industry. Bloomberg Businessweek. March 7, 2018.
Focus on Medical Marijuana: The Trade Marks Perspective. Lexology. March 7, 2018.
Most pediatric oncologists willing to consider medical marijuana for children with cancer. Healio. March 7, 2018.
Talkin’ ‘Bout Terpenes! Seattle Weekly. March 7, 2018.
Medical marijuana for pets? Colorado Springs Independent. March 7, 2018.
Industrial hemp in New York expected to grow as research expands. Cornell Chronicle. March 5, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
How a British botanist opened China to the west. Financial Times. March 7, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Dietary supplements recalled by the FSAI due to presence of “illegal steroids”. Joe. March 8, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Bay Area-based Zipongo wants more Americans to see food as medicine. Healthcare investors, corporate America are on board. NutraIngredients-USA. March 8, 2018.
The sudden collapse of coconut oil, 2015’s favorite superfood. The Washington Post. March 7, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
AHPA 2018 awards recognize excellence in the herbal industry. American Herbal Products Association. March 8, 2018.
Clinical Trial: Use Of Herbal Cannabis Safe And Effective In Cancer Patients. NORML. March 8, 2018.
Dietary Supplement Caucus Briefing Gives Congress a Closer Look at Sports Nutrition Supplements. Council for Responsible Nutrition. March 7, 2018.

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March 5, 2018

Science & Research
A New Method Of Thujone Determination In Natural Products. Science Trends. March 5, 2018.
Spearmint may boost sleeping ability, short-term memory among older adults, new study suggests. NutraIngredients-USA. March 5, 2018.
Adaptogenic Mushroom Blend Improves Endurance Performance in New Study. Nutritional Outlook. March 2, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Salmonella Found In Kratom Samples As Multi-State Outbreak Expands. Forbes. March 3, 2018.
Kratom: Why Did the FDA Declare the Herbal Supplement an Opiate? Rolling Stone. March 2, 2018.

Cannabis Update
13-Year-Old Denied Life-Saving Treatment Because He Used CBD Oil. High Times. March 5, 2018.
This scientist is testing a marijuana ingredient as a way to prevent relapse. It’s a daunting task. PBS Newshour. March 3, 2018.
Marijuana for Moms. The Atlantic. March 2, 2018.
Nutrasource Diagnostics adds cannabis test to capabilities. NutraIngredients-USA. March 2, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
The Messy Facts about Diet and Inflammation. Scientific American. January 1, 2018.

Trends & Technology
The Poison We Pick. New York Magazine. February 20, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
Mother Nurture: Female Shaman Defines Girl Power in Male-Dominated Culture. Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. March 5, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
Leading North American herb associations promote Good Agricultural and Collection Practices. American Herbal Products Association. March 5, 2018.
The Truth About NSF’s Certified for Sport® Program. NSF International. March 4, 2018.
NCNPR Receives Award to Research Common Military Dietary Supplements. The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy. March 1, 2018.
Study: Inhaled Cannabis Augments Analgesic Efficacy Of Opiates. NORML. March 1, 2018.

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March 2, 2018

Science & Research
Testing experts say study's null result on diet/gene interplay just another step in road to understanding how DNA affects nutrition. NutraIngredients-USA. March 1, 2018.
Nut consumption may aid colon cancer survival. EurekAlert! February 28, 2018.
Dietary supplements during pregnancy can reduce risk of childhood allergies & eczema. New Atlas. February 28, 2018.
Beetroot juice may help heart failure patients keep exercising. NutraIngredients. February 28, 2018.
Osher Collaborative for Integrative Medicine begins new JACM column partnership. EurekAlert! February 27, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Brexit benefit? UK consumer group says supplement campaign is ‘paused’ as EU interference is no longer a risk. NutraIngredients. March 1, 2018.
Greek Gum Wins EU Approval as Natural Remedy. Greek Reporter. March 1, 2018.
Is Kratom Really Linked To A Salmonella Outbreak? Forbes. February 28, 2018.
FDA Warns Against Launch Of The Kratom Extract Mitrasafe, Citing Misleading Regulatory And Drug Claims. Forbes. February 27, 2018.
Health Canada issues warning about product containing yohimbe. NutraIngredients-USA. February 28, 2018.
CDC, FDA Warn Against Kratom Use. The Scientist. February 26, 2018.

Community & Industry
8 things I learned from 8 years as a dietary supplement trade association attorney. New Hope Network. March 1, 2018.
Maurice Iwu to Head C’ttee for Review of Herbal Pharmacopoeia. This Day Live. March 1, 2018.

Cannabis Update
No link between current or previous marijuana use and kidney disease, say researchers. EurekAlert! March 1, 2018.
Nutiva Debuts First Ever USDA Certified-Organic Hempseed Grown in the US. Nutritional Outlook. February 28, 2018.
A Physician’s Perspective on Optimal Cannabis Dosing. Leafly. February 26, 2018.
Can cannabis help reduce opioid deaths? Australian Journal of Pharmacy. February 24, 2018.
Cornell Researchers Investigate Future of Cannabis Variant for Industrial Use. The Cornell Daily Sun. February 22, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
The Sweet Smell of Osmanthus Absolute. The New York Times. February 28, 2018.
The Essence of Healing. Newsweek. February 23, 2018
Tea, Honey And Lemon: Does This Classic Trifecta Actually Help A Sore Throat? NPR. February 23, 2018.
New Mann Library Exhibit Captures the Beauty of Plant Art. The Cornell Daily Sun. February 22, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Researchers track down "forged" superfoods. March 1, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Super Trend: Superfoods in Personal Care Products. Label Insight. March 1, 2018.
What Are Adaptogens and Why Are People Taking Them? TIME. February 28, 2018.
Personalised nutrition test aims to fill gaps that impair athletic gains. NutraIngredients. February 27, 2018.
Direct From Europe: High-Tech Holistic Skincare. T Magazine. February 26, 2018.
What Are Adaptogens and Can They Help Power Up Your Workouts? Shape. February 23, 2018.
Gardening leave: why are offices turning into botanical spaces? The Guardian. February 19, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
Dirty talk: How pollution is snuffing out plants’ scent messages. New Scientist. February 14, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
Elsevier working on traditional Chinese medicine. Research Information. February 28, 2018.
China 'not yet meeting population's TCM needs' as 2030 plan eyes parity with Western medicine. FoodNavigator-Asia. February 26, 2018.
New Yorkers’ infatuation with a Chinese herbal cough syrup boosts distributor’s shares. South China Morning Post. February 26, 2018.
TCM may step in as antibiotics start to fail. China Daily. February 23, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on FDA’s new efforts to advance implementation of the new consumer Nutrition Facts label for foods. US Food & Drug Administration. March 1, 2018.
State of the States’ Medical Cannabis Programs. Americans for Safe Access. February 28, 2018.
NSF Certified for Sport® Products Pose No Doping Risk to Athletes and Consumers. NSF International. February 27, 2018.
Americans for Safe Access Announces Partnership with Releaf App Aimed at Creating a New Class of Patient-Focused Dispensaries. Americans for Safe Access. February 26, 2018.
Study: Artisanal CBD Preparations Associated With Reduced Seizure Activity In Epileptic Children. NORML. February 22, 2018.

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February 22, 2018

Science & Research
Beetroot juice supplements may help certain heart failure patients. EurekAlert! February 22, 2018.
Study: Botanical blend may reduce number of bathroom breaks due to urinary tract symptoms. NutraIngredients-USA. February 22, 2018.
Verbena leaf proves a lemon-aid to muscle strength and recovery. NutraIngredients. February 22, 2018.
Matching DNA to a Diet Does Not Work. STAT. February 21, 2018.
Method detailed in study confirms synthetic stimulant in supplements. NutraIngredients-USA. February 21, 2018.
Scientists create 'Evolutionwatch' for plants. EurekAlert! February 21, 2018.
Meriva Curcumin Ingredient May Support Musculoskeletal Function During High-Impact Activity, New Study Suggests. Nutritional Outlook. February 20, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Kratom linked to multistate Salmonella outbreak. NutraIngredients-USA. February 21, 2018.
Basic Omissions Doom Many Dietary Supplement Ingredient Notices to FDA. Natural Products Insider. February 21, 2018.
Herbal Supplement Gains Popularity Despite FDA Concerns. US News & World Report. February 20, 2018.
Vancouver researchers take issue with U.S. FDA's alarmist memo on kratom. The Georgia Straight. February 17, 2018.

Cannabis Update
Can You Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome With Cannabis? High Times. February 20, 2018.
Startup to bring CBD-containing sports nutrition protein product to market. NutraIngredients-USA. February 20, 2018.
Federal appeals court hears hemp industry lawsuit challenging DEA’s position on CBD. The Cannabist. February 15, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
Do Trees Talk to Each Other? Smithsonian Magazine. March 2018.

Trends & Technology
What's the cost of rising demand for superfoods? FoodNavigator. February 22, 2018.
The cosmetics company selling Siberia to the world. BBC News. February 21, 2018.
Superfruits: Old Faves and New Raves. Nutritional Outlook. February 21, 2018.
Emerging Brands Grabbing Share Of The Retail Wellness Market. Forbes. February 20, 2018.
Ashwagandha’s Supportive Powers. WholeFoods Magazine. February 20, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
Indigenous villagers in Peru losing patience with coca land seizures. Thomson Reuters Foundation News. February 21, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
Interview: 'The Shaman and The Scientist' Director Sarah Hutt on Her New Documentary. Outer Places. February 21, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
FDA oversees destruction and recall of kratom products; and reiterates its concerns on risks associated with this opioid. US Food & Drug Administration. February 21, 2018.
2018 Nutrition Conference to feature the latest in food movements and trends. National University of Health Sciences. February 21, 2018.
Naturopathic Medicine is Growing in U.S. Medical Centers of Excellence. Institute for Natural Medicine. February 21, 2018.
Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Infections Linked to Kratom. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. February 20, 2018.
Saharah Moon Chapotin Named New U.S. Botanic Garden Executive Director. United States Botanic Garden. February 20, 2018.
NSF International Launches DNA Authenticated™ Mark for Dietary Supplement Ingredients. NSF International. February 20, 2018.

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February 20, 2018

Science & Research
Is There Evidence That Curcumin Benefits Multiple Sclerosis? Medical News Bulletin. February 18, 2018.
Plant-Based Diet May Prevent Diabetes, New Study Shows. Organic Authority. February 16, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Botanical barrier adds to ‘unhelpful’ regulatory arena, say one in three. NutraIngredients. February 19, 2018.

Community & Industry
Tropical plants help heal, in chemotherapy, decongestants and more. The Washington Post. February 17, 2018.
Medicinal plants: the next big thing in economic arena? Tehran Times. February 17, 2018.
The poisonous healers of nature. Live Mint. February 16, 2018.
Reclaiming African Herbalism as an Act of Resistance. Yes! Magazine. February 15, 2018.

Cannabis Update
ConsumerLab Tests How Much Cannabidiol is In CBD and Hemp Oils. Nutraceuticals World. February 19, 2018.
Doctors warn against rush to prescribe medicinal cannabis. The Guardian. February 18, 2018.
Pot Pharm: Booming Canada weed sector plots next-wave medicines. CBC News. February 16, 2018.
Medical pot for animals? One California lawmaker wants to open the door. The Los Angeles Times. February 16, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
The botany in Obama's official portrait represents his history. Popular Science. February 19, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Has coconut oil lost its luster? New data from SPINS shows sharp sales declines in 2017. FoodNavigator-USA. February 16, 2018.
Eureka! California-Grown Coffee Is Becoming The State's Next Gold Mine. NPR. February 16, 2018.
The Superfood Qualities Of Mushrooms. National Geographic. February 16, 2018.
Are Black Walnuts Ready to Boom? Civil Eats. February 15, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine cancer rehabilitation center opens in US. Xinhua. February 17, 2018.

Community & Indutry Releases
NYBG Names Carrie Rebora Barratt As Its Next President and CEO. New York Botanical Garden. February 15, 2018.
CRN Hires Assistant General Counsel. Council for Responsible Nutrition. February 15, 2018.

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February 17, 2018

Science & Research
Building a DNA Barcode Library for the Canadian Flora Using Herbarium Collections. EurekAlert! February 13, 2018.
Limited Evidence? BNF Review Cites Lack of Science Demonstrating Beauty Benefits for Supplements. NutraIngredients-USA. February 13, 2018.
Beer Has Unexpected Health Benefits, Says Best Study Ever. The Los Angeles Times. February 8, 2018.
Lemon Verbena Extract May Help Reduce Muscle Damage Post-Exercise. NutraIngredients. January 30, 2018.
Recent Studies Link Elderberry to Digestive Health. WholeFoods Magazine. January 30, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Clear Definition and New Regulatory Framework: The Way Forward for Nutraceuticals? NutraIngredients. February 12, 2018.
Kratom Is Hailed as a Natural Pain Remedy, Assailed as an Addictive Killer. The US Wants to Treat It like Heroin. The Washington Post. February 10, 2018.
Kratom praised by some as a natural pain remedy, but deaths prompt warning. Chicago Tribune. February 10, 2018.
Is Herbal Supplement Kratom an Opioid? The FDA Says Yes. TIME. February 7, 2018.

Community & Industry
Innovation reforming supply of botanical ingredients. NutraIngredients-USA. February 15, 2018.
Ethnobotanist speaks at WKU about potential research breakthrough. College Heights Herald. February 14, 2018.

Cannabis Update
California May End Workplace Discrimination Against Marijuana Users. High Times. February 14, 2018.
Sponsor of Bill to Legalize Hemp Thinks This Is the Year. US News & World Report. February 9, 2018.
California Makes Marijuana a Wellness Industry. The New Yorker. January 31, 2018.

Trends & Technology
Savvier consumers seeking innovative products that deliver on simplicity, transparency, expert says. NutraIngredients-USA. February 15, 2018.
Beyond diet, but before drugs: Researchers stress the potential for nutraceuticals. NutraIngredients-USA. February 15, 2018.
Adaptogens, CBD and Nootropics Rise as Consumers Consider Their Emotional & Mental Well-being. NutraIngredients-USA. February 7, 2018.
How Ghee, Turmeric and Aloe Vera Became India’s New Instruments of Soft Power. The Washington Post. January 29, 2018.

Environement & Conservation
Ravaged by a poorly studied disease, cacao trees are dying. February 15, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
Yemenis turn to herbal remedies as medicine prices soar. Al Jazeera. February 12, 2018.
The New-Age Spread of Ancient Mexican Cures. Ozy. February 8, 2018.
US-China Research Partnership on Ginseng Sign of Growing Backing for TCM, Sources Say. NutraIngredients-USA. February 6, 2018.

Community & Indutry Releases
Maryland University of Integrative Health’s Online Health Promotion Program Ranked #1. Maryland University of Integrative Health. February 14, 2018.
UNPA Announces the Publication of the UNPA Asia Report, Distributed Throughout China, Japan and Southeast Asia. United Natural Products Alliance. February 14, 2018.
Opioid epidemic leads to growing shift toward natural care. National University of Health Sciences. February 12, 2018.
NYBG Scientist Michael J. Balick, Ph.D., Receives the 2018 Fairchild Medal for Plant Exploration from the National Tropical Botanical Garden. New York Botanical Garden. February 9, 2018.
New Research Reveals Plant Wonderland Inside China’s Caves. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. February 7, 2018.
CRN Launches #SARMsCanHarm Consumer Education Initiative to Raise Awareness of the Dangers of SARMs. Council for Responsible Nutrition. February 7, 2018.
Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, on the Agency’s Scientific Evidence on the Presence of Opioid Compounds in Kratom, Underscoring its Potential for Abuse. US Food and Drug Administration. February 6, 2018.
AHPA Recommends Regulatory Improvements in Comments Submitted to CFSAN. American Herbal Products Association. February 5, 2018.
Vermont: Governor Signs Law Legalizing Marijuana Use, Cultivation By Adults. NORML. January 25, 2018.
World Health Organization Grants Official Relations Status to USP. United States Pharmacopeia. February 5, 2018.

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February 3, 2018

Science & Research
Lemon verbena extract may help reduce muscle damage post-exercise. NutraIngredients. January 30, 2018.
Recent Studies Link Elderberry to Digestive Health. WholeFoods Magazine. January 30, 2018.
Nutritionally-speaking, soy milk is best plant-based milk. Science Daily. January 29, 2018.
Curcumin trial bolsters brain boosting link. NutraIngredients-USA. January 25, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
DOJ to Appeals Court: Affirm DMAA Ruling. Natural Products INSIDER. January 26, 2018.
FTC, FDA jointly crack down on firms making illegal opioid withdrawal treatment claims. NutraIngredients-USA. January 25, 2018.

Community & Industry
AHPA, OTA, and QAI Announce Resource for Supplement Industry. WholeFoods Magazine. January 24, 2018.

Cannabis Update
California Makes Marijuana a Wellness Industry. The New Yorker. January 31, 2018.
Marijuana: is it time to stop using a word with racist roots? The Guardian. January 29, 2018.
Marijuana legalization cannot be stopped. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. January 27, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
NIH summary of weight loss, sports products takes dim view of efficacy. NutraIngredients-USA. February 1, 2018.
Oxford distillery creates gin made from 17th century garden. The Drinks Business. January 31, 2018.
Here's How Pro Athletes Check Their Supplements for Banned Substances. Men’s Health. January 31, 2018.
9 Things You Need to Know About Ayurvedic Medicine. Reader’s Digest. January 30, 2018.
NIH releases tools for choosing safe supplements. Consumer Affairs. January 26, 2018.
Here's How to Tell Whether Your Supplements Are Dangerous. TIME. January 25, 2018.

Trends & Technology
2018 Ingredient Trends to Watch for Food, Drinks, and Dietary Supplements: Stevia. Nutritional Outlook. February 1, 2018.
NutraIngredients-USA 2018 predictions, Part 2: From CBD, Amazon, personalization & more. NutraIngredients-USA. January 22, 2018.
NutraIngredients-USA 2018 predictions, Part 1: The microbiome, adaptogens, nootropics & more. NutraIngredients-USA. January 30, 2018.
Gut feelings: Digestive health is top of the agenda for nutraceutical industry. NutraIngredients. January 30, 2018.
Start-up LifeDNA recommends skincare products, supplements, based on genetics. NutraIngredients-USA. January 26, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
The Toxic Rise of the California Strawberry. Smithsonian. January 24, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
How ghee, turmeric and aloe vera became India’s new instruments of soft power. The Washington Post. January 29, 2018.
Chinese traditional medicine gains popularity at home and abroad. Al Jazeera. January 28, 2018.
China discovers 54 new plant species for traditional Chinese medicine: report. Xinhua. January 28, 2018.

Community & Indutry Releases
FDA Grants 'Priority Review' Of Plant-Derived CBD Extract. NORML. February 1, 2018.
Technical issues prevent FDA from evaluating majority of recent NDI notifications. American Herbal Products Association. February 1, 2018.
BRIT and Fort Worth Botanic Garden “GROW” with New Collaboration. Botanical Research Institute of Texas. February 1, 2018.
Ikhlas Khan Wins 2018 Wiley Award. AOAC International. January 30, 2018.
Handbook promotes safe use of herbs to prevent drug interactions. American Herbal Products Association. January 30, 2018.
MUIH Announces Agreement with the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences. Maryland University of Integrative Health. January 26, 2018.
Vermont: Governor Signs Law Legalizing Marijuana Use, Cultivation By Adults. NORML. January 25, 2018.
Plans Revealed for NYBG’s Landmark Exhibition, Georgia O’Keeffe: Visions of Hawai‘i. New York Botanic Garden. January 24, 2018.

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January 25, 2018

Science & Research
Mixing herbal remedies and conventional drugs 'could be harmful'. The Guardian. January 24, 2018.
Will supplements help your workout or diet routine? EurekAlert! January 24, 2018.
Curcumin improves memory and mood, new UCLA study says. EurekAlert! January 23, 2018.
Century-old botany records may hold key to monarch butterfly survival. January 17, 2018.
Strangest things: fossils reveal how fungus shaped life on Earth. The Guardian. January 16, 2018.
How flowering plants conquered the world. BBC News. January 14, 2018.

Legal & Regulatory
Agencies target 'illegal, unapproved' products that claim to treat opioid addiction. The Washington Post. January 24, 2018.

Community & Industry
Organic Industry Leaders Issue Updated Guidance on Organic Dietary Supplements. Natural Products INSIDER. January 24, 2018.
The Former Naturopath Who Became a Whistleblower on the Industry. VICE. January 22, 2018.
Collaboration will make industry stronger, new AHPA science officer says. NutraIngredients-USA. January 19, 2018.
Why Nestle sold its U.S. candy business — and bought a vitamin company The Washington Post. January 17, 2018.

Cannabis Update
Germany's medicinal cannabis market struggles with short supply and high costs. Deutsche Welle. January 22, 2018.
Singapore Announces Synthetic Medicinal Cannabinoids Research. Dope Magazine. January 22, 2018.
Marijuana money increasingly flowing to Republican lawmakers. USA Today. January 21, 2018.
What the Marijuana Genome Map Means for the Future of Pot. Bloomberg. January 18, 2018.
Is marijuana a medical miracle? The truth is, we still don't know. The Guardian. January 15, 2018.

Consumer & Popular
Rare household bill reveals early reference to tea in Britain. Business Standard. January 15, 2018.
Was Lydia E. Pinkham the Queen of Quackery? JSTOR Daily. November 22, 2017.

Trends & Technology
These Are the Hottest New Superfoods of 2018. Hudson Valley. January 23, 2018.
Nature’s Way said learnings from social media informed new line of herbal powders. NutraIngredients-USA. January 22, 2018.
Mattson unveils 10 macro trends driving food and beverage innovation. FoodNavigator-USA. January 18, 2018.
Confusion abounds for adaptogens, says expert. NutraIngredients-USA. January 17, 2018.
The chocolate science hype machine. Vox. January 17, 2018.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Faster authentication process pioneered in Hong Kong for TCM and herbal products. NutraIngredients-Asia. January 16, 2018.
Increasing need to detect herb and spice adulteration. Securing Industry. January 12, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
FairWild Standard a good fit for new plant laws. TRAFFIC. January 24, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
The president who made people take his bogus HIV cure. BBC News. January 22, 2018.
Nigeria develops herbal drugs for treatment of Ebola, malaria. Vanguard. January 19, 2018.
Women's rising role in traditional Tibetan medicine. Xinhua. January 16, 2018.

Community & Indutry Releases
FDA, FTC warn companies for selling illegal, unapproved opioid cessation products using deceptive claims. US Food & Drug Administration. January 24, 2018.
New Certified for Sport® App Helps Consumers Find Independently Tested, Safer Supplements in Seconds. NSF International. January 23, 2018
NYBG’s Winter Exhibition Wild Medicine in the Tropics Highlights the Healing Power of Plants in the Warmth of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. New York Botanic Garden. January 17, 2018.
AHPA welcomes Dr. Holly Johnson as new Chief Science Officer. American Herbal Products Association. January 16, 2018.
Kew welcomes new UK environment plan. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. January 11, 2018.
Industry Coalition Reminds Consumers, Retailers, and Product Marketers that Dietary Supplements Cannot Claim to Treat Opioid Addiction. United Natural Products Association. December 20, 2018.

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January 13, 2018

Science & Research
Dietary xenoestrogens may reduce effectiveness of breast cancer treatment. European Pharmaceutical Review. January 11, 2018.
Soy links to lower prostate cancer risk strengthened. NutraIngredients. January 11, 2018.
Natural Bioactives Play Significant Role in the Prevention, Management of Inflammatory Conditions. Natural Products INSIDER. January 5, 2018.
Quercetin supplements may have exercise benefits: RCT. NutraIngredients-USA. January 3, 2018.
Blueberry vinegar could prevent memory loss and dementia. The Los Angeles Times. January 2, 2018.
The Antioxidant Myth. Psychology Today. December 30, 2017.
Breathing easy: Regular intake of apples and tomatoes could help lung function. NutraIngredients-USA. December 22, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Debate Heats Up Over SARMs Fitness Supplements. Healthline. January 11, 2018.
More than 30 popular supplement ingredients left off India's new approved list. NutraIngredients-USA. January 10, 2018.
Dietary Supplement Official: cGMP Compliance Still Deficient in 'Fundamental' Areas. Natural Products INSIDER. January 10, 2018.

Community & Industry
NSF AuthenTechnologies brings new leadership with goal to ‘expand range of services’. NutraIngredients-USA. January 11, 2018.
How Will the Supplement Industry Fare without Hatch? MedPage Today. January 3, 2018.

Cannabis Update
First Nations entrepreneurs are asserting sovereignty and seizing the new cannabis economy. CBC News. January 10, 2018.
A Tiny Texas Town Takes a Chance on Medical Marijuana. The Atlantic. January 10, 2018.
The grass is green for careers in cannabis research. Science. January 10, 2018.
Endocannabinoid claims, climate change, adulteration progress: What to look for in 2018. NutraIngredients-USA. January 8, 2018.
Sessions opens door for stepped up cannabis enforcement; effect on CBD sphere unclear. NutraIngredients-USA. January 5, 2017.
As Vets Demand Cannabis for PTSD, Science Races to Unlock Its Secrets. Scientific American. January 4, 2018.
Trump Administration Takes Step That Could Threaten Marijuana Legalization Movement. The New York Times. January 4, 2018.
The Top Three Cannabis Research Stories of 2017. Dope Magazine. December 28, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Hops is Herb of the Year for 2018. Midland Daily News. January 11, 2018.
Aloe Vera: An Ancient Plant with Modern Benefits. Nutritional Outlook. January 10, 2018.
In 2018, Cocktails Will be Purple. Paste Magazine. January 1, 2018.
2018: The Year of the Consumer. WholeFoods Magazine. January 1, 2018.

Environment & Conservation
Montana Barley Fields Become Front Line For Climate Change And Beer. NPR. January 11, 2018.
Reliance on natural healing cultivates respect for nature in Indonesian village. MongaBay. January 9, 2018.
Scientists are speed breeding plants in a race to beat climate change. Popular Science. January 9, 2018.
Chocolate is Going Extinct, But Scientists Have a Wild Plan to Save it. Inverse. January 2, 2018.
In a Papuan district, tribes push to revive a legacy of sustainability. MongaBay. January 2, 2018.

Traditional Medicine
Maori manufacturers and researchers unite to develop anti-diabetes functional foods for Asia. NutraIngredients-Asia. January 9, 2018.
How Indigenous knowledge advances modern science and technology. The Conversation. January 3, 2018.

Community & Industry Releases
NSF AuthenTechnologies® Looks to 2018 With New Leadership. NSF International. January 11, 2018.
Kew welcomes new UK environment plan. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. January 11, 2018.
Ferns, Roses, and More: The Second Installment of New Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada is Available from NYBG Press. Council for Responsible Nutrition. December 11, 2017.
A Botanical Mystery Solved by Phylogenetic Testing Published in Oryx. Missouri Botanical Garden. January 5, 2018.
US Attorney General Rescinds Obama-Era Marijuana Guidelines. NORML. January 4, 2018.
California Begins Retail Marijuana Sales. NORML. January 4, 2018
Bastyr Alumnus Pioneers Integrative Treatment for Opioid Addiction. Bastyr University. January 3, 2018.
McGuffin Statement on Sen. Hatch Retirement. American Herbal Products Association. January 3, 2018.
Senator Orrin Hatch Recognized for His Commitment to Dietary Supplement Consumers. Council for Responsible Nutrition. January 2, 2018.
AHPA Participates in Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel Discussion on Four Herbal Ingredients. American Herbal Products Association. December 21, 2018.
NPA Seeks New Process for Validation of Nutritional Supplements. Natural Products Association. December 21, 2017.
Industry Coalition Reminds Consumers, Retailers, and Product Marketers that Dietary Supplements Cannot Claim to Treat Opioid Addiction. American Herbal Products Association. December 20, 20187.
Victory for Veterans as VA Changes Policy on Medical Cannabis. Americans for Safe Access. December 20, 2017.
UNPA Signs Joint Memorandum of Understanding with China Nutrition and Health Food Association. United Natural Products Alliance. December 19, 2017.
CRN Criticizes Overgeneralization of New Study in Annals of Internal Medicine. Council for Responsible Nutrition. December 18, 2017.

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December 14, 2017

Science & Research
Chamomile extract may improve sleep among the elderly: RCT. NutraIngredients-USA. December 11, 2017.
Experts file comment questioning conclusions drawn from poison control center data. NutraIngredients-USA. December 11, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
CSPI to FDA and FTC: Crack Down on Supplements Marketed for Opioid Withdrawal. Natural Products INSIDER. December 11, 2017.
Botanical deadlock: ECJ rules ‘on hold’ claims are unacceptable. NutraIngredients. December 11, 2017.

Community & Industry
Firms making opiod treatment claims don't represent responsible industry, experts say. NutraIngredients-USA. December 13, 2017.
Ethnobotanist Jim Duke Passes at 88. WholeFoods Magazine. December 11, 2017.
Nutritional Outlook's 2017 Best of the Industry, Industry Leader: American Herbal Products Association. Nutritional Outlook. December 11, 2017.
Nutritional Outlook's 2017 Best of the Industry, Ingredient Supplier/Service Provider: Brassica Protection Products. Nutritional Outlook. December 11, 2017.
Nutritional Outlook's 2017 Best of the Industry, Ingredient Supplier/Service Provider: Lycored. Nutritional Outlook. December 11, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Perspectives on the Use of Medicinal Marijuana in Children. AAP News. December 13, 2017.
Fabricant pushes NDI path to market for CBDs in public appearance. NutraIngredients-USA. December 11, 2017.
Cannabis Project Aims To Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients. High Times. December 9, 2017.
Could Cannabis Be A Treatment For Dementia? High Times. December 8, 2017.
Looming Canadian regulatory change keeps hemp investment interest high. NutraIngredients-USA. December 8, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Is Spice Rack Staple Turmeric a Health Star? WebMD. December 13, 2017.
Botanical exploits: How British plant hunters served science. BBC News. December 10, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Orangutans process plants into medicine, study finds. Mongabay. December 4, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Naturopathic Doctors Play Increasing Role in Oncology Care. Clinical Oncology News. December 11, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
ACHS Announces Two New Accredited Holistic Health and Wellness Bachelor Degrees. American College of Healthcare Sciences. December 13, 2017.
Three Things to Know About Dietary Supplements and Opioid Addiction. Council for Responsible Nutrition. December 12, 2017.
Two New Options Make It Even Easier for Companies to Upload Dietary Supplement Labels to the Supplement OWL. Council for Responsible Nutrition. December 11, 2017.
AHPA mourns the passing of Jim Duke, a leading authority on herbal medicine. American Herbal Products Association. December 11, 2017.
Crackdown Urged on Supplements Marketed as Opioid Withdrawal Aids. Center for Science in the Public Interest. December 8, 2017.
NUNM Food as Medicine Institute Partners with Saint Luke’s Hospital. National University of Natural Medicine. December 8, 2017.

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November 30, 2017

Science & Research
This start-up raised millions to sell 'brain hacking' pills, but its own study found coffee works better. CNBC. November 30, 2017.
Curcumin: common dietary supplement turned anti-cancer compound? Oxford University Press blog. November 29, 2017.
The Facilities Where Scientists Breed Plants to Survive the Future. WIRED. November 28, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
FDA, Industry Struggle to Deal with SARMs, DMAA and Other Controversial Ingredients. Natural Products INSIDER. November 30, 2017.
FDA Makes A Welcome Return To Courtroom Advocacy For Uniform Regulation. Forbes. November 29, 2017.
Inside the War on Kratom in Denver and Beyond. Westword. November 29, 2017.
FDA Unveils Draft Guidance on Best Practices for Convening a GRAS Panel. Nutraceuticals World. November 17, 2017.

Community & Industry
Botanical medicine course takes multi-disciplinary look at how plants can heal. Emory University News. November 30, 2017.
Campbell herbarium takes root online. Campbell University News. November 30, 2017.
Tea Entrepreneurs Challenge Their Community to See People First, Ex-Offenders Second. VICE Impact. November 21, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Austin's First Cannabis Oil Dispensary Is Ready to Grow. Austin Chronicle. December 1, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
There’s drama on dietitian Twitter, and it’s exposing deep rifts in nutrition doctrine. The Washington Post. November 28, 2017.
Why adaptogens may be the key to dealing with stressed skin. Well + Good. November 28, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Bolstering Botanical Best Practices. Nutritional Outlook. November 30, 2017.
Bodybuilding products sold online may be mislabeled or unsafe. Reuters. November 29, 2017.
Bodybuilding drugs sold online often contain unapproved substances, study says. CNN. November 29, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Packaged Facts: Functional claims and ingredients continue to lure US consumers shying away from traditional 'snacks'. NutraIngredients-USA. November 28, 2017.
Nutritional Psychiatry: Emerging Evidence and Expert Interview. Psychiatry Advisor. November 28, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
China to roll back regulations for traditional medicine despite safety concerns. Nature News. November 29, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
New Study on SARMs Reaffirms Need for Enforcement Action and Consumer Awareness. Council for Responsible Nutrition. November 29, 2017.
Natural Products Center to Collaborate with Beijing Hospital. University of Mississippi. November 28, 2017.
UNPA endorses AHPA’s Good Agricultural and Collection Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices for Botanical Material. American Herbal Products Association. November 28, 2017.
The most common FDA cGMP inspection observations of 2016-17. American Herbal Products Association. November 28, 2017.
NSF International Consulting Services Bring Science-Based Methodologies to Sustainability Practices. NSF International. November 29, 2017.
Ronald T. Piervincenzi Statement of Support for WHO Reports on Impact of Poor-Quality Medicines. United States Pharmacopeia. November 28, 2017.
Dr. Ryan Bradley Named Director of Helfgott Research Institute. National University of Natural Medicine. November 20, 2017.
Bastyr and AOMA Discontinue Plans for Affiliation. Bastyr University. November 1, 2017.

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November 27, 2017

Science & Research
Coffee consumption and health: umbrella review of meta-analyses of multiple health outcomes. New England Journal of Medicine. November 22, 2017.
Criminalization Makes It Harder to Study Ayahuasca, Scientists Say. VICE. November 23, 2017.
Cinnamon turns up the heat on fat cells. Science Daily. November 21, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Industry Rallies Behind FDA’s Warning on SARMS. WholeFoods Magazine. November 27, 2017.
FDA to Healthcare Pros: Tainted Products Are Illegal Drugs, Not Dietary Supplements. Natural Products INSIDER. November 21, 2017.
FDA to Block Shipments of Kratom, a Dietary Supplement Popular in NH. New Hampshire Public Radio. November 20, 2017.

Community & Industry
Cranberry overload spurs U.S. producers to dump extra supply. The Salt Lake Tribune. November 21, 2017.
University of Michigan Medical School Launches Integrative Oncology Scholars Program. The ASCO Post. November 25, 2017.
Oman's Botanic Garden Will Be Largest in the World. Conde Nast Traveler. November 22, 2017.

Cannabis Update
What Pot Really Does to the Teen Brain. Scientific American. December 2017.
In North Dakota, Police Targeting CBD Deferred to DEA ‘Marihuana Extract’ Rule. Natural Products INSIDER. November 27, 2017.
Texas to Roll Out First CBD Sales By End of Year. November 27, 2017.
How Does Cannabis Help PTSD Patients? High Times. November 23, 2017.
Medicinal cannabis hotline to cut through red tape for NSW patients and doctors. The Sydney Morning Herald. November 23, 2017.
Meet Canada’s ‘weed sommelier’. BBC News. November 21, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Science or Snake Oil: will horseradish and garlic really ease a cold? The Conversation. November 26, 2017.
Why do teenagers use supplements, and where do they get their advice? NutraIngredients. November 22, 2017.

Environement & Conservation
As droughts lengthen, Zimbabwe’s medicinal plants disappear. Thomson Reuters Foundation News. November 27, 2017.
Are Traders and Traffickers Winning the Orchid Battle? National Geographic. November 27, 2017.
Amazon tribe saves plant lore with ‘healing forests’ and encyclopedia. The Guardian. November 24, 2017.
How to curb illicit trade in endangered plants? DNA barcoding could help. Down to Earth. November 24, 2017.
Can a Wild Daisy Rejuvenate Croatia’s Farming Economy? The New York Times. November 23, 2017.
Forest plantations are a potent blend for coffee production. November 22, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
First AI-based TCM clinic opens in China. November 27, 2017.
Ayurveda: The Ancient Practice that Healed with Turmeric Before It Was Cool. The Independent. November 22, 2017.
The Long Tradition of Folk Healing Among Southern Appalachian Women. TAtlas Obscura. November 21, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Ministry of Health and pharmaceutical companies collaborate on developing non-timber forest product utilization policies. TRAFFIC. November 27, 2017.
Vice-premier highlights revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine. The State Council of The People’s Republic of China. November 22, 2017.
Thomas Walter and His Plants: The Life and Work of a Pioneer American Botanist, Now Available from NYBG Press, Updates a Landmark of American Plant Science. New York Botanical Garden. November 22, 2017.
Traditional Medicinals and Urban Moonshine Announce New Relationship. Urban Moonshine. November 16, 2017.
Green Tea Extract-Containing Natural Health Products - Rare Risk of Serious Liver Injury. Health Canada. November 15, 2017.

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November 20, 2017

Science & Research
Review details growing scientific backing for curcumin benefits. NutraIngredients-USA. November 20, 2017.
How an unpaid UK researcher saved the Japanese seaweed industry. Ars Technica. November 19, 2017.
CAM use on the rise among women: Survey. NutraIngredients-USA. November 17, 2017.
Medicinal plants used by women in Mecca: urban, Muslim and gendered knowledge. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine. November 17, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Can you trust that ad for a dietary supplement? FTC Consumer Information Blog. November 20, 2017.
‘Needed’: FDA issues draft guidance for best practices for GRAS panels. NutraIngredients-USA. November 20, 2017.
FDA to Block Shipments of Kratom, a Dietary Supplement Popular in NH. New Hampshire Public Radio. November 20, 2017.

Community & Industry
Brattleboro 'nutraceutical' firm sells for $28M. The Sentinel. November 18, 2017.
Botaneco Named Life Sciences Company of the Year. Natural Products INSIDER. November 17, 2017.
Leaving the Center in Good Hands. NCCIH Research Blog. November 14, 2017.

Cannabis Update
How to grow cannabis? With modern science and technology. The Conversation. November 19, 2017.
High Times in Ancient China: 2,700-Year-Old Marijuana Stash Found in Shaman Grave. Ancient-Origins. November 18, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Joseph Banks: botanical work on Cook's voyage finally makes it to print. The Guardian. November 20, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
This Woman Suffered Organ Damage After Taking Green-Tea Extract Supplements. Women’s Health. November 17, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Botanical art: Why drawing plants and flowers is back in fashion. Australian Broadcasting Corporation News. November 18, 2017.

Environement & Conservation
Scientists aim to fight climate change with super plants. The Los Angeles Times. November 17, 2017.
Native plant nursery in South Texas concentrates on seeds. Fort Worth Star-Telegram. November 8, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
From Ayurveda to biomedicine: understanding the human body. The Conversation. November 20, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Supplement associations endorse AHPA’s Good Agricultural and Collection Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices for Botanical Material. American Herbal Products Association. November 16, 2017.
Thanking Our Industry Partners. United States Pharmacopeia. November 16, 2017.
ASA Files Freedom of Information Act Requests. Americans for Safe Access. November 9, 2017.

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November 18, 2017

Science & Research
Report suggests association between coffee and up to 70 percent reduced risk of liver disease. EurekAlert! November 16, 2017.
Study lists foods for fighting rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and progression. EurekAlert! November 8, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
There is Hope: Dietary Supplement Activity in Congress in the Trump Era. Natural Products INSIDER. November 17, 2017.
Kratom group files demand for retraction of FDA head’s warning on botanical. NutraIngredients-USA. November 17, 2017.
German food risk agency warns of health risk posed by whole-leaf Aloe preparations. NutraIngredients. November 16, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
How People Came to Believe Blueberries Are the Healthiest Fruit. The Atlantic. November 15, 2017.
How a Glass Terrarium Changed the World. The Atlantic. November 12, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Study finds ‘next DMAA’ in tainted sports, weight loss products. NutraIngredients-USA. November 9, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Under-the-Radar Botanicals to Watch in 2018. Nutritional Outlook. November 16, 2017.

Environement & Conservation
Unregulated wild collection and habitat loss lead to Vulnerable status for medicinal Goldenseal. TRAFFIC. November 17, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
United States Pharmacopeia research study confirms lack of medicinal compounds in many Reishi supplements. Nammex. November 17, 2017.
BRIT and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Sign Research and Education Memorandum of Understanding. Botanical Research Institute of Texas. November 14, 2017.
A Sneak Peek of the Future of Ginseng and Forest Botanicals Symposium Proceedings. United Plant Savers. October 23, 2017.
Medicinal Plant Conservation Certificate Program Spring & Fall 2018. United Plant Savers. October 31, 2017.
Current Trends in Fighting a Major Threat to Biodiversity Will Be the Focus of NYBG’s Invasive Species Summit on November 3, 2017. New York Botanical Garden. October 26, 2017.
CRN Announces Supplement OWL Advisory Board. Council for Responsible Nutrition. October 17, 2017.
Report: Domestic Hemp Production More Than Doubles In Past Year. NORML. November 9, 2017.
Banned and Potentially Harmful Stimulants Found in Six Weight-Loss and Pre-Workout Supplements. NSF International. November 8, 2017.
Trade associations issue joint press release in support of FDA action on SARMs. United Natural Products Association. November 8, 2017.

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November 8, 2017

Science & Research
Ayurvedic extract shows joint mobility and comfort improvement in study. NutraIngredients. November 3, 2017.
Tart cherry juice may help you get a good night’s sleep: Study. NutraIngredients. November 2, 2017.
Artificial Intelligence uncovers anti-aging plant extracts. EurekAlert! October 31, 2017.
Albert Einstein teams find 89 percent of hispanic women use herbal remedies. EurekAlert! October 30, 2017.
Curcumin supplements offers gut protection and heat relief from exercise exertions. NutraIngredients. October 27, 2017.
The importance and efficacy of epigallocatechin and epicatechin. European Pharmaceutical Review. October 25, 2017.
Cocoa flavanols may boost brain health benefits of exercise: Human data. NutraIngredients-USA. October 23, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
‘A useful regulatory guidepost’: NPA publishes book listing pre-DSHEA ingredients. NutraIngredients-USA. November 8, 2017.
Drug regulator under fire over herbal supplement company’s claims. The Guardian. November 6, 2017.

Community & Industry
Supplement Industry Has 'Rare Opportunity' to Seek Regulatory Reform. Natural Products INSIDER. November 8, 2017.
How much foreign matter is permissible in an herbal ingredient? Trade group AHPA releases guidance. NutraIngredients-USA. October 31, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Sticker shock coming with California's new pot market. The Austin American-Statesman. November 5, 2017.
First Texas Cannabis Crop Set To Be Planted In Austin. High Times. November 3, 2017.
F.D.A. Warns Companies Against Claims That Marijuana Cures Diseases. The New York Times. November 1, 2017.
Weed Science: Researchers Map Marijuana DNA to Unlock Cannabis's Full Potential. Newsweek. October 30, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Can Ketones Rev Up Our Workouts? The New York Times. November 8, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Risky stimulants turn up — again — in weight loss and workout supplements. STAT. November 8, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Botanical and herbal innovations to dominate 2018's top food trends. FoodNavigator-Asia. November 7, 2017.
Emerging Trends in the Cosmeceutical Industry. Natural Products INSIDER. October 26, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Who owns the heritage of traditional medicine? Apollo Magazine. October 30, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Dietary Supplement Industry and U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Warn Consumers about Dangerous, Illegal Ingredients Known as SARMs. American Herbal Products Association. November 8, 2017.
New Book Compiles First Ever List of Pre-DSHEA Dietary Ingredients. Natural Products Association. November 7, 2017.
Medical Marijuana Study: 70 percent of CBD products inaccurately labelled. Americans for Safe Access. November 7, 2017.
The NIH Collaboratory Launches a New Resource on Methods and Best Practices for Pragmatic Clinical Trials. NCCIH Research Blog. November 3, 2017.
Conservation Through Cultivation: Forest Grown Verification for the Profitable Production of Medicinal Herbs. United Plant Savers. October 31, 2017.
Guidance on foreign matter limits in herbal ingredients. American Herbal Products Association. October 30, 2017.
Five Chinese Citizens and Four Chinese Companies Indicted in Scheme to Sell Mislabeled Dietary Supplements. The US Department of Justice. October 25, 2017.

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October 24, 2017

Science & Research
Aristolochic acid in herbal remedies fuelling liver cancer rates in Asia, study suggests. NutraIngredients. October 23, 2017.
Cocoa flavanols may boost brain health benefits of exercise: Human data. NutraIngredients-USA. October 23, 2017.
Meet the Overcompensators, Plants That Get Tougher and Meaner When Attacked. The New York Times. October 20, 2017.

Community & Industry
Usage and confidence in supplements up, trust stays high: CRN data. NutraIngredients-USA. October 20, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Finally, a degree in marijuana: But it’s not for stoners or slackers. The Washington Post. October 23, 2017.
This is How Legal Cannabis is Improving Public Health. AlterNet. October 20, 2017.
World Medical Association says laws on cannabis research should be reviewed. The Pharmaceutical Journal. October 18, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
You can spend a lot on ‘true’ cinnamon, but does it taste better than the rest? The Washington Post. October 23, 2017.
How Nicholas Culpeper Brought Medicine to the People. Smithsonian Magazine. October 18, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Trends and Knowledge Out of Natural Products Expo East. WholeFoods Magazine. October 23, 2017.
Opinion: Why more doctors are embracing scientifically sound integrative medicine. The Los Angeles Times. October 22, 2017.
Booze with benefits? The challenges scientists overcame to create a probiotic beer. NutraIngredients. October 18, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Climate change could spell disaster for coffee, but science may offer a solution. The Portland Press Herald. October 20, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
United States Files Enforcement Action Against Long Island Company and Its Owner to Prevent Distribution of Adulterated and Misbranded Dietary Supplements. US Department of Justice. October 23, 2017.
UNPA announces in-house education and training for food and supplement companies. United Natural Products Association. October 23, 2017.
AHPA updates CA Prop 65 guidance for herbal products. American Herbal Products Association. October 20, 2017.
A Mislabeled Product Is an Illegal Product. Council for Responsible Nutrition. October 20, 2017.
Colombian President awarded Kew International Medal for work protecting biodiversity. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. October 20, 2017.
Dietary Supplement Usage Increases, Says New Survey. Council for Responsible Nutrition. October 19, 2017.
NCCIH Introduces Know the Science Initiative. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. October 19, 2017.

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October 18, 2017

Science & Research
Scientists reveal herbal remedies containing aristolochic acid may cause liver cancer. EurekAlert! October 18, 2017.
Benefits of Broccoli: Eating More May Improve Your Gut Health. Newsweek. October 14, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
FDA Doesn’t Anticipate Safety Review in Developing Pre-DSHEA List. Natural Products INSIDER. October 17, 2017.
Assembling ODI list far from sure thing, FDA’s Welch says. NutraIngredients-USA. October 16, 2017.
Supplement industry GMP compliance move stuck in neutral, FDA official says. NutraIngredients-USA. October 13, 2017.
Atlanta dietary supplement mogul faces new criminal charges. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. October 5, 2017.

Community & Industry
CRN creates advisory board for Supplement OWL program. NutraIngredients-USA. October 18, 2017.
Raw Material Sourcing in a Global Supply Chain. Natural Products INSIDER. October 16, 2017.

Cannabis Update
North American first: Researchers publish scientific study on cannabis production. October 17, 2017.
How Cannabis Fits into the Ancient Indian Medicinal System of Ayurveda. Jane Street. October 12, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
If you’re dealing with menopause symptoms, there’s a beer that might help. Metro. October 8, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
ABC leads effort to make sure rejected raw material is destroyed, not resold. NutraIngredients-USA. October 12, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Birthwort Cancer Risk: People Are Still Eating One of the Most Dangerous Plants on Earth as a Traditional Medicine. Newsweek. October 18, 2017.
To Inspire Young Communists, China Turns to ‘Red Army’ Schools. The New York Times. October 15, 2017.
In Hong Kong, Folk Remedies Are Sickening Patients. The New York Times. October 6, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Medical Marijuana Expert Ethan Russo Joins Center of Excellence. Americans for Safe Access. October 18, 2017.
Joint Commission calls for hospitals to provide complementary and alternative medicine for pain. National University of Health Sciences. October 17, 2017.
California dietary supplement maker, Custompax prohibited from manufacturing. US Food & Drug Administration. October 13, 2017.
CRN Website Honored with 2017 Communicator Award. Council for Responsible Nutrition. October 11, 2017.
Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island Have Added Naturopathic Medicine as a Regulated Healthcare Practice. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. October 8, 2017.

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October 4, 2017

Science & Research
Pycnogenol joint health benefits illuminated in unique trial. NutraIngredients-USA. October 4, 2017.
Black tea may help with weight loss, too. Science Daily. October 4, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
An FDA-approved list of ‘old dietary ingredients’ may not be possible or responsible, warn stakeholders. NutraIngredients-USA. October 4, 2017.
LifeScienceRisk expands Prop 65 coverage for more chemicals, tea. NutraIngredients-USA. October 2, 2017.
Editorial — Warning: Too many warning signs are bad for your health. The Los Angeles Times. September 30, 2017.
Officer's death intensifies scrutiny of herbal supplement. ABC News. October 1, 2017.
FDA Improves Access to Reports of Adverse Drug Reactions. Pharmaceutical Processing. September 29, 2017.
New Bill Would Make Supplements Eligible Under SNAP Benefits. WholeFoods Magazine. September 27, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Focus on Medicinal Marijuana: Navigating the path to commercialisation of cannabis-derived compounds. Lexology. October 4, 2017.
Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?: Research with Human Subjects to Start Next Year. Dope Magazine. October 4, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Carbon-14 Analysis and Dietary Supplements. Nutritional Outlook. October 3, 2017.
Natural tea and honey contaminants frequently underestimated, study finds. NutraIngredients. October 2, 2017.
Adulteration of proprietary Chinese medicines & health products poses severe health risks. EurekAlert! October 2, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Death of the pill? To bulk of consumers, 'dietary supplement' means powder or beverage. NutraIngredients-USA. October 4, 2017.
UNM is opening virtual doors to its plant collections. University of New Mexico News. October 4, 2017.
The Latest on Sleep, Relaxation, and Mood Ingredients for Dietary Supplements. Nutritional Outlook. October 2, 2017.
Skin Care’s Backlash Against Essential Oils. The New York Times Style Magazine. September 29, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Made in Hong Kong: the story of Po Chai Pills, ‘cure all’ medicine Chinese families have relied on for over 60 years. South China Morning Post. October 4, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
AHPA presents recommendations for pre-DSHEA dietary ingredient list. American Herbal Products Association. October 4, 2017.
Dietary Supplement Caucus Briefing Shines Light on Nutritional Intakes of US Adults. Council for Responsible Nutrition. October 3, 2017.
Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, on the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) and new search tool. US Food & Drug Administration. October 2, 2017.

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September 28, 2017

Science & Research
Green tea power? Lowering caffeine may enhance anti-stress properties. NutraIngredients-USA. September 28, 2017.
More coffee please: Coffee could halve mortality rates for HIV and HCV patients. NutraIngredients. September 27, 2017.
Ayahuasca may have potential to treat eating disorders, scientists claim. EFox News. September 27, 2017.
Chilli chemicals may heat up your metabolism. NutraIngredients. September 27, 2017.
Can stevia help treat metabolic syndrome? EurekAlert! September 25, 2017.
Polyphenol blend may boost post-exercise recovery: RCT. NutraIngredients. September 21, 2017.
Pill Paradox: Students Investigate Science of Supplements. Davidson College News. September 21, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
European agencies highlight high levels and banned substances in supplements. NutraIngredients. September 28, 2017.
The State of FDA’s Office of Dietary Supplement Programs. Natural Products Insider. September 25, 2017.

Community & Industry
DNA botanical testing focus of Indena, NHP alliance & Hyris pact. NutraIngredients. September 26, 2017.
Facing criticism, UC Irvine scrubs 'homeopathy' from its roster of offered treatments. The Los Angeles Times. September 25, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Cancerous toxins linked to cannabis extract. Science Daily. September 26, 2017.
Why Medical Marijuana Research Is Gaining Support From the GOP. Rolling Stone. September 22, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Unilever's Lipton tea introduces new wellness line. Food Drink & Franchise. September 28, 2017.
Michigan pet hospital to test Chinese herbal medicine on dogs with cancer. Detroit Free Press. September 22, 2017.
Caperitif, a forgotten aperitif from South Africa, is back after 100 years. Chicago Tribune. September 8, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
To Keep Native Medicinal Knowledge Alive, Leaders Organize Plant Walks. Vermont Public Radio. September 28, 2017.
Botanic gardens 'best hope' for saving endangered plants. BBC News. September 26, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Article trashing TCM based on faulty notions of the sacrosanct nature of Western medicine, expert asserts. NutraIngredients-USA. September 26, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
BRIT and TCU Sign Education and Research Memorandum Of Agreement. Botanical Research Institute of Texas. September 25, 2017.
Ecuadorians disproportionately select non-native plants for medicinal use says UH-led study. University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. September 25, 2017.
GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences Establishes the Office of Integrative Medicine and Health. George Washington University. September 21, 2017.

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September 21, 2017

Science & Research
Polyphenol blend may boost post-exercise recovery: RCT. NutraIngredients-USA. September 21, 2017.
Ensuring broccoli sprouts retain their cancer-fighting compounds. EurekAlert! September 20, 2017.
Comprehensive meta-analysis affirms cranberries' role in promoting a healthy urinary tract. EurekAlert! September 19, 2017.
Connecting plants and society: The Shenzhen Declaration, a new roadmap for plant sciences. September 18, 2017.
Combined treatment of TCM and modern medicine effective in treating liver cirrhosis. ECNS. September 18, 2017.
Black gold? Rhizome extract said to have anti-ageing and anti-diabetic effects. NutraIngredients. September 15, 2017.
New study sheds light on mysterious plant compounds. Cornell Chronicle. September 14, 2017.
Scientists Looking to Synthesize Salvia for Medicine. September 12, 2017.
Virginia Tech biochemists dip into the health benefits of olives and olive oil. EurekAlert! September 12, 2017.
Could more coffee lead to a longer life? Researchers think so. NutraIngredients-USA. September 12, 2017.
No, The Voynich Manuscript Hasn’t Been Decoded. Here’s Why These Failures Persist. Forward. September 12, 2017.
How We’re Creating ‘Super Plants’ to Help Humanity. BBC News. September 12, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Young Living fined for using illegally sourced essential oils, highlighting issue of supply chain transparency. NutraIngredients-USA. September 20, 2017.
FDA to Hold Public Meeting to Discuss Developing a List of Pre-DSHEA Dietary Ingredients. The National Law Review. September 12, 2017.

Community & Industry
Self-Regulation, in Life and Industry, Keeps Us on Track to Success. Natural Products Insider. September 21, 2017.
Dislocations caused by Irma expected to affect saw palmetto production. NutraIngredients-USA. September 20, 2017.
The Supplement OWL seeks to improve transparency. NutraIngredients-USA. September 14, 2017.
Herbal medics reach out to help hurricane victims. KHOU. September 8, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Northern Michigan University The First In US To Train Undergrads For Marijuana Industry. CBS Detroit. September 21, 2017.
Sri Lanka Wants To Export Cannabis to the US. Cannabis Now. September 20, 2017.
Future of legalized cannabis focus of expert panel discussion in cannabis journal. EurekAlert! September 19, 2017.
University of Maryland pharmacy school cancels plans to train medical marijuana workers. The Baltimore Sun. September 18, 2017.
Medical students not trained to prescribe medical marijuana. EurekAlert! September 15, 2017.
Two years later, ill Texans still haven't been able to legally use cannabidiol. The Houston Chronicle. September 15, 2017.
Orrin Hatch Hails the Benefits Of Medical Marijuana. Huffington Post. September 13, 2017.
Cannabis Goes to College: Now You Can Study Weed. Jane Street. September 11, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
1,000-Year-Old Illustrated Manuscript of Herbal Remedies Available Online. My Modern Met. September 20, 2017.
This Once-Obscure Fruit Is On Its Way To Becoming PawPaw-Pawpular. NPR. September 15, 2017.
With Ginseng Festival, Wisconsin Growers Aim to Cultivate Broader Taste for Root. Voice of America. September 13, 2017.
WHO Encourages Tea Drinking for a New Generation. World Tea News. September 11, 2017.

Trends & Technology
The four key health concerns driving Chinese consumers to spend more on functional foods. FoodNavigator-Asia. September 14, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Researchers find there are at least 14,003 plant types in Amazon basin. September 19, 2017.
Some good news about global warming for once — plants are speeding up their use of carbon. The Washington Post. September 14, 2017.
Protecting the 'mountain gold,' Virginia cracks down on illegal ginseng harvesting. WSLS. September 13, 2017.
The great nutrient collapse. Politico. September 13, 2017.
Scientists: Future of oldest tree species on Earth in peril. The Chicago Tribune. September 13, 2017.
CU Boulder to create digital archive of 1.7 million Rocky Mountain botanical specimens. September 13, 2017.
Farmers to Grow Medicinal Plants on Mined-out Lands. Jamaica Social Investment Fund. September 8, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Traditional medicine courses rolled out in Chinese schools as 12-year-olds learn acupuncture. The Telegraph. September 14, 2017.
Border Medicine: Doctors, Disease, and Health Seekers in LA. KCET. September 12, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Federal agencies partner for military and veteran pain management research. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. September 20, 2017.
UCI receives $200 million gift to name College of Health Sciences and launch major integrative health initiative. University of California, Irvine. September 18, 2017.
No Longer a Best Guess: NYBG Scientists and International Researchers Produce the First Scientifically Vetted Catalog of Known Plant Species in Amazonia. New York Botanical Garden. September 18, 2017.
NUHS students network and gain new insights at integrative medicine conference for underserved. National University of Health Sciences. September 18, 2017.
Essential Oils Company Sentenced for Lacey Act and Endangered Species Act Violations to Pay $760,000 in Fines, Forfeiture, and Community Service, and to Implement a Comprehensive Compliance Plan. US Department of Justice. September 18, 2017.
Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., about crops impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and FDA’s work with farmers affected by the storms. US Food and Drug Administration. September 14, 2017..
Once-abundant ash tree and antelope species face extinction – IUCN Red List. International Union for the Conservation of Nature. September 14, 2017.
WHO holds third consultation on quality control of herbal medicines in Hong Kong. The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. September 4, 2017.

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September 11, 2017

Science & Research
Polyphenols may enhance endurance, delay time to exhaustion. NutraIngredients-USA. September 11, 2017.
Has a Mysterious Medieval Code Really Been Solved? The Atlantic. September 10, 2017.
U of L researcher studying prairie plants for medicinal purposes. Lethbridge Herald. September 6, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
FDA’s plan to engage the public in the agency’s new effort to strengthen and modernize FDA’s regulatory framework. FDA Voice. September 7, 2017.
Amazon Contributes to Surge in NDINs, FDA Finds Many Incomplete, Not Supplements. Natural Products Insider. September 1, 2017.

Community & Industry
Unilever adds Pukka Herbs to portfolio as part of ethical product drive. NutraIngredients. September 11, 2017.
Pukka tea firm vows to stay ethical as PG Tips owner takes it over. The Guardian. September 7, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Looking at cannabis as art. The Washington Post. September 10, 2017.
Editorial: Trump and Sessions are ignoring voters' overwhelming support for medical marijuana. Will Congress listen? The Los Angeles Times. September 9, 2017.
Medical marijuana will soon be growing in Texas. Here’s who can use it. Fort Worth Star-Telegram. September 8, 2017.
The Many States of Industrial Hemp. Natural Products Insider. September 7, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
The Mystery of the Lost Roman Herb. BBC News. September 7, 2017.
The Value of Adaptogenic Herbs. Natural Products Insider. September 6, 2017.
The Unlikely Medical History of Chocolate Syrup. Smithsonian Magazine. September 6, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Ayurvedic herbs’ rise continues as turmeric & ashwagandha post big YOY growth. NutraIngredients-USA. September 11, 2017.
Ayurvedic Supplements See Skyrocketing Demand. Nutritional Outlook. September 7, 2017.
For personalization know-how, seek out a practicing herbalist. NutraIngredients-USA. September 7, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Seeding the Future? ‘Ark’ Preserves Rare, Threatened Plants. WTOP. September 10, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Governor Raimondo Signs Bill to License Naturopathic Doctors in Rhode Island. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. September 11, 2017.
The Future of Ginseng, growing ginseng, harvesting ginseng, market and habitat research. United Plant Savers. September 8, 2017.
House Committee Blocks Vote to Protect Medical Cannabis Patients. Americans for Safe Access. September 7, 2017.
World Coffee Research Launches WCR Verified Certification for Coffee Producers. NSF International. September 7, 2017.

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September 6, 2017

Science & Research
Scientific study review presents health promoting potential of mangoes. EurekAlert! September 6, 2017.
Rooibos tea drinkers less likely to suffer from heart disease. Eyewitness News. September 5, 2017.
Rosemary-daylily combination debuts as cognitive support aid. NutraIngredients-USA. September 5, 2017.
UP researcher uncovers benefits of African plants. Pretoria East Rekord. September 4, 2017.
Patented Bitter Orange Extract Suppresses Appetite in New Study. Nutritional Outlook. September 1, 2017.
New Nutrition Study Changes Nothing. The Atlantic. September 1, 2017.
Cocoa flavanols may protect against diabetes: Study. NutraIngredients. August 31, 2017.
Traditional Chinese Medicine Opens New Path to Treatment of Bone Loss. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. August 29, 2017.
Oregano Infused Honey? — Chromatography Investigates Health Benefits for Bees. Chromatography Today. August 29, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
What Role Can Dietary Supplements Play in Healthcare Reform? Nutritional Outlook. September 5, 2017.
Stricter South African regulation of supplements leaves industry ‘in a rut’. NutraIngredients. September 5, 2017.
New Australia supplement laws edge closer with publication of draft bill. NutraIngredients. September 4, 2017.
NHS plans to stop doctors prescribing thousands of 'low priority' treatments. The Bath Chronicle. September 3, 2017.
Bog Bilberry recognized as new dietary ingredient for US market. NutraIngredients-USA. August 30, 2017.

Community & Industry
Transparency is making headway — but is it enough? NutraIngredients-USA. September 5, 2017.
How To Sell Without Selling Out And Buy Without Burying The Brand. Forbes. September 4, 2017.
Hurricane Harvey: Industry steps up to provide aid during recovery. NutraIngredients-USA. September 1, 2017.
New Agriculture School teaching garden plans finalize. The Plainsman. August 31, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Nebraska Attorney General Says CBD Sales in State Illegal. Oregon Cannabis Connection. September 6, 2017.
Challenges towards Revitalizing Hemp: A Multifaceted Crop. Trends in Plant Science. September 5, 2017.
More and more US universities are adding ‘cannabis classes’ to their syllabuses. Metro. September 5, 2017.
American Universities Offering Cannabis Classes This Fall. Forbes. September 2, 2017.
The Rise (& Risk?) of Chinese Hemp. Cannabis Now. September 2, 2017.
Maryland’s medical marijuana is finally growing. The Washington Post. September 2, 2017.
North Texas Experts Explore the Cannabis ‘Green Rush’. D Magazine. September 1, 2017.
Texas issues first medical marijuana license; two more on tap. The Austin American-Statesman. September 1, 2017.
CU Museum of Natural History exhibit takes detailed look at marijuana plant. Daily Camera. August 31, 2017.
What’s Driving Hemp CBD Growth? Nutritional Outlook. August 29, 2017.
China, the world's cannabis powerhouse. The New Zealand Herald. August 29, 2017.
Why the Elderly Are the Fastest-Growing Pot Demographic in the US. Men’s Journal. August 29, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
The Man Bringing Tel Aviv's Soda Tradition Back to Life. Haaertz. September 6, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Botanical Transparency: How DNA technology can complement traditional identity tests. NutraIngredients-USA. September 5, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Ruby chocolate a fourth category 'naturally colored' from cocoa, says Barry Callebaut CEO. ConfectioneryNews. September 6, 2017.
Med Schools Adding Integrative Medicine Courses. US News & World Report. September 5, 2017.
Adaptogens: Natural Allies Help Neutralize the Effects of Stress and Fatigue. Natural Products Insider. September 5, 2017.
Korean medicine is the next best sports medicine tool. Korea Times. September 4, 2017.
What next for coconut’s millennial appeal? FoodNavigator. September 1, 2017.
Personalized Nutrition: Hype or Hope? Nutritional Outlook. August 31, 2017.
Move over, PSL: Starbucks just unveiled a turmeric latte. Well + Good. August 31, 2017.
Top Heart Health Ingredients and Trends, Today and Tomorrow. Natural Products Insider. August 29, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Washington U., St. Louis Zoo and Missouri Botanical Garden team up to tackle conservation. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. September 6, 2017.
Researchers study impact of medicinal plant’s harvest in San Juan National Forest. The Durango Herald. September 1, 2017.
Making environmental conservation gainful for local communities in Burundi. Bird Life International. August 31, 2017.
Expanding tropical forest spells disaster for conservation. EurekAlert! August 30, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
China Breakthroughs: Reaching high plateaus in advances and cures for Tibetan Medicine. September 6, 2017.
Call for 2020 Chinese Pharmacopoeia to radically raise standards. The Pharma Letter. September 5, 2017.
Why China’s traditional medicine boom is dangerous. The Economist. August 31, 2017.
For Navajos, Desert 'Tea' Fosters Kinship With Heritage And Nature. NPR. August 29, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
International Award of Excellence in Conservation Gala. Botanical Research Institute of Texas. September 6, 2017.
Global public health organization showcases services for Canada’s growing and fast-changing food industry. NSF International. September 6, 2017.
UM Cancer Institute Researchers Receive International Recognition. University of Mississippi. September 5, 2017.
Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate Upcoming activities: Aug to Dec 2017. Health Canada. September 1, 2017.
USP recognized as a leader in medicines quality and supply chain integrity by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation. US Pharmacopeia. August 31, 2017.
Wild plants hit the headlines during “FairWild Week”. TRAFFIC. August 29, 2017.
NUNM School of Graduate Studies to Launch Master of Science in Ayurveda. National University of Natural Medicine. August 28, 2017.
Statement on the retirement of Dr. Josie Briggs. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. August 10, 2017.

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August 29, 2017

Science & Research
Compounds in cocoa may help delay onset of type 2 diabetes. EurekAlert! August 28, 2017.
Studies explore the potential benefits of red raspberries. EurekAlert! August 24, 2017.
New research examines avocados' potential impact on cognitive health in older adults. EurekAlert! August 24, 2017.
Cinnamon supplements alleviate metabolic syndrome in Asian Indians: RCT. NutraIngredients-Asia. August 23, 2017.
Omega-3 supplements may slash cardiac death risk: Meta-analysis. NutraIngredients. August 23, 2017.
Cocoa flavanol sports nutrition credentials dented: Effect on cyclists ‘minimal’. NutraIngredients. August 23, 2017.
How humans and their gut microbes may respond to plant hormones. Science Daily. August 22, 2017.
Harvard-Osher integrative medicine's mind-body partnership with JACM. EurekAlert! August 21, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Kava bar ban in Lighthouse Point faces new legal challenge. South Florida Sun Sentinel. August 14, 2017.
Hey Siri, tell me about self-regulation. NutraIngredients-USA. August 23, 2017.

Community & Industry
Alaska Rhodiola harvest ramps up to bring US-sourced raw material to market. NutraIngredients-USA. August 25, 2017.
Should botanical medicine be a formal veterinary specialty? VIN News Service. August 25, 2017.
FDA: Friend, Not Foe to Dietary Supplement Industry. Nutritional Outlook. August 23, 2017.
UA integrative medicine residency program flourishes. EurekAlert! August 23, 2017.
Online curriculum could boost supplement knowledge among doctors, paper finds. NutraIngredients-USA. August 23, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Colorado Health Officials to Regulate CBD Foods, Fill Gap in FDA Oversight. Natural Products Insider. August 25, 2017.
How the Booming Israeli Weed Industry Is Changing American Pot. Rolling Stone. August 24, 2017.
Medical cannabis group asks Abbott to expand dispensary licenses. Houston Chronicle. August 22, 2017.
The science of high-potency cannabis. BBC News. August 21, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Is Turmeric Actually Good For You? Here's What You Need to Know. Men’s Health. August 25, 2017.
Cinnamon: Pantry staple -- and medical powerhouse? CNN. August 24, 2017.
7 Essential Oils You Should Try for a Good Night’s Sleep (and 3 to Avoid). Reader’s Digest. August 21, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Brain-boosting functional foods are set to go mainstream. August 24, 2017.
The soul of the rose. BBC News. August 23, 2017.
DNA identification method that can work on extracts detailed in study. NutraIngredients-USA. August 22, 2017.
An Evolving Consumer Landscape for Dietary Supplements. Nutritional Outlook. August 22, 2017.
Consumers Redefining Dietary Supplement Categories. Nutritional Outlook. August 22, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Endangered science collection moves to North Texas. WFAA. August 23, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
How One Company Brought Traditional Chinese Medicine To The Modern World And Made Billions. Forbes. August 23, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Maryland University of Integrative Health Online Courses Awarded Quality Matters Certification. Maryland University of Integrative Health. August 23, 2017.
Three Dietary Supplement Marketers Settle FTC, Maine AG Charges. Federal Trade Commission. August 23, 2017.
Into the wild for plant genetics. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. August 21, 2017.
NCNPR Director Named Honorary Member of Pharmacognosy Society. Ole Miss. August 18, 2017.

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August 22, 2017

Science & Research
Licorice is a hot trend in hot flashes, but could interact with medications. EurekAlert! August 21, 2017.
From Tradition to Science: Herbs and Your Immune System. WholeFoods Magazine. August 21, 2017.
Burnt out? Rhodiola rosea supplements may help, says new study. NutraIngredients-USA. August 18, 2017.
CU Anschutz and UC San Diego researchers find creosote bush could treat deadly infections. EurekAlert! August 16, 2017.
2017 Garlic Research Update. Nutritional Outlook. August 15, 2017.
Using alternative medicine only for cancer linked to lower survival rate. EurekAlert! August 10, 2017.
Ginkgo may enhance performance, boost brain health for active men. NutraIngredients-USA. August 9, 2017.
Researcher Claims that the Voynich Manuscript Was Compiled in the Morichal Swamps of Venezuela. PR Web. August 8, 2017.
Supplementation with Capsicum Extract Helps Increase Metabolic Rate. Nutraceuticals World. August 8, 2017.
New study shows supplementation of capsicum extract helps increase metabolic rate. EurekAlert! August 7, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Taking a closer look at health claims for turmeric. Santa Fe New Mexican. August 21, 2017.
Is 2017 a Better Year for Dietary Supplements than 1998? Nutritional Outlook. August 18, 2017.
FDA Supplement Chief: Pre-DSHEA List Won’t Hamstring Agency. Natural Product Insider. August 18, 2017.
Disagreement about carotenoid research raises again the question of what ‘natural’ means. NutraIngredients-USA. August 17, 2017.

Community & Industry
Saying goodbye to ORAC was a good thing for industry, suppliers say. NutraIngredients-USA. August 18, 2017.
UNPA’s Loren Israelsen and Frank Lampe Join Integrative Medicine Advisory Boards. Nutraceuticals World. August 15, 2017.
Free Best Practices Tools from AHPA Benefit Both Herbal Industry Suppliers and Buyers. Nutritional Outlook. August 10, 2017.
Sabinsa takes lead to establish Global Curcumin Association. NutraIngredients-USA. August 9, 2017.
‘Legend’ Stanley Jacobson Passes; Helped Create DSHEA. WholeFoods Magazine. August 7, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Marijuana politics emerge as 2020 flash point. Politico. August 13, 2017.
Sessions’ Marijuana Crackdown May Still Be Coming. Slate. August 7, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Is North American Quinoa Finally Here? Nutritional Outlook. August 21, 2017.
Artificial intelligence identifies plant species for science. Nature. August 11, 2017.
Nutricosmetic sector has mush room for fungi-based topical formulations, study thinks. NutraIngredients-USA. August 8, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Why traditional Chinese and Indian ayurvedic medicine can’t compete with Western drugs. South China Morning Post. August 18, 2017.
Plant used in Native American medicine may be stronger than modern drugs, CU study finds. The Denver Channel. August 16, 2017.
Hong Kong Hospital Authority is right to back Chinese medicine as flu treatment. South China Morning Post. August 8, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Champions of sustainability for wild plant harvesting unite during first ever “FairWild Week”. TRAFFIC. August 21, 2017.
Into the wild for plant genetics. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. August 21, 2017.
FDA warns of potential contamination in multiple brands of drugs, dietary supplements. US Food & Drug Administration. August 11, 2017.
NSF International and Diao Yu Tai Partner to Develop Functional Product Standard in China. NSF International. August 10, 2017.
New FairWild certification project brings sustainable and ethical baobab to the market. TRAFFIC. August 9, 2017.
MUIH to Open School of Naturopathic Medicine in Fall 2018. Maryland University of Integrative Health. August 9, 2017.
AHPA encourages submission of supplement labels to online databases. American Herbal Products Association. August 8, 2017.
Susan Mazer receives the John C. Pritzlaff Conservation Award from the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. University of California, Santa Barbara. June 29, 2017.

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August 7, 2017

Science & Research
Herbal medicine shows potential to treat cancer. EurekAlert! August 6, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Rep. Mia Love joins changing leadership ranks of Dietary Supplement Caucus. NutraIngredients-USA. August 7, 2017.
FDA Links Naturopathic Turmeric Death To Contaminated Product. Forbes. August 5, 2017.

Community & Industry
Industry pays tribute to Bill Brevoort's 'remarkable life'. NutraIngredients-USA. August 4, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Family hopes marijuana compound will stop child's seizures. USA Today. August 5, 2017.
Why the U.S. Made Marijuana Illegal. History Channel. August 4, 2017.
Medical marijuana uptake hinges on physician training, best practices. Healio. August 3, 2017.
Is There a Medical Cannabis Crisis Brewing in Germany? Cannabis Industry Journal. August 3, 2017.
The Cutting Edge of Marijuana Medical Research Will Leave You Wondering What It Can't Help Cure. AlterNet. August 2, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
For Cosmetics, Let the Buyer Beware. The New York Times. August 7, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Ole Miss adds training classes to help close gap in industry. NutraIngredients-USA. August 4, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Recognition of brain-nutrition connection needed for better brain health outcomes. New Hope Network. August 2, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Medicine in your backyard: How Indigenous peoples have used medicinal plants. CBC News. August 6, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
ACHS Blog Named One of the Best Holistic Health Blogs of 2017. American College of Healthcare Sciences. August 4, 2017.
Massachusetts Medical Society Promotes Cannabis Education for Medical Professionals, Patient Advocates Hail Effort as a Huge Step Forward. Americans for Safe Access. August 1, 2017.
New Study Ignores Superior Safety Record of Dietary Supplements Compared to other FDA Regulated Products. Natural Products Association. July 26, 2017.

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August 3, 2017

Science & Research
Cochrane review that belittled carotenoids' role in slowing AMD didn't value AREDS II result highly enough, researchers say. NutraIngredients-USA. August 3, 2017.
Pomegranate juice aids recovery in weightlifters: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. August 2, 2017.
2017 Cocoa Research Update. Nutritional Outlook. August 2, 2017.
Bitter Orange Extract: Still safe, researcher reasserts in new review. NutraIngredients-USA. August 1, 2017.
Capitalize on African biodiversity. Nature. August 2, 2017.
Revealed: The First Flower, 140-million Years Old, Looked Like a Magnolia. Scientific American. August 1, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Congresswoman from Utah Steps up as Co-Chair of Dietary Supplement Caucus. Natural Products Insider. August 1, 2017.
Don’t confuse drugs and supplements: French authorities warn. NutraIngredients. August 1, 2017.
FDA and FTC Send Important Signal to Dietary Supplement Industry. Lexology. July 31, 2017.
Walmart, Target Settle Herbal Supplements Class Action Litigation. Natural Products Insider. July 26, 2017.

Community & Industry
AHPA launches GACP-GMP resource center. NutraIngredients-USA. August 3, 2017.
CRN official finds common ground with author of series of articles attacking industry. NutraIngredients-USA. August 2, 2017.
Bastyr University president to step down due to health concerns. Bothell Reporter. July 27, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Survey: Nearly Half Of People Who Use Cannabidiol Products Stop Taking Traditional Medicines. Forbes. August 2, 2017.
What's the big deal with legal pot? No one knows yet. USA Today. July 31, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Just 22 Percent Of Common Traditional Chinese Medicine Found To Include Ingredients Listed. IFLScience. August 2, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Adaptogens for a Stressful World. Natural Products Insider. July 28, 2017.
Can Strawberry Seeds Be Used as Food Supplements? Chromatography Today. July 28, 2017.
Natural Ingredients for Weight Management. Natural Products Insider. July 27, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Singapore government to fund traditional Chinese medicine development. ECNS. August 2, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
“FairWild Week” to champion sustainable wild plant harvesting. TRAFFIC. August 2, 2017.
AHPA Launches GACP-GMP Assessment Program. American Herbal Products Association. August 2, 2017.

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July 28, 2017

Science & Research
Plant scientists plan massive effort to sequence 10,000 genomes. Science. July 27, 2017.
Fenugreek seed extract may reduce menopausal symptoms, says new study. NutraIngredients-USA. July 27, 2017.
Plant-Derived Drug Shows Powerful Ability to Eliminate Zika Virus Infection from Brain Cells. Weill Cornell Medicine News. July 27, 2017.
Scientists Find Sunscreen Potential in Antarctic Plants. Reuters. July 26, 2017.
Clemson professor’s research tackles contaminated dietary supplements’ impact on athletes. The Newsstand. July 26, 2017.
Lutein may counter cognitive aging, study finds. EurekAlert! July 25, 2017.
High-beta-glucan barley aids weight loss and fat reduction: Japan RCT. NutraIngredients. July 25, 2017.
Study on calls to poison control centers overstates risk, experts say. NutraIngredients-USA. July 25, 2017.
Calls to poison centers about supplements up 50%, especially among kids. CNN. July 24, 2017.
Researching the Mystery of IBS. Bastyr University News. July 24, 2017.
Coffee consumption a counter to sarcopenia in elderly men: Korean study. NutraIngredients. July 19, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
FTC, FDA ask consumers directly for help on policing claims, reporting adverse events. NutraIngredients-USA. July 27, 2017.
Walmart, Target Settle Herbal Supplements Class Action Litigation. Natural Products Insider. July 26, 2017.
DSHEA Expert Says FDA’s “Misreading” of the Term “Dietary Substance” in NDI Draft Guidance Is Biggest Hurdle for Synthetic Botanicals, Probiotics. Nutritional Outlook. July 21, 2017.
'A misuse of scarce funds': NHS to end prescription of homeopathic remedies. The Guardian. July 21, 2017.

Cannabis Update
DEA solicited applications to grow marijuana for research. It hasn’t approved one. STAT. July 24, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
How Endurance Athletes Use Herbal Supplements to Get an Edge. Outside. July 25, 2017.
Interpreting Supplement News. WholeFoods Magazine. July 21, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Mintel: German superfood launches increasing rapidly. Ingredients Network. July 27, 2017.
Renewed Perspectives on Herbal & Traditional Products. Nutraceuticals World. July 5, 2017.
Reviewing the State of the Herbs & Botanicals Market. Nutraceuticals World. July 5, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
The Environmental Impact of Essential Oils. Earth Island Journal. July 26, 2017.
Ban On Ginseng Harvest Extended On National Forest Lands. LEX18 Lexington. July 25, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
China and India File Rival Claims Over Tibetan Medicine. The New York Times. July 27, 2017.
Hong Kong’s Chinese medicine doctors ‘could help during flu crisis’. South China Morning Post. July 25, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Supplement OWL Honored with ASAE Power of A Silver Award. Council for Responsible Nutrition. July 26, 2017.
New Study Ignores Superior Safety Record of Dietary Supplements Compared to other FDA Regulated Products. Natural Products Association. July 26, 2017.
NUNM Names New ND Leadership: Shehab El-Hashemy, ND. National University of Natural Medicine. July 25, 2017.
The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Announces New Executive Director. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. July 24, 2017.
Bastyr Grad Becomes First Student to Receive AANP President's Award. Bastyr University. July 24, 2017.
Three Ranch-Related Organizations To Receive BRIT’s International Conservation Award. Botanical Research Institute of Texas. July 24, 2017.
Botanical Society of America and Wiley Confirm New Publishing Partnership. Wiley. July 26, 2017.

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July 21, 2017

Science & Research
Potent Red Clover isoflavone-probiotic mix combine to ease menopausal signs: Study. NutraIngredients. July 19, 2017.
Using omega 3 fatty acids to treat Alzheimer's & other diseases? EurekAlert! July 18, 2017.
Study Finds Boswellia Helps Control IBS. Nutraceuticals World. July 14, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
In FY16, FDA Objected to Fewer Dietary Supplement Ingredient Notices. Natural Products Insider. July 10, 2017.
Natural health product regulation in Canada needs to go further to protect consumers. EurekAlert! June 26, 2017.

Community & Industry
Veterinary Botanical Medicine Specialty Seeks Recognition. American Veterinarian. July 19, 2017.
Odd pieces and serious resources combine to make the Lloyd Library a destination Downtown. WCPO Cincinnati. July 15, 2017.
Bastyr unveils new teaching greenhouse. Bothell-Kenmore Reporter. June 30, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Cannabinoids may be responsible for omega-3 anti-inflammatory effect: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. July 20, 2017.
Cancer and Kids: Is Medical Marijuana the Answer? Newsweek. July 18, 2017.
Medicinal and recreational cannabis should be separate, say researchers. CBC News. July 17, 2017.
States Keep Saying Yes to Marijuana Use. Now Comes the Federal No. The New York Times. July 15, 2017.
Cannabis Root Deserves A Spot In Your Medicine Cabinet. Jane Street. July 14, 2017.
Cannabis Lawyer: Regulation Gives Public Confidence in Industry. Natural Products Insider. July 14, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Prescribe yourself meadowsweet, a horticultural miracle cure. The Guardian. July 16, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
ConsumerLab Finds Cadmium Contamination in Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Powders. Nutraceuticals World. July 19, 2017.
Saw Palmetto Adulteration Found in Six Suppliers. Natural Products Insider. July 11, 2017.

Trends & Technology
What’s New in Superfruits: Jackfruit, Baobab, Graviola, and Dragonfruit. Nutritional Outlook. July 19, 2017.
Data show botanicals are best selling category of supplements. NutraIngredients-USA. July 14, 2017.
The top ingredients for cognition, focus & mood. NutraIngredients-USA. July 14, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Preserving Life: Twenty Important Seed-Saving Initiatives. Food Tank. July 20, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Former President Of Fort Myers Dietary Supplement Company Sentenced To Prison For Misbranded Food. US Department of Justice. July 18, 2017.
CRN Announces Agenda for The Workshop: CRN's Day of Science 2017. Council for Responsible Nutrition. July 18, 2017.
Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) Upcoming activities. Health Canada. July 14, 2017.
Kew Science Festival 2017. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. July 12, 2017.
Historic Camp E-Mun-Talee Land Purchased for Herbal Medicine School and Conference Center. The Conservation Fund. July 6, 2017.

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July 12, 2017

Science & Research
HKBU publishes recommendation for reporting clinical trials with Chinese herbal medicine formulas. MIMS. July 10, 2017.
Systematic reviews backing efficacy of botanical ingredients continue to pile up, expert says. NutraIngredients-USA. July 10, 2017.
Food scientists find cranberries may aid the gut microbiome. EurekAlert! July 10, 2017.
Coffee and anti-ageing: Consumption 'contributes to the prevention' of age-related diseases. NutraIngredients-Asia. July 10, 2017.
Lutein and zeaxanthin isomers benefits during high screen exposure. EurekAlert! July 10, 2017.
Massive Database of 182,000 Leaves Is Helping Predict Plant Family Trees. Scientific American. July 8, 2017.
Bilberry extract may bring tears to your eyes. NutraIngredients. July 5, 2017.
Author of mysterious Voynich manuscript was Italian Jew, says scholar. The Guardian. July 5, 2017.
Researchers Find Wide Range of Monacolin K in Red Yeast Rice Supplements. Natural Products Insider. July 5, 2017.
Scientists are studying chimpanzee food as a way to treat human diseases, including cancer. Quartz. July 4, 2017.
Food based carotenoids may lower lung cancer risk: Study. NutraIngredients. July 4, 2017.
Could coffee curb cognitive disorders? NutraIngredients. July 4, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
EU Commission targets online supplement sales with new control plans. NutraIngredients. July 10, 2017.
Latin American regulation harmonization bodes well for food importation prospects, consultant says. FoodNavigator-USA. July 6, 2017.

Cannabis Update
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy takes on training for medical marijuana. The Baltimore Sun. July 9, 2017.
DEA: Hemp Industry Had No Right to Challenge ‘Marijuana Extract’ Rule. Natural Products Insider. July 6, 2017.
The Rise of CBD. Seattle Weekly. July 5, 2017.
Pot with patents could plant the seeds of future lawsuits. The Conversation. July 4, 2017.
Fighting for medical marijuana amid Duterte's drug war. Al Jazeera. July 4, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Red yeast rice product analysis misstates GMP issue, consultant asserts. NutraIngredients-USA. July 10, 2017.
Jiaherb Introduces HerbaLink Botanical Traceability Program. Nutraceuticals World. July 5, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Millennials Are Breaking Health Myths At A Rapid Pace: Here's How. Forbes. July 10, 2017.
The fundamental importance of mass spectrometry to our food. New Food. July 10, 2017.
The Newest Food Fad is Superfood-Infused Drinks. Outside. July 10, 2017.
Coconut oil: are the health benefits a big fat lie? The Guardian. July 9, 2017.
Singapore seeks to level playing field for SMEs to tap into functional foods trend. FoodNavigator-Asia. July 5, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Indigenous knowledge Helps Scientists To Assess Climate Change. Forbes. July 5, 2017.
Bandits Are Stealing a Rare Tea from Greece's Mountains. Food & Wine. July 5, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Malaysia’s traditional Chinese medicine practitioners support use of alternatives to threatened wildlife. TRAFFIC. July 9, 2017.
Indigenous botanicals: $1.25 million project to study and commercialise Aboriginal plant-based products. NutraIngredients-Asia. July 6, 2017.
Tripping on Peyote in Navajo Nation. Scientific American. July 5, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Fulbright scholar to study plant use in Colombia. University of Illinois at Chicago. July 10, 2017.
The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Expected to Break Record for Attendees at Upcoming Annual Convention. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. July 7, 2017.

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July 3, 2017

Science & Research
Frequent coffee and herbal tea consumption linked to lower liver stiffness. The Clinical Advisor. July 3, 2017.
Spearmint extract may enhance reaction time, focus and agility: Human data. NutraIngredients-USA. June 30, 2017.
Brain-impaired elderly subjects appear to most benefit from cocoa flavanols: Review. NutraIngredients-USA. June 30, 2017.
Zoning in on specifics of Mediterranean diet for colorectal health. EurekAlert! June 30, 2017.
Saffron for postpartum depression treatment? New Hope Network. June 28, 2017.

Community & Industry
Homegrown Hong Kong: Eu Yan Sang’s 138-year journey making traditional Chinese medicine has been a bumpy one. South China Morning Post. July 2, 2017.
AHPA supports NIST in DNA testing program. NutraIngredients-USA. June 30, 2017.

Trends & Technology
MIT spin-off gets closer to launch of 3D printed supplements. NutraIngredients-USA. July 3, 2017.
Why acai berries probably won’t boost your sex drive or protect you from cancer. South China Morning Post. July 2, 2017.
Meet The Indiana Jones Of Ancient Ales And Extreme Beverages. NPR. June 30, 2017.
Pet vet: The potential benefits of curcumin for pets. Glenwood Springs Post Independent. June 30, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
On A Mission To Save Hawaii’s Most Endangered Native Plants From Extinction. Honolulu Civil Beat. July 3, 2017.
Looters Strip Greek Mountains of Wild Tea, Rare Plants. US News & World Report. July 2, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
New law sparks debate over future of traditional Chinese medicine. CNN. June 29, 2017.
Traditional Chinese medicine gaining popularity through modern approach. Xinhua. July 1, 2017

Community & Industry Releases
Botanical Research Institute of Texas Rescues Orphaned Herbarium at the University of Louisiana-Monroe. Botanical Research Institute of Texas. July 3, 2017.

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July 1, 2017

Science & Research
Cocoa and chocolate are not just treats -- they are good for your cognition. EurekAlert! June 29, 2017.
New Study Finds 30,000 Plant Species Are Used As Medicine Around World. Collective Evolution. June 29, 2017.
Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy Can Help Slow PF Progression, Study Finds. Lung Disease News. June 29, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
FDA Updates Industry About NDI Draft Guidance. WholeFoods Magazine. June 28, 2017.

Community & Industry
Where is the Dietary Supplement Industry Vulnerable? WholeFoods Magazine. June 29, 2017.
Soccer star makes case for supplements on Capitol Hill. NutraIngredients-USA. June 29, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Survey: Pain patients overwhelmingly prefer medical marijuana over opioids. Ars Technica. June 29, 2017.
LSU AgCenter to begin research on medical marijuana. The Daily Reveille. June 29, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
The War Against Goop Pseudoscience Is Good But It Shouldn’t Delegitimize All Alternative Medicine. Quartz. June 29, 2017.
How Does Red Yeast Rice Compare to Statins? The People’s Pharmacy. June 26, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Sixth Annual AHPA Botanical Congress. American Herbal Products Association. June 29, 2017.
CRN Commends AHPA for Proactive Efforts. Council for Responsible Nutrition. June 29, 2017.
AOA Conserves Premiere Medicinal Plant Sanctuary. Appalachia Ohio Alliance. June 20, 2017.
New Clinical Developments and Research Excellence Mark Continued Success for CCNM. Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges. June 9, 2017.

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June 28, 2017

Science & Research
African database catalogues untapped regional bioactive source. NutraIngredients. June 28, 2017.
Red yeast rice - Can it lower your bad cholesterol? USA Today. June 23, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Dietary Supplement Industry, FDA Reflect on Decade-Old Regulations. Natural Products Insider. June 27, 2017.
Supplements Boasting Memory-Boosting Benefits Might Just Be Bogus. Men’s Health. June 27, 2017.
Natural health product regulation in Canada needs to go further to protect consumers. EurekAlert! June 26, 2017.
Trade Group Seeks More Funds for FDA to Police Dietary Supplements. Natural Products Insider. June 26, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Cannabinoids as effective as pharmaceutical treatments for migraine attacks. NutraIngredients-Asia. June 28, 2017.
The Bespoke High Is the Future of Marijuana. The Atlantic. June 28, 2017.
Homeless Activist Using Medical Cannabis To Fight Addiction. Hoodline. June 28, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
This Floating Forest Is the Only Legal Place to Forage for Food in New York City. Atlas Obscura. June 28, 2017.
Testosterone Wars. The Atlantic. June 23, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Toxins: The Hidden Dangers of Makeup and Shampoo. TIME. June 26, 2017.

Trends & Technology
2017 Plant Protein Ingredient Update. Nutritional Outlook. June 26, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Dietary Supplement Caucus Briefing Features Celebrated US Soccer Player Christie Pearce, Focuses on Responsible Use of Supplements in Sport and Fitness. Council for Responsible Nutrition. June 28, 2017.
Planting the Future: Medicinal Plant Conservation in the Driftless Region. United Plant Savers. June 27, 2017.
Medical Cannabis Patient Advocacy Group Partners with University of Maryland School of Pharmacy to Expand Training Needs of Cannabis Industry. Americans for Safe Access. June 22, 2017.

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June 22, 2017

Science & Research
Curcumin-piperine combo may support heart health for diabetics: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. June 22, 2017.
Natural Medicines: What Is Their Role in Parkinson's Disease Management? Pharmacy Times. June 21, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Synthetic botanicals standoff likely to continue despite Georgia ruling. NutraIngredients-USA. June 22, 2017.
Which Took Longer: Harry Potter or GMPs? NutraIngredients-USA. June 22, 2017.

Community & Indutry
Dr. Andrew Weil Says We’re Taking Too Many Medicines. The New York Times. June 22, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Mexico Casually One-Ups U.S. By Legalizing Medicinal Marijuana. Forbes. June 21, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Don't Fall for the 'Memory' Pills Targeting Baby Boomers. WIRED. June 22, 2017.
For botanical supplements, sound science beats celebrity endorsements. NutraIngredients-USA. June 22, 2017.
These stunning plants all have one thing in common: A taste for blood. The Washington Post. June 22, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Traditional Tibetan medicine provides cost-effective alternatives. The Telegraph. June 22, 2017.
Standardisation helps integrate Eastern and Western medicine. The Telegraph. June 22, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Medical Cannabis Patient Advocacy Group Partners with University of Maryland School of Pharmacy to Expand Training Needs of Cannabis Industry. Americans for Safe Access. June 22, 2017.
Some Supplement Ingredients Can Hurt You. NSF International. June 22, 2017.
FDA Launches Accredited Third-Party Certification Site. US Food & Drug Administration. June 21, 2017.

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June 21, 2017

Science & Research
Anti-Alzheimer’s Compounds Found in Medicinal Plant Via New Drug Discovery Strategy. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. June 21, 2017.
Extra-virgin olive oil preserves memory, protects brain against Alzheimer's. Science Daily. June 21, 2017.
Potential Drug- and Herb-Drug Interactions Among Patients With Cancer. Cancer Therapy Advisor. June 20, 2017.
Stevia toxicity: New tests support high dose functional food and supplement use beyond sweetness. FoodNavigator-Asia. June 20, 2017.
Does roasting level affect the antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties of coffee beans? EurekAlert! June 19, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Dietary supplement industry promotes self-regulation, need for increased access on Capitol Hill. NutraIngredients-USA. June 21, 2017.

Community & Indutry
The Indian Companies Making The Leap For China's Promised Consumer Land. Forbes. June 21, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Memory-Supplement Consumers Need More Clarity on How Such Supplements Are Regulated, New GAO Report Says. Nutritional Outlook. June 20, 2017.
Botany: He made plants a profession. Nature. June 21, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Sancha Inchi: The Next Superfood from Colombia? The City Paper. June 21, 2017.
Fitness and Energy Supplements Continue to Gain Strength. WholeFoods Magazine. June 20, 2017.

Environemnt & Conservation
Ethiopia's Coffee Farmers Are 'On The Front Lines Of Climate Change'. NPR. June 19, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Prostate Cancer Research at Bastyr University. Bastyr University. June 20, 2017.
Naturopathic Medicine Treats Each Person Holistically to Establish Optimal Health. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. June 20, 2017.
NSF International Voices Support for the Supplement OWL. NSF International. June 20, 2017.
Action needed to safeguard Ethiopia’s climate-threatened coffee industry. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. June 20, 2017.
CRN Reflects on Positive Impacts of GMPs—10 Years Later: GMPs Protect Consumers and Level the Playing Field. Council for Responsible Nutrition. June 20, 2017.
FDA Should Shelve Unnecessary and Costly Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labeling Rule, Says NPA. Natural Products Association. June 19, 2017.
Medical Cannabis Advocates Call on Trump Administration to Use all Tools Available to Fight Opiate Crisis. Americans for Safe Access. June 16, 2017.

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June 19, 2017

Science & Research
Scientist hopes to sniff out cure for cancer in Alberta's wildflowers. CBC News. June 19, 2017.
Green tea-capsaicin-ginger combo linked to weight and metabolic improvements. NutraIngredients-USA. June 19, 2017.
Olive leaf extract favorably changes blood pressure, cholesterol: RCT data. NutraIngredients-USA. June 19, 2017.
Tea consumption could lead to increased disease risk in women: Study. NutraIngredients. June 19, 2017.
Plant compound more powerful than AZT against HIV. EurekAlert! June 14, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Are Physician Online Dietary Supplement Sales Legal? FON Consulting. June 17, 2017.
Memory Supplements: Clarifying FDA and FTC Roles Could Strengthen Oversight and Enhance Consumer Awareness. US Government Accountability Office. June 15, 2017.

Community & Indutry
The Amazon impact: Whole Foods acquisition changes the rules for entire natural products industry. New Hope Network. June 16, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Two medicinal cannabis trials to start. Australian Journal of Pharmacy. June 19, 2017.
The Surprising Effect of Marijuana Legalization on College Students. The Atlantic. June 16, 2017.
UK gets first publicly available dedicated cannabis research facility. The Independent. June 15, 2017.
Medical Marijuana for New Mexico Opiate Addicts Rejected. US News & World Report. June 15, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Dietary Supplements and Cognitive Function, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease. NCCIH Clinical Digest. June 2017.

Trends & Technology
Ayahuasca: Coming to a Clinic Near You? AlterNet. June 16, 2017.
Algae Ingredients Turn Heads in Food and Drinks. Nutritional Outlook. June 15, 2017.

Environemnt & Conservation
The botanists’ last stand: The daring work of saving the last samples of dying species. Quartz. June 17, 2017.
Is European demand putting Africa's wild superfood at risk? Deutsche Welle. June 16, 2017.
Our Love Of 'All Natural' Is Causing A Vanilla Shortage. NPR. June 16, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Saving Tribal Heritage By Planting Roots. UNLV News. June 13, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Bastyr Launches Parkinson's Program. Bastyr University. June 16, 2017.
Jiaherb introduces HerbaLink™ botanical identification program. Jiaherb. April 18, 2017.

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June 12, 2017

Science & Research
Traditional Chinese medicine may benefit some heart disease patients. EurekAlert! June 12, 2017.
Fungal Genomic Breakthrough Unlocks a ‘Gold Rush’ of New Drug Discoveries. Seeker. June 12, 2017.
Do Alternative Therapies Work for Depression? US News & World Report. June 9, 2017.
Showcasing Cutting-Edge Research on Natural Products. CNCCIH Research Blog. June 7, 2017.
Folk contraceptives lead researchers to drugs that block fertilization. UC Berkeley News. May 15, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
FTC Official Responds to Criticism on Dietary Supplement Advertising Substantiation. Natural Products Insider. June 9, 2017.
No tax break for natural remedies, Edmonton tax court rules. CBC News. June 9, 2017.
FTC’s View on Claims Substantiation. Natural Products Insider. June 9, 2017.

Community & Indutry
2017 supplement business report: The new (not-so) normal. Nutrition Business Journal. June 9, 2017.
What is the Pharmacist's Role in Assessing CAM Use? Pharmacy Times. June 9, 2017.
Herbal farmers grow small garden for herbal health care. The Southern Illinoisan. June 9, 2017.

Cannabis Update
New Mexico's Contentious 'Pot Powwow.' The Atlantic. June 12, 2017.
Vaping cannabis may expose users to carcinogenic compounds. EurekAlert! June 12, 2017.
Cannabis Compound May Restore Learning and Memory in People With Schizophrenia. Seeker. June 12, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Forgotten, rare coloring book, 257 years old, found in Missouri Botanical Garden's library. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. June 12, 2017.
10 Operas About Poisonous and Medicinal Plants. WFMT. June 8, 2017.
11 Health Benefits and Uses for the Herb Plantain. Care2. June 6, 2017.
'Story of Flowers' Tells an Epic Animated Tale of Life and Death. Creators. May 24, 2017.
Then and Now: The Healing Power of an Urban Garden. Penn Medicine News Blog. May 1, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Vaporizing Your Way to Health (With Herbs Other Than Cannabis). June 10, 2017.
Why a Modern Cosmetics Company Is Mining Armenia’s Ancient Manuscripts. Smithsonian. May 22, 2017.

Environemnt & Conservation
Ethiopia’s first botanic garden aims to preserve country’s flora heritage. Mongabay. June 12, 2017.
New York Botanical Garden stays true to its mission 126 years later. Total Landscape Care. June 9, 2017.
Botanical Garden to Preserve Plants, Diversify Crops, Make Herbal Medicine. Chinese Academy of Sciences. June 9, 2017.
Skip The Pharmacy, Visit The Forest. Jefferson Public Radio. June 9, 2017.
Tribal leaders, conservationists try to stop border wall. USA Today. May 24, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
'Mexico needs healing’: the first indigenous woman to run for president. The Guardian. June 12, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Supplement Industry Groups to Collaborate on Congressional Advocacy—CRN and AHPA Join Forces for Annual Day on the Hill. Council for Responsible Nutrition. June 12, 2017.
Natural Products Center, USDA Team to Create Natural Insect Repellents. Ole Miss. June 12, 2017.
USDA Announces More than $22 Million in Conservation Innovation. US Department of Agriculture. June 8, 2017.
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: new proven benefits from curcumin. Indena. June 6, 2017.
Low-dose THC can relieve stress; more does just the opposite. University of Illinois – Chicago. June 2, 2017.
Jaguar Animal Health and Napo Pharmaceuticals Enter Definitive Merger Agreement. Napo Pharmaceuticals. March 31, 2017.

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June 10, 2017

Science & Research
Bitter melon tops herbal remedies for diabetes. The Guardian Nigeria. June 8, 2017.
Watermelon-pomegranate juice shows athletic benefits: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. June 7, 2017.
Red onions pack a cancer-fighting punch, study reveals. EurekAlert! June 7, 2017.
Resveratrol Supplements May Not Be as Beneficial as We Think. Care2. June 7, 2017.
Take a coffee or tea break to protect your liver. Science Daily. June 6, 2017.
Copaiba: Silver bullet or snake oil? Science Daily. June 6, 2017.
Curcumin touted for metabolic benefits in people with fatty liver disease: RCT data. NutraIngredients. June 6, 2017.
Prune drink’s double deal: Juice lowers cholesterol and improves gut microbiota. NutraIngredients. June 2, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Justice Department, USPlabs Haggle over DSHEA in Criminal Case. Natural Products Insider. May 30, 2017.

Community & Indutry
Develop medicinal plant industry, urges pharmacognosist. Jamaica Observer. June 8, 2017.
NPA Recognizes Outstanding Contributions to the Natural Products Industry. Natural Products Insider. June 7, 2017.
Ameenah Gurib-Fakim: Scientist, Entrepreneur And President. Forbes Africa. June 6, 2017.
UNPA endorses the Supplement OWL. NutraIngredients-USA. June 7, 2017.

Cannabis Update
University of Mississippi Study Demonstrates the Dramatic Difference Fertilizers Can Make. Cannabis Business Times. June 8, 2017.
2,500 Years of Medical Cannabis: Sri Lanka’s Ancient Industry Faces Challenges. Dope Magazine. June 7, 2017.
Bipartisan bill would advance research into medical benefits of cannabidiol for epilepsy patients. The Ripon Advocate. June 6, 2017.
Pharmacists failing to help on cannabis. Australian Journal of Pharmacy. June 6, 2017.
Texas cannabis companies demand answers on dispensary licenses. Houston Chronicle. June 5, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Nutrigenetics, Weight Management, and Dietary Supplements. Nutritional Outlook. June 6, 2017.

Environemnt & Conservation
Here's What Climate Change Looks Like To Uganda's Coffee Farmers. NPR. June 6, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Natural Products Association Elects New Board of Directors. Natural Products Association. June 8, 2017.
American Herbal Products Association and ASTM International Sign MOU on Cannabis Standards. American Herbal Products Association. June 8, 2017.
Review Identifies 140 Controlled Clinical Trials Related to Cannabis. NORML. June 8, 2017.
UNPA announces Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) training for dietary supplement companies. United Natural Products Alliance. June 6, 2017.

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June 5, 2017

Science & Research
Olive oil nutrient linked to processes that prevent cancer in brain. Science Daily. June 2, 2017.
New human studies show multiple health benefits from consuming mangos. Science Daily. June 1, 2017.
Too much of a good thing: Developing safe level guidelines for bioactives. Science Daily. June 1, 2017.
Ashwagandha Root May Improve Memory and Cognitive Function in Subjects with Mild Cognitive Impairment. Nutritional Outlook. May 30, 2017.
Stop looking for the latest superfood and eat a chili pepper. Popular Science. May 27, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Analysing the EFSA methological assessment of botanical ingredients safety. New Food. May 31, 2017.
Knowing how FDA inspectors do their jobs, which is public info, will boost GMP compliance, expert says. NutraIngredients-USA. May 30, 2017.
Summing up biological synthetics. New Hope Network. May 25, 2017.
For the Love of Money: The Trump Administration’s Fiscal Year 2018 FDA Budget Plan. FDA Law Blog. May 23, 2017.

Community & Indutry
The Magical, Medicinal NLM Herb Garden. NLM In Focus. June 1, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Will VA chief be voice of reason on climate change and medical marijuana in Trump administration? The Washington Post. June 5, 2017.
Green dreams: the growing case for medical marijuana. The Guardian. June 5, 2017.
Raw material supply for CBDs increasing rapidly. NutraIngredients-USA. June 2, 2017.
Medical marijuana shortages hit some patients as demand surges. CBC News. June 3, 2017.
Medical Marijuana and Mental Health: Cannabis Use in Psychiatric Practice. Psychiatric Times. May 31, 2017.
Older Women and Medical Marijuana: A New Growth Industry. The New York Times. May 25, 2017.
Hemp Industry Sales Grow to $688 Million in 2016. Nutraceuticals World. April 25, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Connecting People Through Plants. Nutraceuticals World. June 2017.
The Essential Facts About Essential Oils. Houstonia Magazine. May 25, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Vertical integration provides bulwark against adulteration, proponents say. NutraIngredients-USA. June 5, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Functional foods gain traction as alternative to OTC digestive remedies. FoodNavigator-USA. June 5, 2017.
The Issue With Adaptogens No One’s Talking About. Collective Evolution. June 3, 2017.

Environemnt & Conservation
World Environment Day - helping re-connect people with the benefits of nature. TRAFFIC. June 5, 2017.
The little shrub making a big difference in rural Senegal. IRIN News. June 5, 2017.
The Spanish plant that was classified by mistake. EurekAlert! June 1, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Community works with elders to learn traditional remedies for cancer patients. CBC News. May 31, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
SIDI Work Group Calls for Comments on Draft Updated Protocol. SIDI Workgroup. June 1, 2017.
Rodale Institute Announces 2017 Organic Pioneer Award Recipients. Rodale Institute. May 30, 2017.
Announcing the 2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF). ASPB Plant Science Today. May 30, 2017.
Ampersand and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew launch new botanical dining experience. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. May 26, 2017.

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May 25, 2017

Science & Research
How Ginger Fights Body Fat. TIME. May 25, 2017.
India and Germany to collaborate for research in traditional medicine. Hindustan Times. May 25, 2017.
Regular chocolate consumption may be linked to lower risk of heart flutter. Science Daily. May 23, 2017.
Chocolate intake and risk of clinically apparent atrial fibrillation: the Danish Diet, Cancer, and Health Study. Heart. May 23, 2017.
Rethinking nutrition labelling: Food is not just the sum of its nutrients. Science Daily. May 23, 2017.
Dietary strategy to address obesity uses component in red chili. Science Daily. May 23, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Bill meant to restrict growth of regulations sparks contentious debate. NutraIngredients-USA. May 24, 2017.
EU botanical health claims: Plant-based dialogue finally blossoming? NutraIngredients. May 23, 2017.

Community & Indutry
Seeking Healing With Herbs. Houstonia Magazine. May 25, 2017.
A Peek Inside the Local Clinic Making Herbal Medicine More Accessible. The Cooper Point Journal. May 24, 2017.
Mushroom Wisdom Acquired by Hokuto Corporation. WholeFoods Magazine. May 24, 2017.
AHPA urges EPA to revamp pesticide limits for botanicals. NutraIngredients-USA. May 23, 2017.
AHPA Members to Adopt Botanical Guidance in Quality Initiative. Natural Products Insider. May 23, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Marijuana Treatment Reduces Severe Epileptic Seizures. Scientific American. May 25, 2017.
Noted experts critically evaluate benefits of medical marijuana for treatment of epilepsy. EurekAlert! May 24, 2017.
Study: Medical Cannabis Shows Strong Potential in Treating Autoimmune Diseases. Pharmaceutical Processing. May 23, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Edible Blossoms to Brighten Your Plate. The New York Times. May 25, 2017.
Common Questions About Naturopathic Medicine. The SCNM Voice. May 25, 2017.
Will Nettle Tea Help My Allergies? New York Magazine. May 23, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Liver Damage From Supplements Is on the Rise. Consumer Reports. May 19, 2017.

Trends & Technology
This Sports Gel Built a Cult Following Among Extreme Athletes. Bloomberg Businessweek. May 24, 2017.
Make Room for Mushrooms. WholeFoods Magazine. May 22, 2017.

Environemnt & Conservation
Community Seed Banks: Securing Diversity for Climate Change Adaptation. The Wire. May 24, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Los Tres Grandes: Curanderos’ Contributions to Texas. Corpus Christi Caller Times. May 23, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Approval of the First Medical Cannabis Grow Operation in Maryland Granted to Patient Focused Certified Company. Americans for Safe Access. May 24, 2017.

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May 22, 2017

Science & Research
Medieval Medical Texts Could Be the Key to Discovering New Antibiotics. Futurism. May 21, 2017.
Wild plant compounds could act as male contraceptive, researchers find. The Pharmaceutical Journal. May 19, 2017.
Hundreds of newly-discovered plants may yield new crops or drugs. New Scientist. May 18, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Texas Man Faces Possible Prison Sentence for Selling Drug-Tainted Supplements. Natural Products Insider. May 19, 2017.

Community & Indutry
Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium comes to Black Mountain June 2-4. Mountain Xpress. May 19, 2017.
The future of supplements looks bright: From financial markets to self-regulatory initiatives. New Hope Network. April 20, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Debate continues over use of cannabis to treat canine health issues. USA Today. May 20, 2017.
Quality Controls and Medical Cannabis: What We Can Learn from Pharma. Cannabis Industry Journal. May 18, 2017.
New potential for marijuana: Treating drug addiction. CNN. May 17, 2017.
Retailers in the Certified Business of Disruption (CBD). New Hope Network. May 16, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Celebrate the versatile herb of year — cilantro coriander. Chicago Tribune. May 20, 2017.
7 Health Benefits and Uses for Licorice Root. Care2. May 20, 2017.
7 Health Benefits and Uses for Milk Thistle. Care2. May 19, 2017.
Health Benefits and Uses for Feverfew. Care2. May 18, 2017.
Food To Cure What Ails You: When Cookbooks Treated Meals As Medicine. NPR. May 17, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Indena’s DNA authentication program raises the bar for quality and traceability. NutraIngredients-USA. May 19, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Ashwagandha: Ancient Indian Herb Treats Modern Illnesses. Newsmax Health. May 22, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Medical educator wins Fulbright to study plant use in Colombia. University of Illinois at Chicago. May 19, 2017.

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May 18, 2017

Science & Research
MU Researcher Explores Cancer Treatments Inspired By Traditional Indian Medicine. KCUR. May 18, 2017.
The Self-Medicating Animal. The New York Times Magazine. May 18, 2017.
Treasure trove of new plant discoveries revealed. BBC News. May 18, 2017.
Study confirms benefits of fennel in reducing postmenopause symptoms. Science Daily. May 17, 2017.
Green tea supplements: Good for weight loss, but lacking in anti-inflammation action against PCOS. NutraIngredients. May 16, 2017.
Cranberry effective against recurrent UTIs: Meta-analysis. NutraIngredients-USA. May 15, 2017.
Irreplaceable Plant Specimens an ‘Obscene’ Loss After Being Incinerated in Quarantine Flub. The New York Times. May 12, 2017.
Study supports heart health benefits of mushroom powders. NutraIngredients-USA. May 11, 2017.
Discussion of plant science innovation district to be held at Danforth Center. St. Louis Public Radio. May 10, 2017.
Polyphenol-rich extracts may improve physical performance during exercise: RCT. NutraIngredients. May 5, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
FDA moves to organize inspectors along lines of expertise. NutraIngredients-USA. May 17, 2017.

Community & Indutry
Medicinal plants: Britain’s home-grown wartime allies. The Pharmaceutical Journal. May 16, 2017.
USCHPA Summit Covers Top Issues in Chinese Supplement Market. Natural Products Insider. May 11, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Jeff Sessions’s war on drugs has medical marijuana advocates worried. The Washington Post. May 15, 2017.
Big Retailers Remain on Sidelines With CBD ‘Hemp Extracts’. Natural Products Insider. May 15, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
'The Last Shaman' follows a young man's Peruvian journey in search of mental health. Los Angeles Times. May 18, 2017.
Rosemary sales double during exam season after study suggests it boosts brain power. The Telegraph. May 17, 2017.
7 Essential Oils That Calm Anxiety (And How They Do It). Reader’s Digest. May 15, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Slim chance of purity with internet herbal weight loss products. SpectroscopyNOW. May 15, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Beauty Ingredients: New Research, Both for Topical and Oral Applications. Nutritional Outlook. May 15, 2017.
Focus and decision-making: The next big thing in sports nutrition? NutraIngredients-USA. May 10, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
What would you do if you had “nature’s pharmacy” in your backyard? Mongabay. May 17, 2017.
This Native American Ethnobotanist Is Using Science To Restore A Lost Food Culture. Uproxx. May 15, 2017.
First Nations doctor strives to combine Aboriginal and Western medicine. Radio Canada International. May 12, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
The State of the World's Plants Report 2017. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. May 18, 2017.
CRN Applauds FDA’s Implementation of Program Alignment. Council for Responsible Nutrition. May 17, 2017.
AHPA issues Good Herbal Compounding and Dispensing Practices white paper. American Herbal Products Association. May 15, 2017.
Natural Health Product Policy and Regulatory Leader Michael Smith Receives NHP Research Society Neil Tower’s Award. NHP Research Society of Canada. May 11, 2017.
AHPA statement on confirmation of Dr. Gottlieb as FDA commissioner. American Herbal Products Association. May 10, 2017.
CRN Commends Senate Confirmation of Dr. Scott Gottlieb as New FDA Commissioner. Council for Responsible Nutrition. May 9, 2017.
Hyris and Indena partner for the on-site genomic identification of botanical species. Indena. May 3, 2017.

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May 4, 2017

Science & Research
The Secret To Elevating The Entourage Effect. Magnetic Magazine. May 4, 2017.
Which Antioxidant Ingredients Alleviate IBS Symptoms? Nutritional Outlook. May 3, 2017.
Cancer-killing dandelion tea gets €144K research grant. Times of Malta. May 3, 2017.
Storm in a teacup? Review deems four coffees a day as safe. NutraIngredients. May 3, 2017.
Tell Congress To Support Plant Science Funding By Passing FY 2017 Omnibus. Plant Science Today. May 3, 2017.
‘Green tea’ EGCG supplement backed for gestational diabetes: RCT data. NutraIngredients. May 2, 2017.
Hot Chilies Cool Down Gut Inflammation in Mice. Scientific American. May 2, 2017.
Secrets of tea plant revealed by science. BBC News. May 2, 2017.
Anthropologist explores toxicity and healing in East Africa. Cornell Chronicle. May 2, 2017.
Ashwagandha Improves Memory and Cognitive Function in Study. WholeFoods Magazine. April 27, 2017.
Some like it hot: Cayenne pepper curbs appetite and boosts satiety. NutraIngredients. April 27, 2017.
Curcumin may boost recovery and maintain performance during workouts. NutraIngredients-USA. April 27, 2017.
Cassava is genetically decaying, putting staple crop at risk. Cornell Chronicle. April 27, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
FDA uses warning letter to check up on DMAA recall. NutraIngredients-USA. May 4, 2017.
Justice Department: Reject Hi-Tech’s Motion in DMAA Lawsuit. Natural Products Insider. May 3, 2017.

Community & Indutry
ACCP White Paper: Guidance on Natural Products. Pharmacy Times. May 1, 2017.
The Supplement OWL product registry goes live. NutraIngredients-USA. April 27, 2017.
Is Full Traceability Possible Given the Complexities of Today’s Dietary Supplement Supply Chain? Nutritional Outlook. April 27, 2017.
Can Small Dietary Supplement and Food Brands Also Build Traceability Platforms? Nutritional Outlook. April 27, 2017.

Cannabis Update
NFL players fight pain with medical marijuana: ‘Managing it with pills was slowly killing me’. The Washington Post. May 2, 2017.
“Father of cannabis research” touts medicinal potential of CBD at Pueblo conference. The Denver Post. April 30, 2017.
Brown administration releases draft rules for sale of medical marijuana in California. Los Angeles Times. April 28, 2017.
Medical Marijuana Legalization Tied to Increases in Illicit Marijuana Use. NEJM Journal Watch. April 27, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Can herbal remedies help kids’ GI problems? May 4, 2017.
Adaptogens: Herbs for All That Ails You? Berkeley Wellness. April 27, 2017.

Trends & Technology
The Growing Pet-Supplements Market. Nutritional Outlook. May 3, 2017.
The Next Generation of Plant-Based Beverages. Nutritional Outlook. May 3, 2017.
Why Moringa Is the New Superfood You Need to Know About. Vogue. May 3, 2017. May 3, 2017.
The Next Gluten. The Atlantic. April 24, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
How Scientists And Indigenous Groups Can Team Up To Protect Forests and Climate. Smithsonian Magazine. May 3, 2017.
Saving the most endangered plants in the world. Mongabay. May 2, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Why is traditional Chinese medicine so popular ... in Bulgaria? South China Morning Post. May 3, 2017.
Cambridge’s Traditional Chinese Medicine mission gathers pace. Business Weekly. May 2, 2017.
Fudan Uni breaks down the barriers between TCM, Western styles. Shanghai Daily. May 2, 2017.
Inner Mongolia draws attention with traditional medicine. ECNS. May 2, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
The Supplement OWL Takes Flight—Dietary Supplement Product Registry Now Live. Council for Responsible Nutrition. April 27, 2017.
AHPA encourages FDA to allow "healthy" claims for herbs, spices and teas. American Herbal Products Association. April 27, 2017.
Polls: Support For Legalizing Marijuana At Record High. NORML. April 27, 2017.

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April 27, 2017

Science & Research
Broccoli may beneficially affect microbiota diversity: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. April 26, 2017.
How to get adults to eat their vegetables? Study explores potential of spices and herbs use. Science Daily. April 26, 2017.
Italian-style coffee reduces the risk of prostate cancer. EurekAlert! April 26, 2017.
Ingesting soy protein may ease severity of inflammatory bowel disease. Science Daily. April 26, 2017.
RCT: Ashwagandha root extract may improve memory and cognitive functions. NutraIngredients-USA. April 25, 2017.
Curcumin concoction could combat colitis: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. April 25, 2017.
Grape seed extract may protect gut from inflammation: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. April 25, 2017.
Cranberex Cranberry Extract Attains Positive Anti-Adhesion Results in Two Newly Completed Studies. Nutritional Outlook. April 24, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
More members of Congress understand supplements, CRN finds in its meetings with lawmakers. NutraIngredients-USA. April 26, 2017.
FDA Nominee Gottlieb Said He’s Committed to Enforcing DSHEA. Natural Products Insider. April 25, 2017.
FDA nominee strongly affirms DSHEA during hearing. NutraIngredients-USA. April 25, 2017.
FDA Warns Marketers of Supplements and Other Products—Stop Making Cancer Claims. Natural Products Insider. April 26, 2017.
Does FDA underestimate the time, resources spent on regulatory compliance? NutraIngredients-USA. April 21, 2017.

Community & Indutry
United Plant Savers’ Fundraiser: Building the Medicinal Plant Conservation Center. The Roadmap. April 25, 2017.
Naturopathic medicine’s role in fighting the opioid crisis. The Boston Globe. April 20, 2017.
Supplement Industry Reacts to Chaffetz’s Plans to Leave Congress. Natural Products Insider. April 20, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Medical Cannabis Expo: Practice Runs Ahead of Science. MedPage Today. April 24, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Can Herbs Shrink an Enlarged Prostate? Berkeley Wellness. April 25, 2017.
Watching Their Dust: Photographing Players in Pollination. The New York Times. April 24, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
CVS to institute new testing requirements for dietary supplements. NutraIngredients-USA. April 24, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Is carrot juice the next superfood trend farmers can take advantage of? Australian Broadcasting Company. April 25, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Should Traditional Healers be Regulated by Modern Medicine? Tonic. April 24, 2017.
Under the Radar: Africa is becoming traditional Chinese medicine’s best customer. Global Risk Insights. April 23, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
AOMA to Join Bastyr Community. Bastyr University. April 26, 2017.
FDA Nominee Uses Supplements Daily and Promises Access During Tenure. Natural Products Association. April 26, 2017.
Illegal Cancer Treatments: FDA Warning - Fraudulent Claims of Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention or Cure. US Food & Drug Administration. April 25, 2017.
FDA takes action against 14 companies for selling illegal cancer treatments. US Food & Drug Administration. April 25, 2017.
AHPA President Michael McGuffin participates in United Plant Savers board meeting. American Herbal Products Association. April 25, 2017.
Even More Natural Medicines Are Now at Risk. Alliance for Natural Health - USA. April 25, 2017.
AHPA submits comments to USDA on Organic Research, Promotion, and Information Order. American Herbal Products Association. April 20, 2017.

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April 21, 2017

Science & Research
Beetroot’s ‘anti-ageing’ effects on brain noted in post-exercise study. NutraIngredients-USA. April 20, 2017.
Chinese herb has anti-ageing potential due to potent free radical scavenging powers. NutraIngredients. April 20, 2017.
With beetroot juice before exercise, aging brains look 'younger'. EurekAlert! April 19, 2017.
Korean cactus juice boosts gut microbiota and eases constipation. NutraIngredients. April 19, 2017.
Getting Medieval on Bacteria: Ancient Books May Point to New Antibiotics. Scientific American. April 19, 2017.
Resveratrol shows bone health promise for child chemotherapy patients: Study. NutraIngredients. April 18, 2017.

Community & Indutry
NPA urges members to ‘get on board’ with Supplement OWL. NutraIngredients-USA. April 20, 2017.

Cannabis Update
The Government's Weed Is Terrible. The Atlantic. April 20, 2017.
Medical marijuana could save Medicaid $1 billion in prescription drug costs. Salon. April 20, 2017.
Risk of psychosis from cannabis use lower than originally thought, say scientists. Science Daily. April 20, 2017.
W. B. O’Shaughnessy and the Introduction of Cannabis to Modern Western Medicine. The Public Domain Review. April 19, 2017.
Medicinal Cannabis Treatments Coming, Experts Say. MedPage Today. April 18, 2017.
Cannabinoids may soothe certain skin diseases, say CU Anschutz researchers. EurekAlert! April 18, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
2017 Sports Nutrition Adulteration Update. Nutritional Outlook. April 19, 2017.
FDA Discovers Active Drugs in Several Supplements, Orders Recall. Monthly Prescribing Reference. April 19, 2017.
Like Fine Wine: Terpenes are what's next for weed. City Paper. April 18, 2017.

Trends & Technology
New launches capitalize on popularity of medicinal mushrooms. NutraIngredients-USA. April 19, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Traditional medicine heads into the mainstream. ECNS. April 19, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Gregory Long to Step Aside as President of NYBG. New York Botanical Garden. April 20, 2017.
Sir David Attenborough to lead celebration of global conservation success. TRAFFIC. April 20, 2017.
Natural Products Association Applauds Launch of Supplement OWL. Council for Responsible Nutrition. April 20, 2017.
Licensed Naturopathic Doctors to Urge Congressional Support for Insurance Nondiscrimination. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. April 19, 2017.
AHPA submits comments to USDA on Organic Research, Promotion, and Information Order. American Herbal Products Association. April 19, 2017.
AHPA corrects inaccurate article on dietary supplements. American Herbal Products Association. April 10, 2017.
The Roadmap Climate Challenge Begins Thursday! United Plant Savers. April 19, 2017.
Canada: Lawmakers Introduce Marijuana Regulation Measures. NORML. April 19, 2017.
AHPA submits comments on coumarin to California's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment. American Herbal Products Association. April 17, 2017.

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April 18, 2017

Science & Research
2017 Cranberry Update: Should We Focus on PACs or on the Whole Fruit? Nutritional Outlook. April 17, 2017.
New method for tapping vast plant pharmacopeia to make more effective drugs. EurekAlert! April 14, 2017.
Systematic Review: Rose hips ‘underutilized’ in nutrition says new study. NutraIngredients-USA. April 14, 2017.
Mixed carotenoid supplements may help obese children. NutraIngredients. April 11, 2017.
Avocados may help combat the metabolic syndrome. Science Daily. April 10, 2017.
Active Compound From Sleep-Inducing Herb Isolated. Asian Scientist Magazine. April 6, 2017.
Ginseng and anti-obesity: Does Asian variety offer greater weight loss hope? NutraIngredients. April 5, 2017.
Seaweed: From superfood to superconductor. April 5, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Vietnam seeks tighter dietary supplement control. April 12, 2017.
FDA prevails over Hi-Tech on DMAA, but ruling could open door on synthetic botanicals. NutraIngredients-USA. April 5, 2017.

Community & Indutry
Amazon Elements: A New Level of Transparency for Dietary Supplements. Natural Products Insider. April 13, 2017.
CHPA voices support for Supplement OWL label registry. NutraIngredients-USA. April 13, 2017.
Industry remembers natural products pioneer, NOW Foods founder Elwood Richard. New Hope Network. April 11, 2017.
Why a Herbarium of 7.8 Million Plants Is One of New York’s Most Valuable Resources. Hyperallergic. April 10, 2017.
Ethnobotany society connects students to plants. The Brown Daily Herald. April 9, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Hemp product sales slowly inch up as cultivation barriers get more lax. NutraIngredients-USA. April 17, 2017.
Lawsuit: DEA Marijuana Extract Rule Has ‘Chilled’ Hemp Industry . Natural Products Insider. April 10, 2017.
Hebrew University launches multidisciplinary center on medical marijuana. The Jerusalem Post. April 5, 2017.
Europe needs 'proper' cannabidiol regulations for foods and supplements, says association. NutraIngredients. April 4, 2017.

Trends & Technology
A closer look at veterinary homeopathy. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. April 12, 2017.
Medicinal plants: Growing for a $30 million New York market. American Agriculturist. April 7, 2017.
Aromatherapy growth is ‘breath of fresh air’ for health-and-wellness sales. Drug Store News. April 4, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Solutions sought to develop herbal medicinal materials. Viet Nam News. April 17, 2017.
China emerges as next global medical tourism hotspot. Xinhua. April 11, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
The Supplement OWL is Gaining Momentum. Council for Responsible Nutrition. April 13, 2017.
Study: Medical Cannabis Patients Report Decreased Use Of Opioids, Anti-Anxiety Medicines. NORML. April 13, 2017.
Summer at Kew; fascinating relationships between plants & pollinators revealed. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. April 12, 2017.
Food Safety Advocates Urge Companies to Oppose ‘Filthy Food Act’. Center for Science in the Public Interest. April 11, 2017.
NOW Founder Elwood Richard 9/17/31 - 4/7/17. NOW Foods. April 10, 2017.
AHPA corrects inaccurate article on dietary supplements. American Herbal Products Association. April 10, 2017.
AHPA and LifeScienceRisk Develop Prop 65 Insurance Coverage for the Dietary Supplement Industry. American Herbal Products Association. April 10, 2017.
CRN Reflects on Life of Industry Pioneer. Council for Responsible Nutrition. April 10, 2017.
NPA Opens Nominations for Board of Directors. Natural Products Association. April 10, 2017.
Advice to Patients on the Difference Between Turmeric and Curcumin as Medical Treatments. The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. April 10, 2017.
Food Industry Urges Delay of Nutrition Facts Label. Center for Science in the Public Interest. April 5, 2017.
AHPA endorses Botanical Sciences and Native Plant Materials Research, Restoration, and Promotion Act. American Herbal Products Association. April 5, 2017.
CRN Praises American Botanical Council’s Endorsement of the Supplement OWL—Commends ABC’s Interest in Improving Industry Accountability. Council for Responsible Nutrition. April 3, 2017.

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April 6, 2017

Science & Research
Can pure maple syrup help reduce chronic inflammation? EurekAlert! April 3, 2017.
No more 'superbugs'? Maple syrup extract enhances antibiotic action. Science Daily. April 2, 2017.
Blackmores gives $10 million donation for complementary medicine research. The Sydney Morning Herald. April 1, 2017.
National Institutes of Health will host a dietary supplement research practicum. The DO. March 30, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Dietary Supplement Official: FDA Can’t ‘Freeze in Time’. Natural Products Insider. April 3, 2017.
Health Canada wants further public input in regulating natural health products. CBC News. March 31, 2017.
Breadth of Vitamin Shoppe's Oregon settlement seen as troubling precedent. NutraIngredients-USA. March 31, 2017.

Community & Indutry
ABC endorses Supplement OWL dietary supplement product registry. NutraIngredients-USA. April 3, 2017.
AHPA's botanical GMPs document ready for field testing. NutraIngredients-USA. April 3, 2017.
AHPA, CRN suggest tweaks, wholesale overhauls of manufacturing regs. NutraIngredients-USA. April 3, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Could the extraordinary compound in cannabis that helps kids with epilepsy make you feel better? Los Angeles Times. April 2, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Acacia rigidula still popping up on market. NutraIngredients-USA. March 31, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Medicinal mushrooms are the new turmeric. Mother Nature Network. April 3, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Researchers investigating status of goldenseal in Pennsylvania. April 3, 2017.
The Doomsday Vault: Humanity’s salvation? CBS News. April 2, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
CRN Praises American Botanical Council’s Endorsement of the Supplement OWL—Commends ABC’s Interest in Improving Industry Accountability. Council for Responsible Nutrition. April 3, 2017.
AHPA Developing Assessment Program for Botanical Agricultural, Collection and Manufacturing Best Practices. American Herbal Products Association. March 31, 2017.
Kew Launches Plants of the World Online. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. March 30, 2017.
Banerjee Wins 2017 Harvey W. Wiley Award. AOAC International. March 30, 2017.
Canada: Trudeau Administration Seeks To Legalize Marijuana By July 2018. NORML. March 30, 2017.
Integrative Health Care and U.S. Military Personnel, Veterans, and Their Families. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. March 24, 2017.

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March 29, 2017

Science & Research
Meta-analysis supports tea’s link to stronger bones. NutraIngredients-USA. March 28, 2017.
Beetroot juice may boost performance in soccer players: RCT. NutraIngredients. March 27, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Hi-Tech Claims FDA Backed Off Synthetic Botanical Position in DMAA Litigation. Natural Products Insider. March 27, 2017.

Community & Indutry
GRMA launches website ahead of releasing consensus-based GMP standard for dietary supplements. NutraIngredients-USA. March 29, 2017.
Medicinal plant gardens prescribed to cure Kenya's health woes. Reuters. March 28, 2017.
Regulations, supply chain, and deep science take center stage in Oxford. NutraIngredients-USA. March 27, 2017.
Breaking Records and Setting Trends at Expo West. WholeFoods Magazine. March 24, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Georgia Lawmakers Ready to Expand Access to Medical Cannabis. US News & World Report. March 28, 2017.
Getting Comfortable With Phytocannabinoids. WholeFoods Magazine. March 28, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Beyond the Myths of the Mandrake Root: Why Societies Across the Earth Have Valued This Herb. AlterNet. March 28, 2017.
Why Spinach Is the King of Leafy Greens. UC Davis Integrative Medicine. March 26, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Some vets not sold on routine supplementation for pets. NutraIngredients-USA. March 23, 2017.
Trending Ingredients for Natural Beauty. Nutritional Outlook. March 21, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Claims on adaptogens might overreach, but the herbs really are powerhouses, experts say. NutraIngredients-USA. March 29, 2017.
What’s Hot in the Supplement Aisles: Stress Relief. WholeFoods Magazine. March 28, 2017.
Botanical-Fueled Sports Performance. Natural Products Insider. March 23, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Hope Springs Early, but Not Eternal, for the Deadnettle — or for Us. The New York Times. March 27, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
The Natural Products Industry Heads to Capitol Hill for 20th Annual Natural Products Day. Natural Products Association. March 29, 2017.
GRMA Invites Participation in Development of ANSI-Approved GMP Standard for Dietary Supplements. NSF International. March 29, 2017.
Comments invited on proposed veterinary botanical medicine specialty. American College of Veterinary Medicine. March 29, 2017.
AHPA NDI Database shows 15 of 59 most recent NDI notifications acknowledged by FDA without objection. American Herbal Products Association. March 23, 2017.
New York: New Regulatory Changes To Expand Medical Marijuana Access. NORML. March 23, 2017.

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March 26, 2017

Science & Research
“Paging Dr. Fraud”: The Fake Publishers That Are Ruining Science. The New Yorker. March 22, 2017.
Daily Consumption of Tea May Protect Elderly from Cognitive Decline. Nutraceuticals World. March 21, 2017.
A newly discovered fossil suggests plants are hundreds of millions of years older than we thought. Quartz. March 19, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
How the U.S. Keeps Herbal Dietary Supplements Safe. Yahoo! Finance. March 23, 2017.
Bitter pill to swallow: Less FDA oversight of supplements seems likely. The Los Angeles Times. March 21, 2017.

Community & Indutry
The animal supplement sector is a Harvard Business School case study on driving a responsible system: NASC President. NutraIngredients-USA. March 23, 2017.
Can ginseng become a WNC cash crop? Asheville Citizen-Times. March 22, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Regulators pave the way for use of hemp as a food in Australia and New Zealand. NutraIngredients-Asia. March 23, 2017.
Pa. industrial hemp projects get greenlight. March 23, 2017.
In Alabama church, marijuana is part of spiritual and healing journey. The Cannabist. March 22, 2017.
Cannabinoid nutraceuticals set for European take off? NutraIngredients. March 21, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Do marshmallows really soothe a sore throat? New York Daily News. March 23, 2017.
Seasonal Allergies and Complementary Health Approaches. NCCIH Clinical Digest. March 21, 2017.
Dude, Sweet’s New Truffle Is Made Using the Only Caffeinated Plant Native to North America. Dallas Observer. March 20, 2017

Quality Control & Adulteration
Woman, 56, dies after drinking toxic tea from SF Chinatown shop. SF Gate. March 20, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Some vets not sold on routine supplementation for pets. NutraIngredients-USA. March 23, 2017.
Trending Ingredients for Natural Beauty. Nutritional Outlook. March 21, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Why Pygmies Are Dealing Weed to Survive. National Geographic. March 23, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Access and Benefit-sharing policies to be implemented in Viet Nam. TRAFFIC. March 23, 2017.
CRN and INSIDER Continue Webinar Series Through 2017—Popular Webinars Offer Expert Advice for the Industry. Council for Responsible Nutrition. March 22, 2017.
Medicinal Mushrooms Still Have Quality Issues: Interview by NutraIngredients-USA Science Editor Stephen Daniels. Nammex. March 22, 2017.
Ethnobotanical convergence, a new junction of tradition and modernity to promote research on plant biodiversity. University of Barcelona. March 20, 2017.

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March 24, 2017

Science & Research
Tea drinking slashes the risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease: Singapore population-based analysis. NutraIngredients. March 20, 2017.
Nurses adopt plant-based prescription, boost health outcomes. EurekAlert! March 20, 2017.
Bioactive flavonoid from apple trees eases asthma symptoms: Taiwan study. NutraIngredients-USA. March 17, 2017.
East meets West to create 'world's first' catalogue of genomic references for TCM products. NutraIngredients-USA. March 17, 2017.
Ahiflower shown to be on par with some fish oil benefits. New Hope Network. March 16, 2017.
Better barcoding: New library of DNA sequences improves plant identification. March 16, 2017.
Dietary anti-cancer compound may work by influence on cellular genetics. EurekAlert! March 16, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Which is deadlier – herbal remedies or conventional medicines? The Conversation UK. March 16, 2017.

Community & Indutry
AHPA awards Richard, Bass, Israelsen, Shelton and BI. NutraIngredients-USA. March 16, 2017.
Amazon Elements Dietary Supplements: Fear, or Follow? Nutritional Outlook. March 16, 2017.
‘Most companies understand green herbs, vitamins & minerals, but they don’t understand mushrooms & fungi’: Nammex. NutraIngredients-USA. March 16, 2017.

Cannabis Update
A Versatile Plant: What Were the Many Uses of Cannabis in Ancient Egypt? Ancient Origins. March 17, 2017.
Oxford University to launch multimillion-dollar medical marijuana research program. CNBC. March 16, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
The Chia Seed: Good Things Come in Small Packages. UC Davis Integrative Medicine. March 19, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Tackling Food Supplement Fraud. Technology Networks. March 15, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Expo West 2017: Adaptogens Arrive. BevNet. March 20, 2017.
Could Moringa Tea Be The New Matcha? Refinery29. March 17, 2017.
Millennials driving next generation of functional foods. NutraIngredients. March 16, 2017.
What are functional foods, and what do consumers really think about them? NutraIngredients. March 16, 2017.
Naturally functional: Are consumers turned off by 'added' functionality. NutraIngredients. March 15, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Big 12 cocoa and chocolate players pledge to end deforestation in cocoa. Confectionery News. March 17, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Ayurveda: Is Law the First Step to Save Our Traditional Knowledge? Yahoo! News. March 18, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
CRN Addresses Audience of Attorneys General, Emphasizes Importance of Regulation Enforcement and Commitment to Complementary Self-Regulation. Council for Responsible Nutrition. March 20, 2017.
Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission and U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention Partner to Strengthen the Quality of Medicines and Public Health. US Pharmacopeial Convention. March 17, 2017.
AHPA adopts labeling guidance for fungi products. American Herbal Products Association. March 16, 2017.
UNPA President Loren Israelsen receives the American Herbal Products Association 2017 Herbal Insight Award. United Natural Products Association. March 16, 2017.
AHPA awards Elwood Richard, Scott Bass, Loren Israelsen, Suzanne Shelton and BI Nutraceuticals. American Herbal Products Association. March 16, 2017.
Study: Patients With Cannabis Access Reduce Their Use Of Opioids. NORML. March 16, 2017.
Good Agricultural and Collection Practices integrated with guidelines on collection of wild medicinal plants. TRAFFIC. March 13, 2017.
Medical Marijuana Access in the United States: A Patient-Focused Analysis of the Patchwork of State Laws. Americans for Safe Access. March 10, 2017.

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March 23, 2017

Science & Research
Can Prunes Reverse Bone Loss? Scientific American. March 15, 2017.
Variable absorption: Study warns of vast differences in the way plant extracts get into the body. NutraIngredients-USA. March 14, 2017.
Mapping the Genomes of Medicinal Plants. Technology Networks. March 14, 2017.
Blueberries May Improve Cognition in Older Adults. Nutraceuticals World. March 13, 2017.
Neanderthals Used Plant-Based Medicine, Says New DNA Study. New Historian. March 11, 2017.
Hong Kong herbal giant teams up with Nobel Laureate for immunity investigations. NutraIngredients. March 10, 2017.
FRED database gathers root traits to advance understanding of below-ground plant ecology. March 9, 2017.
‘Exciting findings’: Capsicum extract may help slim waist lines. NutraIngredients-USA. March 9, 2017.
How the Amazon’s Cashews and Cacao Point to Cultivation by the Ancients. The New York Times. March 3, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
FDA Supplement Director Seeking Collaboration in Developing Pre-DSHEA List. Natural Products Insider. March 13, 2017.
Regulatory consistency lacking for sports supplement use, expert declares. NutraIngredients. March 13, 2017.
Trump Effect: Big FDA Changes Afoot? Natural Products Insider. March 8, 2017.
FDA Dietary Supplement Chief: ‘Consumer Safety’ First Priority. Natural Products Insider. March 8, 2017.

Community & Indutry
BI receives AHPA’s Industry Leader Award. NutraIngredients-USA. March 15, 2017.
Expo West 2017: The State of the Natural Products Industry. NutraIngredients-USA. March 14, 2017.
Hall of Legends 2017 honorees. New Hope Network. March 11, 2017.
Maryland University of Integrative Health appoints new president. The Baltimore Sun. March 10, 2017.
Top U.S. hospitals promote unproven medicine with a side of mysticism. PBS Newshour. March 9, 2017.
Industry lauds accomplishments of late stevia pioneer James May. NutraIngredients-USA. March 8, 2017.
Amid the beautiful, strange treasures of the U.S. Botanic Garden, a young painter blossoms. The Washington Post. March 8, 2017.
The Supplement OWL takes self-regulation under its wing. NutraIngredients-USA. March 7, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Cannabis use in people with epilepsy revealed: Australian survey. EurekAlert! March 9, 2017.
Component of marijuana may help treat anxiety and substance abuse disorders. EurekAlert! March 7, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Five key Expo West 2017 supplement trends. NutraIngredients-USA. March 15, 2017.
Why Pu'er, A Complex Tea, Draws Rapt Fans And Big Dollars. NPR. March 14, 2017.
Ancient herb ashwagandha gives boost to modern world. Fox News. March 12, 2017.
Why Adaptogens Are Worth the Health Hype. Shape. March 10, 2017.
Ten trends at Expo West 2017. Food Business News. March 10, 2017.
Superchocolate: Can chocolate really be a functional food? NutraIngredients. March 10, 2017.
12 trends to watch at Natural Products Expo West. New Hope Network. March 6, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Could a plant that ate the South be its savior? Asheville Citizen-Times. March 10, 2017.
Pushing Boundaries: Plant hunters are the pioneers of Colorado botany. CU Boulder Today. March 10, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Earth Day Walkabout and Campout Fundraiser. United Plant Savers. March 14, 2017.
Good Agricultural and Collection Practices integrated with guidelines on collection of wild medicinal plants. TRAFFIC. March 13, 2017.
Dr. Steven C. Combs Named President of Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH). Maryland University of Integrative Health. March 9, 2017.
American College of Healthcare Sciences Announces Opening of Community Focused Satellite Campus in Kona, Hawaii. American College of Healthcare Sciences. March 9, 2017.
Chicago Botanic Garden Scientists Discover An Unusual New Fossil Plant. Chicago Botanic Garden. March 6, 2017.

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March 7, 2017

Science & Research
Isoflavones in food associated with reduced mortality for women with some breast cancers. Science Daily. March 6, 2017.
University of Guelph nears launch of research alliance to boost DNA testing for botanicals. NutraIngredients-USA. March 6, 2017.
Beating the blues! Berries may boost mood, improve memory. NutraIngredients-USA. March 3, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
What Heart Patients Need to Know About Herbal Supplements. Consumer Reports. March 2, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Is adulteration diminishing? Responses from labs show picture is mixed. NutraIngredients-USA. March 3, 2017.
Which Bay Leaf is in Your Spice Rack? – A Quality Control Study. Planta Medica. March 1, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Amazon jumps into supplement space with the launch of ‘Amazon Elements’ line. NutraIngredients-USA. March 2, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
A Dip In Global Prices Creates Cocoa Crisis For Ivory Coast's Farmers. NPR. March 3, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
How traditional medicine can play a key role in Latino health care. The Conversation. March 5, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
NYBG Launches New Urban Naturalist Certificate Program This Spring. New York Botanical Garden. March 3, 2017.
Germany: Medical Cannabis Access Program To Begin In March. NORML. March 2, 2017.

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March 3, 2017

Science & Research
Plant dominance in the Amazon is shaped by past civilizations. EurekAlert! March 2, 2017.
Blackmores Institute to ramp-up research into consumer understanding of supplements in Singapore. NutraIngredients. March 1, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
How Will Donald Trump Affect Global Ingredient Sourcing? Nutritional Outlook. March 1, 2017.
NAD, CRN Reflect on Decade-Old Self-Regulatory Initiative. Natural Products Insider. February 27, 2017.

Community & Industry
Campbell Soup Co.’s GMO disclosure could serve as model for national label. NutraIngredients-USA. March 2, 2017.
ABC's Blumenthal wins ethnopharmacology award. NutraIngredients-USA. February 28, 2017.
CRN and ACI Partner for Dietary Supplements Conference. WholeFoods Magazine. February 28, 2017.
NPA adopts new bylaws to augment future growth. Drug Store News. February 27, 2017.
Formulating a plan: How manufacturers are rising to the botanical formulation challenge. NutraIngredients. February 23, 2017.

Cannabis Update
A First Shot in the White House’s Possible War On Weed. Seattle Weekly. March 1, 2017.
Medical Marijuana Faces Fed's Catch-22. Scientific American. February 27, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
These 5 mood-boosting herbs will help you end winter on a high. Well + Good. February 28, 2017.
Cranberry Supplements: Not Bitter, Better. WholeFoods Magazine. February 27, 2017.
Increase intake of fresh herbs for everyday health. Michigan State University Extension. February 27, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Brewing beer with native herbs. Gourmet Traveller. March 1, 2017.
In Sri Lanka's Tea Paradise, A Social Enterprise Is Brewing. NPR. February 28, 2017.
Vitamins Gone Gummy. The New York Times. February 28, 2017.
Botanicals and Cognitive Health, Performance. Natural Products Insider. February 28, 2017.
Wellness teas are driving botanical beverage growth. NutraIngredients. February 23, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Reviving Puerto Rico's Cocoa Farms, Centuries After Hurricanes Destroyed Them. NPR. March 1, 2017.
Seeds of Commerce: Saving Native Plants in the Heart of Appalachia. Yale Environment 360. March 2, 2017.
This Superfood Fuels Social Good. Fast Coexist. February 27, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
CRN and ACI Re-Team for Dietary Supplements Conference—Fifth Annual Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Forum. Council for Responsible Nutrition. February 28, 2017.

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March 2, 2017

Science & Research
Resveratrol Breathes New Life Into Age-related Lung Damage. NutraIngredients. February 27, 2017.
Doctors Should Discuss Herbal Medication Use with Heart Disease Patients. EurekAlert! February 27, 2017.
Capsicum Extract May Boost Resting Energy Expenditure: RCT NutraIngredients-USA. February 23, 2017.
An Apple, or Five, a Day Could Help Keep COPD Away in Men Who Smoke, Research Suggests. NutraIngredients. February 23, 2017.
Mulberry Leaf Extract Could Reduce the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes. The Conversation. February 22, 2017.
Spanish Olive Fruit Extract Shown Beneficial to Supporting Heart Health. WholeFoods Magazine. February 22, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
FDA Continues to ‘Carefully Review’ Vinpocetine Comments. NutraIngredients-USA. February 27, 2017.
Enforcement Likely to Continue Under Trump, with State AGs Waiting in Wings if it Falters. NutraIngredients-USA. February 24, 2017.
The Trump Effect: Uncertainty vs. Opportunity for Natural Products Industry Oversight. Natural Products Insider. February 22, 2017.

Community & Industry
New Mexico Tribe Puts up Land for $160M Medicinal Greenhouse. US News & World Report. February 27, 2017.

Cannabis Update
California Officials and the Marijuana Industry Prepare to Fight a Federal Crackdown. Los Angeles Times. February 27, 2017.
Paging Dr. Spicer: Cannabis Could Help Fight Opioid Abuse And Save Us Billions, Actually. Forbes. February 24, 2017.
Medicinal Cannabis Approved, but Concerns Remain. Australian Journal of Pharmacy. February 22, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Cutting out the ‘Cowboys’: Let’s get Serious on Botanical Adulteration. NutraIngredients. February 23, 2017.

Trends & Technology
This New Blagden Alley Spot Uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to Boost Its Cocktails. The Washington Post. February 27, 2017.
Celebrity Superfood Endorsements Drive Botanical Demand. NutraIngredients. February 23, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Herbal Supplements all too Often Ignore Underlying Principles, Experts Say. NutraIngredients-USA. February 27, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Food: Powerful Medicine to Defend Against Cancer. Environmental Working Group. February 24, 2017.
NORML Responds: White House Threatens To Crack Down On Legal Marijuana. NORML. February 23, 2017.
CRN Applauds Senator Hatch and Representative Paulsen for Introduction of Health Savings Act of 2017. Council for Responsible Nutrition. February 17, 2017.
Published Conference Report on Bioactive Nutrients Highlights Safety Data, Need for Dietary Guidance Framework. Council for Responsible Nutrition. February 16, 2017.
Tell Congress to cover dietary supplements by HSAs and FSAs in Repeal and Replace Efforts to Improve Access and Lower Costs for Americans. Natural Products Association. February 15, 2017.
DEA Removes Marijuana Misinformation from Website After Months of Public, Legal Pressure. Americans for Safe Access. February 13, 2017.
AOAC Midyear Meeting Preview, March 2017. AOAC International February 7, 2017.

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February 22, 2017

Science & Research
Omega-3 and chemotherapy: Supplementation reduces stomatitis and diarrhoea in cancer patients. NutraIngredients. February 20, 2017.
Bone-Marrow Disorder Patients May Benefit from Green Tea. World Tea News. February 21, 2017.
Could Plant-Based Folk Remedies Be The Answer To Antibiotic Resistance? Fast Coexist. February 21, 2017.
Organic & Natural Health launches omega-3 field study. NutraIngredients-USA. February 21, 2017.
Pagoda-Tree Extract Defends Against Inflammation in Arthritis Model. Nutritional Outlook. February 15, 2017.
Brazilian Peppertree Packs Power to Knock Out Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria. Drug Discovery & Development. February 15, 2017.
Arjuna Bark Extract May Support Heart Performance in Athletes. Nutritional Outlook. February 14, 2017.
Joint-Health Formula Movardol May Alleviate Osteoarthritis Symptoms. Nutritional Outlook. February 14, 2017.
Curcumin helps to effectively ease inflammatory bowel disease: China mouse study. NutraIngredients. February 13, 2017.
Dietary supplement could improve heart health. EurekAlert! February 13, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Hundreds of Babies Harmed by Homeopathic Remedies, Families Say. Scientific American. February 21, 2017.
Precedent setting: The development and legacy of the GOED monograph. NutraIngredients-USA. February 20, 2017.
Will acacia gum finally get the clean-label recognition it wants? NutraIngredients. February 20, 2017.
Singapore centre seeks to increase science standards for home-grown supplements, TCM and food firms. FoodNavigator-Asia. February 16, 2017.

Community & Industry
UA Center for Integrative Medicine receives $1M gift. AZ Big Media. February 21, 2017.
Chinese investment in supplements expected to continue: NCN. NutraIngredients. February 21, 2017.
Patients turn to herbal medicine as doctors strike bites. Daily Nation. February 20, 2017.
CRN, NPA support bill to allow health savings dollars to be used for supplements. NutraIngredients-USA. February 20, 2017.
First-ever supplements online product registry begins to take off. New Hope Network. February 16, 2017.
To prep for April public launch, Supplement OWL site gets a few tweaks. NutraIngredients-USA. February 15, 2017.

Cannabis Update
House Members Set to Hear Medical Marijuana Testimony. US News & World Report. February 20, 2017.
When Retirement Comes With a Daily Dose of Cannabis. The New York Times. February 19, 2017.
Lawmakers Work on Changes to Medical Cannabis Program. US News & World Report. February 18, 2017.
When The Government Legalised Medicinal Cannabis Things Only Got Harder For The Seriously Ill. BuzzFeed News. February 17, 2017.
Government has apparently dropped 'gateway' theory, marijuana critics should too. The Hill. February 16, 2017.
Senators Work to Slash THC Potency in Medical Cannabis. US News & World Report. February 16, 2017.
[Australian] Government establishes advisory council on medicinal cannabis. AJP. February 16, 2017.
Cannabidiol’s neuroprotective effect against brain ischemia/reperfusion injury revealed. NutraIngredients. February 8, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Beginning Your Medicinal Herb Garden: Part I. Mother Earth News. February 21, 2017.
Are Adaptogens Really The Cure-All Everyone Thinks They Are? Refinery29. February 15, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
‘This is heating up’: Studies highlight concerns over yohimbe supplements. NutraIngredients-USA. February 17, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
New life for 19th-century plants. EurekAlert! February 17, 2017.
Climate change takes root in northern communities' plants, botanist says. CBC News. February 15, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Africa’s homegrown remedies. African Business. February 15, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Statement on the Formation Of the Cannabis Caucus. NORML. February 16, 2017.
Quigley Introduces Botanical Sciences Bill to Support Biodiversity & Sustainability of America’s Ecosystems. Congressman Mike Quigley. February 14, 2017.

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February 16, 2017

Science & Research
Indian tree bark extract shows may improve athletic performance: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. February 14, 2017.
Traditional Chinese medicine in HIV cure issue of AIDS Research & Human Retroviruses. EurekAlert! February 14, 2017.
Dietary supplement could improve heart health. EurekAlert! February 13, 2017.
Mediterranean diet with virgin olive oil may boost 'good' cholesterol. Science Daily. February 13, 2017.
Botanical supplement may weaken TB drug, research shows. Knowridge Science Report. February 12, 2017.
Could quinoa, the Inca's 'mother grain,' become a cure for world hunger? The Christian Science Monitor. February 10, 2017.
Common weed could help fight deadly superbug, study finds. The Washington Post. February 10, 2017.
Açai pulp may improve antioxidant defenses, protect arteries. NutraIngredients-USA. February 14, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
What next for Health Canada’s proposed NHP changes? NutraIngredients-USA. February 14, 2017.
Court issues permanent injunction against seller of DMAA. NutraIngredients-USA. February 14, 2017.

Community & Industry
FDA’s Rules for Dietary Fiber Are “Unreasonably Restrictive,” Associations Say. Nutritional Outlook. February 14, 2017.
One in three pharmacists recommend herbal remedies with little scientific basis. The Sydney Morning Herald. February 13, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Hemp Industries Association Sues DEA over Hemp Food Ingredients. Nutritional Outlook. February 9, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Some good reasons to be cautious about using dietary supplements. The Washington Post. February 10, 2017.

Trends & Technology
This centuries-old spice is the superfood of 2017. USA Today. February 14, 2017.
Ritual ushers in the age of transparent and ‘instagramable’ supplements. NutraIngredients-USA. February 14, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
A Forgotten Group Of Grains Might Help Indian Farmers – And Improve Diets, Too. NPR. February 9, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Award-winning geobiologist Dr. A. Hope Jahren to keynote AHPA Member Meeting. American Herbal Products Association. February 13, 2017.
AHPA expresses support for synthetic cannabinoids being placed into schedule I. American Herbal Products Association. February 7, 2017.
NYBG’s New Science Exhibition What in the World is an Herbarium? Celebrates One of the World’s Greatest Plant Research Collections. New York Botanical Garden. February 10, 2017.
Get Wise: Offers Need-to-Know Info About Industry-Wide Product Registry. Council for Responsible Nutrition. February 14, 2017.
DEA Removes Marijuana Misinformation from Website After Months of Public, Legal Pressure. Americans for Safe Access. February 13, 2017.
SCNM Hosting 22nd Annual Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine. Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences. February 13, 2017.
Informed-Choice and NPA Partnership Promotes Banned Substance Testing. Natural Products Association. February 13, 2017.
American College of Healthcare Sciences Named to 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon 2017. American College of Healthcare Sciences. February 9, 2017.

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February 9, 2017

Science & Research
Olive extract shows modest arterial stiffness benefit in study. NutraIngredients-USA. February 6, 2017.
Experts reveal hidden dangers behind supplements. EurekAlert! February 6, 2017.
Herbal medicine's hidden risks pose threat to health. The University of Adelaide. February 6, 2017.
DNA analysis will force us to call plants by other names. Portland Press Herald. February 5, 2017.
Heart health benefits of pomegranate may be personal: Study. NutraIngredients. February 3, 2017.
Pilot study highlights role of grapes in preventing Alzheimer's disease. EurekAlert! February 3, 2017.
A new study confirms: Pregnant women should avoid liquorice. EurekAlert! February 3, 2017.
No evidence of link between fruit and veg consumption and reduction in overall cancer cases: Major Japan study. NutraIngredients. February 2, 2017.
Experts hit back at ‘inaccurate headlines’ after review questions curcumin. NutraIngredients-USA. February 2, 2017.
Red seaweed could be a potential aid for cancer treatment: Study. NutraIngredients. February 1, 2017.
Review: Why Asian mushrooms merit animal and human studies to assess Alzheimer's benefits. NutraIngredients. February 1, 2017.
Tea extracts show antioxidant benefits for soccer players: RCT. NutraIngredients-USA. February 1, 2017.
Understanding when eating soy might help or harm in breast cancer treatment. Science Daily. February 1, 2017.
Dangerous Fruit: Mystery of Deadly Outbreaks in India Is Solved. The New York Times. January 31, 2017.
Can Green Tea Really Help You Manage or Lose Weight? Nutritional Outlook. January 30, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Hiring freeze at FDA dims view of industry as adequately regulated, experts say. NutraIngredients-USA. February 2, 2017.
Walmart, NBTY Fight to End Litigation Two Years After NYAG Supplement Probe. Natural Products Insider. February 1, 2017.
FDA offers to help industry draft guidance following Trump’s regulatory freeze. NutraIngredients-USA. February 1, 2017.
Trump's executive order could upend current regulatory structure, experts say. NutraIngredients-USA. February 1, 2017.

Community & Industry
Does GNC Super Bowl Ad Rejection Show NFL Supplement Bias? Natural Products Insider. February 3, 2017.
Can a herbal product tradition be trademarked? The Recorder. February 3, 2017.
Herbal medicine industry flourishing in Gaza Strip. Al-Monitor. February 3, 2017.
More Than 50 Companies Already in CRN’s Supplement OWL Database. Nutritional Outlook. February 2, 2017.
NPA Invites Experts to Advise New Supplement Safety and Compliance Initiative. Nutritional Outlook. February 2, 2017.
Organic & Natural Health Association takes a close look at 'the most regulated of foods'. New Hope Network. February 1, 2017.
How Two Florida Gym Rats Conquered the Shadowy World of Dietary Supplements. Men’s Journal. January 31, 2017.
UTA and Botanical Research Institute partner to advance study of plants. Fort Worth Star-Telegram. January 30, 2017.

Cannabis Update
World’s most comprehensive study into marijuana delivers controversial findings. February 4, 2017.
Patients Are Ditching Opioid Pills for Weed. The Atlantic. February 2, 2017.
FDA Rebuffed Notice to Market Cannabis in Dietary Supplement. Natural Products Insider. January 31, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Can Spices Help You Lose Weight? Scientific American. February 1, 2017.
Can Green Tea Really Help You Manage or Lose Weight? Nutritional Outlook. January 30, 2017.

Quality Control & Adulteration
‘Toxic side effects’ and ‘weak regulation’? Not for supplements made in Australia insists trade body. NutraIngredients. February 6, 2017.
Herbal supplements should be tested for safety, researchers say, questioning quality of drugs. Australian Broadcasting Company. February 5, 2017.
DMAA sighted in Denmark. NutraIngredients. February 2, 2017.
Multi-component medicine made manageable by mass spectrometry. Separations Now. February 1, 2017.

Trends & Technology
2017 Ingredient Trends to Watch for Food, Drinks, and Dietary Supplements: Hemp CBD, Vinpocetine, and Kratom. Nutritional Outlook. February 1, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
The Threats to the World's Chocolate Forests. The Atlantic. January 31, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Tribe offers clues to hidden wonders of medicinal plant. The Hindu. February 5, 2017.
Traditional Chinese Medicine firms should target international dietary supplements market, China Premier says. NutraIngredients-USA. February 2, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
60 Meetings, 60 Days —CRN Builds Relationships with Congressional Freshmen, Demonstrates Industry Leadership. Council for Responsible Nutrition. February 6, 2017.
Slippery Elm in the Herbal Marketplace - Past, Present & Future. United Plant Savers. February 3, 2017.
SSCI Seeks Experts to Fulfill Consumer Focused Initiative For Dietary Supplement Industry. Natural Products Association. February 2, 2017.
2017 Commencement Speaker Announced. Maryland University of Integrative Health. February 1, 2017.
Sharaf to discuss AHPA initiatives at 17th annual ICBS in Mississippi. American Herbal Products Association. February 1, 2017.
AHPA responds to inaccurate media coverage of curcumin mini-perspective. American Herbal Products Association. February 1, 2017.
CRN Announces New Chairman, 2017 Board of Directors—Chairman Names Officers and Committee Chairs. Council for Responsible Nutrition. January 31, 2017.

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February 2, 2017

Science & Research
Scientists explore prebiotic potential of Hyptis suaveolens. NutraIngredients-USA. January 30, 2017.
Black cumin’s anti-inflammatory potential may have airways/asthma benefits: RCT. NutraIngredients. January 27, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
UK focuses on banned DMAA after 7 ‘urgent notices’. NutraIngredients. January 30, 2017.
Shock and huh!? A look at the first week of the Trump administration. New Hope Network. January 27, 2017.
Lawyers: Republican-Led FTC Positive Sign for Dietary Supplements. Natural Products Insider. January 26, 2017.

Community & Industry
Iran launches world's first herbal medicine for Alzheimer's treatment. Pravda Report. January 30, 2017.
What’s on NutraIngredients-USA's 2017 Editorial Calendar? NutraIngredients-USA. January 26, 2017.
OmniActive Uses New $35 Million Investment to Acquire Natural Extracts Supplier Indfrag. Nutritional Outlook. January 26, 2017.
MU Center for Agroforestry hosts medicinal plant symposium. Columbia Missourian. January 26, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Herbal medicine: It goes far beyond just replacing drugs. Natural News. January 26, 2017.
Myth-Busting Popular Natural Products Marketed for Disease Prevention and Wellness. NCCIH Clinical Digest. January 25, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Move Over, Kale: 3 hot new superfoods for 2017. AARP. January 27, 2017.
Bygone beer makes a comeback. WTOP. January 26, 2017.
2017 Ingredient Trends to Watch for Food, Drinks, and Dietary Supplements: Ginkgo. Nutritional Outlook. January 26, 2017.

Environment & Conservation
Sri Lanka's 'Kithul' Palm Syrup: An Ancient Sweetener In Need Of Saving. NPR. January 26, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
MHRA warns athletes to avoid potentially dangerous DMAA. Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. January 30, 2017.
FDA confirms elevated levels of belladonna in certain homeopathic teething products. US Food & Drug Administration. January 27, 2017.
Dietary Supplement Industry Encouraged to Make 2017 ‘The Year of the OWL’. Council for Responsible Nutrition. January 26, 2017.

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January 26, 2017

Science & Research
The magic of mushrooms: Can this fungus help delay or prevent depression? NutraIngredients. January 25, 2017.
Meta-Analysis: Fenugreek may lower blood glucose levels and cholesterol. NutraIngredients-USA. January 24, 2017.
Sequencing poisonous mushrooms to potentially create medicine. EurekAlert! January 24, 2017.
Olive oil could slash your chance of bone fractures in half, study says. NutraIngredients. January 24, 2017.
Novel curcumin formulation may improve arterial health for young obese people. NutraIngredients-USA. January 24, 2017.
Ginseng berry extract may improve glucose metabolism, says new RCT. NutraIngredients-USA. January 23, 2017.
Natural compound found in herbs, vegetables could improve treatment of triple-negative breast cancer in women. Medical Xpress. January 23, 2017.
Gluten-Destroying Drug Succeeds In Early Trial. IFLScience. January 23, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
From Trump to the FTC: 2017 Dietary Supplement Regulatory Issues to Watch. Nutritional Outlook. January 23, 2017.

Community & Industry
Can a Registry Build Trust? NutraIngredients-USA. January 25, 2017.
Walmart Works Toward Supplement Safety. Progressive Grocer. January 25, 2017.
Supplement Trade Associations Plan Lobbying Efforts for 115th Congress. Natural Products Insider. January 25, 2017.
Industry's message remains strong in Congress through political tumult, trade orgs say. NutraIngredients-USA. January 24, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Hemp Attorneys Want Dialog with DEA over CBD. Natural Products Insider. January 24, 2017.
Turning plants into pills: Behind the scenes with Miami’s lone medical marijuana grower. Bradenton Herald. January 23, 2017.
Can marijuana treat MS symptoms? It’s hard for researchers to find out. The Conversation. January 16, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Herbarium – this book has everything you need to know about herbs. Post Magazine. January 21, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Tourist boom for ayahuasca a mixed blessing for Amazon. The Guardian. January 24, 2017.
Chia leads the ancient grain field as new forms drive innovation. NutraIngredients-USA. January 23, 2017.
Superfoods You Won’t Stop Hearing About In 2017. Huffington Post. January 20, 2017.
2017 Ingredient Trends to Watch for Food, Drinks, and Dietary Supplements: Adaptogens for Stress Relief. Nutritional Outlook. January 20, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Will the University of Adelaide’s Chinese Medicine Partnership Bear Fruit? The Adelaide Review. January 24, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
CRN Promotes Three Staffers. Council for Responsible Nutrition. January 25, 2017.
A New Way of Working Together for Dietary Supplement Safety. Walmart. January 24, 2017.
'Wild Medicine in the Tropics' Brings the Visitor to the Rain Forest to Learn About its Curative Bounty. New York Botanical Garden. January 20, 2017.

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January 21, 2017

Science & Research
Red Yeast Rice, Sold as Statin Alternative, Has Similar Risks. MedPage Today. January 19, 2017.
Meta-analysis backs sea buckthorn for cholesterol & heart health. NutraIngredients. January 18, 2017.
Equol + resveratrol supplements may improve quality of life for healthy women. NutraIngredients. January 18, 2017.
Plant-derived products may help fight HBV. EurekAlert! January 17, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Dietary Supplement Caucus reforms, remains unchanged. NutraIngredients-USA. January 18, 2017.

Community & Industry
Supplement Industry May Be Adopting NDI Guidance 'Where It Seems to Make Sense'. Natural Products Insider. January 18, 2017.
Supplement Spotlight: FDA Revised NDI Draft Guidance Does Not Alleviate Industry’s Concerns. The National Law Review. January 17, 2017.
Three Takeaways from the CRN Consumer Survey. WholeFoods Magazine. January 17, 2017.

Cannabis Update
German lawmakers green-light medical cannabis use. Yahoo! News. January 19, 2017.
Pot for pooches? Medical cannabis being used to treat doggy anxiety. The Sydney Morning Herald. January 19, 2017.
Colorado medical students defend physicians' right to recommend marijuana. EurekAlert! January 17, 2017.
Scientists to Government: Make It Easier to Study Marijuana. The New York Times. January 17, 2017.
Legal challenge filed against DEA’s new marijuana extract rule. The Cannabist. January 13, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Echinacea's drawbacks keep it as immune health stalwart rather than superstar. NutraIngredients-USA. January 19, 2017.
Apricot kernels shouldn’t be used as a natural treatment for cancer. South China Morning Post. January 17, 2017.
Nutritional Supplements: Counseling Points for Patients with Cancer. Pharmacy Times. January 16, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Is Mushroom Coffee the Next Superfood Trend? Health Magazine. January 19, 2017.
2017 Ingredient Trends to Watch for Food, Drinks, and Dietary Supplements: Turmeric and Boswellia. Nutritional Outlook. January 18, 2017.

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January 17, 2017

Science & Research
Citrus flavanones boost endothelial function and heart health. NutraIngredients-USA. January 16, 2017.
Rose hip supplements may increase energy expenditure, weight management. NutraIngredients-USA. January 16, 2017.
Using national survey data, researchers examine Gingko biloba effects on the liver. NutraIngredients-USA. January 16, 2017.
Meta-analysis supports pomegranate juice’s blood pressure benefits. NutraIngredients. January 13, 2017.
Study finds association between eating hot peppers and decreased mortality. EurekAlert! January 13, 2017.
Arabica coffee genome sequenced. EurekAlert! January 13, 2017.
Can bright lights optimise grass-sourced food anthocyanins? NutraIngredients. January 5, 2017.

Community & Industry
How a ‘Wonder Berry’ Is Bringing an Economic Transformation in the Cold Deserts of Lahaul-Spiti. The Better India. January 16, 2017.
NPA Shares Its Industry Priorities with President-Elect Trump. Nutritional Outlook. January 13, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Marijuana compounds show promise in treatment of cardiac disease. Medical Xpress. January 16, 2017.
Pot has some medical benefits, US Academies say, but obstacles to research loom. Science. January 12, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
The 13 Best Superfoods, According To Registered Dietitians. Self. January 13, 2017.

Trends & Technology
IFIC identifies 2017 trends. Ingredients Network. January 16, 2017.
Is Hemp the New Superfood? Australian Institute of Food Safety. January 13, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Trailblazing African Female Global Health Leaders Receive USP CePAT’s Top Honors. US Pharmacopeial Convention. January 14, 2017.
Celebrating 100 Years of Publication of the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL. AOAC International. January 12, 2017.
AHPA-ABC HerbWalk at ExpoWest: Renowned herbalists provide guided tour of medicinal herbs at Fullerton Arboretum. American Herbal Products Association. January 12, 2017.
Massachusetts Governor Signs Naturopathic Medicine Licensure Bill. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. January 12, 2017.
Study: History Of Cannabis Use Not An Independent Risk Factor For Stroke. NORML. January 12, 2017.
Dietary Supplement Industry Joins Forces to Develop the Supplement Safety and Compliance Initiative. Natural Products Association. January 11, 2017.

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January 14, 2017

Science & Research
Ayurveda extract helps reduce knee pain in elderly: Sabinsa Japanese RCT. NutraIngredients. January 11, 2017.
Deceptive Spice Extract Offers Cautionary Tale for Chemists. Scientific American. January 11, 2017.
New study examines the health benefits of blue corn. EurekAlert! January 11, 2017.
52 Million-Year-Old Tomatillo Fossils Rewrite Veggie History. NPR. January 10, 2017.
Compound from chicory reveals possible treatment strategy for neurodegenerative disorders. EurekAlert! January 10, 2017.
Cherry juice blood boost may help halt cognitive decline: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. January 9, 2017.
What the ancient Greeks can teach us about herbs. The Washington Post. January 10, 2017.
Teaching Egyptians to read ancient plants: Pioneering the field of archaeobotany in Egypt. January 10, 2017.
What genetics reveals about traditional Chinese medicine. Genetic Literacy Project. January 6, 2017.
Images Reveal How Cranberry PACs Mitigate E. Coli Activity. Nutritional Outlook. January 6, 2017.
Plant Extracts Show Promise for Managing Sickle Cell Disease Symptoms, Study Says. Sickle Cell Anemia News. January 5, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
Marketers Exploit The Aged With Unproven Brain-Health Claims. Newsweek. January 12, 2017.
Naturopaths get their own licensing board in Mass. The Boston Globe. January 11, 2017.
Plaintiffs fight retailers' bid to toss herbal supplements MDL. Reuters. January 11, 2017.

Community & Industry
NPA: Costs of NDI Submissions Could Be Overly Burdensome Based on FDA Guidance. Natural Products Insider. January 12, 2017.
Concern verges on panic in supplement industry over Trump's China trade stance. NutraIngredients-USA. January 9, 2017.
Expert questions role of synthetic ingredients in an industry that bills itself as ‘natural’. NutraIngredients-USA. January 10, 2017.
Dietary Supplement Industry Bullish on Trump Administration, 115th Congress. Natural Products Insider. January 6, 2017.
Office of Dietary Supplements outlines five-year strategic plan. NutraIngredients-USA. January 6, 2017.
As drug supplies run short, Egyptians turn to herbal remedies. Reuters. January 12, 2017.

Cannabis Update
Why the Addiction Recovery Community Should Accept Medical Marijuana. Rolling Stone. January 11, 2017.
More older Americans using cannabis, underscoring need for research. EurekAlert! January 11, 2017.
DEA: CBD Is Marijuana Extract, Not Hemp. Natural Products Insider. January 9, 2017.
Cannabis Botanists are in Short Supply. The Marijuana Times. January 6, 2017.
Demand for CBD still outstrips supply despite production expansion, hemp grower says. NutraIngredients-USA. January 6, 2017.
Did the DEA really make CBD into a Schedule I drug? New Hope Network. January 4, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Pining For A Cozy Winter Drink? Try An Evergreen Liqueur. NPR. January 9, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Trend Watch: Cosmetic and personal care ingredients borrowed from Traditional Chinese Medicine. CosmeticsDesign. January 10, 2017.
Food as Medicine: It’s Not Just a Fringe Idea Anymore. KQED Science. January 9, 2017.
Baobab has rosy outlook in 2017 thanks to rise of prebiotics, says Kaibae founder. NutraIngredients-USA. January 10, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
Chinese medicine expert say 'anti-smog' teas ineffective. BBC News. January 11, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Wild plant harvesters gain insights from a successful cooperative model in Viet Nam. TRAFFIC. January 12, 2017.
Partnering on Pain Research: NIH, DoD, and VA Announce Pain Management Collaboratory Funding Initiative. NCCIH. January 4, 2017.
Office of Dietary Supplements Strategic Plan for 2017-2021. Federal Register. January 9, 2017.
New Colombian plant discovered by Kew scientist honours Colombian President. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. January 9, 2017.
The AANP and NMSA to Offer a Dual Membership and Co-locate their 2017 Annual Conferences. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. January 6, 2017.
Americans for Safe Access Responds to Senator Jeff Sessions' Attorney General Confirmation Hearing. Americans for Safe Access. January 10, 2017.

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January 7, 2017

Science & Research
Scientists decipher pepper's incredible anti-cancer properties. Mother Nature Network. January 4, 2017.
UADY researchers study Mayan plant remedies. The Yucatan Times. January 4, 2016.
Docs Warn Against Herbal 'Detox' That Sent Woman to ER. Newser. January 4, 2017.
Common antioxidant may guard against liver disease. Science Daily. January 3, 2017.

Legal & Regulatory
EU Botanical Health Claims: A Never-Ending Story? Nutraceuticals World. January 4, 2017.
FDA Reinspections of Select Dietary Supplement Firms Show Repeat Problems. Natural Products Insider. January 4, 2017.
NDI guidance would over regulate, weaken supplement industry, Jarrow asserts. NutraIngredients-USA. January 3, 2017.

Community & Industry
Ole Miss Alumni Review: Cannabis Cultivator. HottyToddy. January 5, 2017.
The Most Honest Man in Medicine? The Ringer. January 5, 2017.
NPA executes settlement agreement with current & former board members. NutraIngredients-USA. January 3, 2017.

Cannabis Update
UK Reclassifies CBD Oil as Medicine Just as America Puts It in Class With Heroin. AlterNet. January 5, 2017.
Not All Cannabis is Created Equal. Paste. January 4, 2017.

Consumer & Popular
Does Science Support Ayurveda? Scientific American. January 3, 2017.
Feeling Extra Anxious? Check Out Adaptogens, Herbs Which Regulate Your Stress Hormones. Willamette Week. January 3, 2017.

Trends & Technology
Sustainability concerns will color consumers’ food selections in 2017. FoodNavigator-USA. January 5, 2017.
Are Olive Seeds the Next Superfood? Olive Oil Times. January 5, 2017.
Assessing pet supplements: Use widespread in dogs and cats, evidence and regulation lacking. JAVMA News. January 4, 2017.
7 Ingredient Sales Surprises of 2016. Nutritional Outlook. January 3, 2017.
Image Gallery: Top Dietary Supplement Trends in 2016. Natural Products Insider. December 28, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Brazil's quilombos face eucalyptus giant in land war. Al Jazeera. January 5, 2017.
Bears Ears Monument is a win for tribal food sovereignty. Will Trump undo it? Fern’s AG Insider. January 4, 2017.

Traditional Medicine
A little box of tea: Centuries-old trade struggles to modernize. ECNS. January 5, 2017.

Community & Industry Releases
Year Ahead 2017 at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. January 5, 2017.
70,000 Demand DEA Stop Disseminating Blatantly False Information About Medical Marijuana. Americans for Safe Access. January 5, 2017.
FDA Issues Two Guidance Documents on the Nutrition Facts Label and the Serving Size Final Rules. US Food & Drug Administration. January 4, 2017.
CRN Welcomes New Year with Brand New Website. Council for Responsible Nutrition. January 4, 2017.
Safe Supplement Use in Teenagers Requires Education, Opening a Dialogue with Parents, Coaches, Doctors. Council for Responsible Nutrition. January 4, 2017.
DEA Adds Separate Registration for Marihuana Extracts. Natural Products Association. January 3, 2017.
AOAC and Industry Partners to Set Voluntary Consensus Standards for Cannabis Potency. AOAC International. January 3, 2017.
NORML Comments on Maine Marijuana Legalization Certification. NORML. January 3, 2017.

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January 3, 2017

Science & Research
Stores defy experts to recommend sports supplements to teens, study says. CNN. January 2, 2017.
Veggies with Vision: Do Plants See the World around Them? Scientific American. January 2017.
Ashwagandha root and leaf extract quells knee pain in study. NutraIngredients-USA. December 21, 2016.
Kratom in sports: Is this a growing issue? NutraIngredients-USA. December 19, 2016.
Review supports metabolic benefits of EGCG from green tea. NutraIngredients-USA. December 19, 2016.
'Watershed' discovery reveals plants' medicinal secrets. EurekAlert! December 20, 2016.
Chinese herbal treatment shows signs of effectiveness in bone marrow recovery. Science Daily. December 15, 2016.
The double edged sword: High doses of polyphenols may damage DNA. NutraIngredients. December 9, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Sen McCaskill calls on FDA to quickly finalize NDI guidance. NutraIngredients-USA. December 16, 2016.
Our Health Under Donald: What Trump Could Do with the Food and Drug Administration. Men’s Journal. December 2016.
FDA Names Permanent Director to Oversee Dietary Supplements. Natural Products Insider. December 15, 2016.

Community & Industry
2016: Challenges met, lessons learned, hills yet to climb. NutraIngredients-USA. December 23, 2016.
Trump, vinpocetine, hemp: AHPA looks at 2016 events that will affect 2017. NutraIngredients-USA. December 22, 2016.

Cannabis Update
A powerful new form of medical marijuana, without the high. The Washington Post. December 31, 2016.
4 Promising Cannabis Studies and Research from 2016. The New York Times. December 14, 2016.
2016: The Year In Review - NORML's Top 10 Events That Shaped Marijuana Policy. NORML. December 29, 2016.
Does DEA’s Hemp CBD Announcement Actually Change Anything? Nutritional Outlook. December 20, 2016.
Hemp CBD Is a Schedule I Drug, DEA Says. Nutritional Outlook. December 19, 2016.
Israel, a Medical Marijuana Pioneer, Is Eager to Capitalize. The New York Times. December 17, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Say goodbye to kale: the superfood trends for 2017 - and five new ingredients to watch. The Telegraph. January 2, 2017.
Top 2017 Food Trends Predicted by Over 1,700 Dietitians in National Survey. Santa Monica Observer. January 1, 2017.
Tea will take off in sales and popularity in 2017 and beyond, says survey. CBeverageDaily. December 20, 2016.
10 Most-Read Stories of 2016. Nutritional Outlook. December 16, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
The Slow Death of Ecology’s Birthplace. Undark. December 16, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Traditional Medicine Won't Cure China's Ills. Bloomberg View. December 29, 2016.
Traditional Bolivian healers tackle diabetes crisis. Al Jazeera. December 28, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
New York Man Sentenced to Lengthy Prison Term for Selling Unsafe Dietary Supplements Online. US Department of Justice. December 19, 2016.
BRIT Teams with Tarleton State University to Build Habitat Maps of 57 Central Texas Rare Plant Species. Botanical Research Institute of Texas. December 19, 2016.

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December 21, 2016

Science & Research
Chinese herbal treatment shows signs of effectiveness in bone marrow recovery. Health Canal. December 15, 2016.
Natural cures: Herbal discoveries in 2016. Zee News. December 13, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Sen. McCaskill wants FDA to beef up supplement regulations. Consumer Affairs. December 15, 2016.
NDI Guidance Comments Get Specific on Chemical Alteration. Nutritional Outlook. December 14, 2016.
First take on NDI comments: Guidance will stifle innovation without increase in safety. NutraIngredients-USA. December 13, 2016.
Dietary Supplement Law: 2016 Year in Review. Natural Products Insider. December 13, 2016.
GNC’s Department of Justice Deal Is a “Fair Deal,” One Expert Says. Nutritional Outlook. December 13, 2016.
Nutrition declaration on prepacked foods now mandatory. NutraIngredients. December 13, 2016.

Community & Industry
NDI draft guidance needs extensive revision, AHPA asserts. NutraIngredients-USA. December 15, 2016.
GNC, Under Fire, Looks to Super Bowl to Win Back Customers. Fox Business. December 15, 2016.
Dietary Supplement Industry Argues 2016 Guidance Contrary to DSHEA. Natural Products Insider. December 14, 2016.
Synthetic Botanicals Should Be Dietary Ingredients, Industry Leaders Tell FDA. Nutritional Outlook. December 14, 2016.
Vancouver's Chinese medicine practitioners struggle for recognition. Vancouver Sun. December 12, 2016.
Fighting malaria in Africa from apartment in Charlestown. Baltimore Sun. November 17, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Mexico Moves Another Step Closer To Legalizing Medical Marijuana. Civilized. December 15, 2016.
Drug 85 Times as Potent as Marijuana Caused a ‘Zombielike’ State in Brooklyn. The New York Times. December 14, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
New book explores Echinacea, a medicinal plant with roots in Kansas. Medical Xpress. December 14, 2016.
Medicinal Herbal Teas. Today’s Dietician. December 2016.

Trends & Technology
The Year in Superfoods: The Good, The Bad, and The Strange. Vogue. December 15, 2016.
Trendy Superfood Diets Are Causing Food Insecurity In India. Vice. December 14, 2016.
Beauty from within: the state of the trend. CosmeticsDesign-Europe. December 14, 2016.
Herbarium goes digital in MP, now plant details a click away. Hindustan Times. December 13, 2016.
Food & Beverage: 2016 Year in Review. Natural Products Insider. December 9, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
More foreign health professionals are learning and practicing traditional Chinese medicine in China. ECNS. December 14, 2016.
Diplomats treated with traditional Chinese medicine. ECNS. December 14, 2016.
Global Institute For Traditional Chinese Medicine Launched. Asian Scientist Magazine. December 13, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
ASA and TheAnswerPage Launch New Program to Educate Doctors and Patients on Medical Cannabis. Americans for Safe Access. December 15, 2016.
Exhibition: Joseph Hooker: Putting plants in their place. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. December 15, 2016.
Judy Starr Joins Board of Directors at American College of Healthcare Sciences. American College of Healthcare Sciences. December 15, 2016.
CRN’s Comments on NDI Draft Guidance Note Progress, Address Lingering Industry Concerns. Council for Responsible Nutrition. December 13, 2016.
Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation presents its advice on a framework for legalization and regulation of access to cannabis. Health Canada. December 13, 2016.

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December 16, 2016

Science & Research
A Genetic Library for Beer. Food Canada. December 8, 2016.
Herbal Approaches to Alcohol Dependence: Evidence and Risks. Pharmacy Times. December 7, 2016.
Turmeric Based Herbal Supplement as Effective as Antidiabetic Drug. Food Consumer. December 7, 2016.
The Secret Slimming Effect of Sweet Potato Waste. Science Daily. December 7, 2016.
UVM Researchers Tout Growing Saffron in Vermont. Seven Days. December 7, 2016.
Cloves Effective for Treating Oral Cavity Pain. The Clinical Advisor. December 6, 2016.
Wise Plant Analysis: Identifying Plant Metabolites. Science Daily. December 5, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
GNC Settles Dietary Supplements Case with U.S. Government. Reuters. December 7, 2016.
India’s New Functional Food and Supplements Rules: The Key Requirements Every Firm Needs to Know. FoodNavigator-Asia. December 7, 2016.
FDA Publishes Adverse Events on Dietary Supplements and Conventional Foods. Natural Products Insider. December 6, 2016.
Why FDA Is Making Data Extracted from Reports of Adverse Events for Foods and Cosmetics Available to the Public. FDA Voice. December 6, 2016.

Community & Industry
NMU Offers New Medicinal Plant Chemistry Degree. The Mining Journal. December 12, 2016.
State of the Industry — Update & Outlook for 2017. Nutraceuticals World. December 2016.
ABC, AHPA Urge Officials to Refrain from Banning Kratom Constituents. NutraIngredients-USA. December 6, 2016.
CRN Outlines Priorities for 115th Congress. Nutritional Outlook. December 6, 2016.
Dietary Supplements: 2016 Year in Review. Natural Products Insider. December 5, 2016.

Grants &s; Awards
Nutritional Outlook's 2016 Best of the Industry Award Winners. Nutritional Outlook. December 7, 2016.
Nutritional Outlook's 2016 Best of the Industry, Industry Leader: Botanical Adulterants Program. Nutritional Outlook. December 7, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Australian Couple Gives $3M to Boost Jefferson's Medical Marijuana Research Center. Philadelphia Business Journal. December 7, 2016.
Texas Senator Introduces Longshot Medical Marijuana Bill. Austin American-Statesman. December 6, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
How Just 8 Flavors Have Defined American Cuisine. NPR. December 6, 2016.
Tourists Are Flocking to Gabon to Try One of the World’s Strongest Psychedelic Drugs. Slate. December 5, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Adulteration to make spinach supplements...stronger? Securing Industry. December 12, 2016.

Trends & Technology
3 Compelling Supplement Trends in 2016. Natural Products Insider. December 12, 2016.
Many Pain Patients Using Complementary Health Approaches—but Not Necessarily for Pain. Pain Medicine News. December 8, 2016.
Clean Label, Sustainability & Transparency: The Trends Behind a Movement. Nutraceuticals World. December 7, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine is China’s Latest ‘Soft Power’ Weapon. South China Morning Post. December 7, 2016.
China Issues First White Paper on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Xinhua. December 6, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Traditional Chinese Medicine Expansion for University. The University of Adelaide. December 8, 2016.
Medical Marijuana Policy Roadmap Released by Americans for Safe Access. Americans for Safe Access. December 8, 2016.
NPA Welcomes Efforts to Promote Transparency in Natural Products Industry. Natural Products Association. December 6, 2016.
AHPA Submits Comments to DEA on Potential Impacts of Scheduling Herbal Constituents. American Herbal Products Association. December 5, 2016.
Dr. Daniel Fabricant, NPA CEO, to Appear on "The Doctors" to Talk Kratom. American Herbal Products Association. December 5, 2016.

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December 7, 2016

Science & Research
A Dose of a Hallucinogen from a ‘Magic Mushroom,’ and Then Lasting Peace. The New York Times. December 1, 2016.
The Life-Changing Magic of Mushrooms. The Atlantic. December 1, 2016.
Bilberry Consumption Linked to Better Cholesterol Levels: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. December 1, 2016.
Fermented Tea Could Help Protect the Liver from High-fat Diet Damage. NutraIngredients-Asia. November 30, 2016.
Crabapple Supplements Could Help Cut Cholesterol, China Study Discovers. NutraIngredients. November 30, 2016.
Plant magic: Scientists Return to Roots to Fight Superbugs. Deutsche Welle. November 29, 2016.
Kratom May Have Medical Benefit as Opioid Alternative. Science Daily. November 28, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Drug Expert Says FDA, not DEA, Should Oversee Kratom as Herb Poses Little Public Health Risk. NutraIngredients-USA. December 5, 2016.
Kratom: The Bitter Plant That Could Help Opioid Addicts—if the DEA Doesn’t Ban It. WIRED. November 30, 2016.
Don't Rush to Ban or Use Kratom, Expert Says. Medscape. November 30, 2016.
NPA Tells DEA that Kratom Poses Threat to Public Health. NutraIngredients-USA. November 30, 2016.
Kratom: Healing Herb or Dangerous Drug? Austin American-Statesman. November 29, 2016.
Prop 65 Warnings for Aloe Vera, Non-decolorized Whole Leaf Extract & Goldenseal Root Powder Effective Dec 4, 2016. NutraIngredients-USA. November 29, 2016.
The New Food Current Good Manufacturing Practices and Their Effect on Dietary Supplement Quality: What You Need to Know. Integrative Medicine. October 2016.

Community & Industry
Cranberry Industry Skewers JAMA Editorial Proposing No UTI Benefits. Nutritional Outlook. November 28, 2016.
British Nutrition Foundation Targets Myths in Media. November 28, 2016.
2016 Person of the Year: Cara Welch, Ph.D. Senior Advisor for FDA’s Office of Dietary Supplement Programs. WholeFoods Magazine. November 18, 2016.
Can We Say Cure? Integrative Medicine. October 2016.

Cannabis Update
8 Burning Questions About the Coming Federal Pot Report. CBC News. November 30, 2016.
Cannabis for Canines? Medicinal Pot Products a Growing Trend for Toronto Pet Owners. CBC News. November 30, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Would You Feel Sexy Wearing Eau de Extinction? MIT Technology Review. December 5, 2016.
Exploring Botanical Names Requires a Trip Through History. Houston Chronicle. December 2, 2016.
US public divided over food science. EurekAlert! December 1, 2016.
Christmas Trees and the Science Behind Them. Michigan State University Extension. November 29, 2016.
Homeopathic ‘medicines’ will have to state they don’t work. Chemistry World. November 27, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Botanical Adulterants: What You Should Know. WholeFoods Magazine. November 29, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Herbal relaxation drinks: we sort truth from hype about trendy brews marketed to stressed-out Hongkongers. South China Morning Post. December 6, 2016.
Energy Takes No. 2 Spot Among Reasons Driving Supplement Use in 2016. Natural Products Insider. November 30, 2016.
5 innovative supplement delivery systems to watch. NutraIngredients-USA. November 30, 2016.
Top 2016 Legal and Regulatory Trends in Dietary Supplement Industry. Natural Products Insider. November 29, 2016.
2017 Marks Year of Extremes for Food & Beverage Industry. Natural Products Insider. November 17, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Glacier Melt Threatens Medicinal Plants in Pakistan. Glacier Hub. December 1, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Fighting the Flu with a Cretan Herbal Medicine. The National Herald. December 5, 2016.
Beijing Launches Traditional Chinese Medicine Tours Directed at Foreign Audiences. Yahoo! Finance. December 1, 2016.
'Every Plant That Exists Has Meaning': Traditional Ecological Medicine. KCET. November 30, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
AHPA submits comments to DEA on potential impacts of scheduling herbal constituents. American Herbal Products Association. December 5, 2016.
AHPA submits comments to FTC regarding consumer perceptions of "organic" claims. American Herbal Products Association. December 2, 2016.
Viet Nam’s traditional medicine sector sees clear benefits of using sustainably sourced wild plants. TRAFFIC. December 2, 2016.
India’s President recognizes USP partnership with NIPER. US Pharmacopeial Convention. December 1, 2016.
CRN Assesses New Political Climate in Post-Election Webinar. Council for Responsible Nutrition. November 30, 2016.
ASA Files Petition with DOJ Demanding DEA Correct Misinformation About Cannabis. Americans for Safe Access. December 5, 2016.
Kew supports Mexico in race against time to protect incredible biodiversity. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. November 29, 2016.
NPA Tells Drug Enforcement Agency that Kratom Poses Threat to Public Health, Could Cause Serious Unintended Consequences as Nation Struggles with Opioid Addiction. Natural Products Association. November 29, 2016.
Prescribing the balance of nature to traditional medicine schools. TRAFFIC. November 29, 2016.
Flu and Colds: In Depth. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. November 2016.
Know the Science. TRAFFIC. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. October 26, 2016.

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November 30, 2016

Science & Research
Curcumin supplementation shows benefits for people with severe depression: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. November 25, 2016.
Plant compounds may boost brain function in older adults. Knowridge Science Report. November 25, 2016.
Unlocking the genetic code of an ancient survivor. The Guardian. November 23, 2016.
Omega-3s boost muscle function in older women but not men: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. November 23, 2016.
No evidence of aloe vera found in the aloe vera at Wal-Mart, CVS. MSN Money. November 22, 2016.
The Healing Powers of Honey. The Atlantic. November 16, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Breaking the AMA logjam? Pennsylvania regulates naturopathic doctors. Integrative Practitioner. November 10, 2016.

Community & Industry
FDA's New Dietary Ingredient guidance challenges industry. New Hope Network. November 23, 2016.
GRMA close to finalizing consensus-based GMP standard for dietary supplements. NutraIngredients-USA. November 22, 2016.
Journalists need to prune the overgrowth in the jungle of supplement news. Health News Review. November 22, 2016.
News judgment: A tale of two Times stories. New Hope Network. November 22, 2016.

Cannabis Update
This small Alberta village could soon be home to the world's largest marijuana factory. CBC News. November 25, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Kale Is About To Have An Identity Crisis. NPR. November 28, 2016.
The Favorite Drink Of Italian Grandpas Gets An American Revival. NPR. November 25, 2016.
Time is ripe for polyphenols as prebiotics, expert says. NutraIngredients-USA. November 21, 2016.
Tribes Revive Indigenous Crops, And The Food Traditions That Go With Them. NPR. November 18, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Giants in the Face of Drought. The Atlantic. November 27, 2016.
The World’s Coconuts Are in Danger. The Atlantic. November 14, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Macau aims to industrialize traditional Chinese medicine. Macau Daily Times. November 28, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Anti-Marijuana Zealot Tapped For Attorney General. NORML. November 18, 2016.

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November 25, 2016

Science & Research
Plant compounds may boost brain function in older adults, study says. EurekAlert! November 21, 2016.
Clinical Research: Twenty years of GCP. NutraIngredients-USA. November 21, 2016.
More needs to be done to ensure use of standard materials in botanical research, experts say. NutraIngredients-USA. November 21, 2016.
How a Mediterranean-style diet may reduce heart failure in the aged. Science Daily. November 17, 2016.
Scientists explore how nutrition may feed mental health. EurekAlert! November 17, 2016.
Chemical origami yields new plant compounds with therapeutic and economic potential. November 17, 2016.
Anxiety and Complementary Health Approaches. NCCIH Clinical Digest. November 17, 2016.
Investigating Nephrotoxicity from Herbal Medicines. Thermo Fisher Scientific. November 16, 2016.
Database helps plant 'right tree for the right place'. BBC News. November 15, 2016.
Plant-based diet may lower risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Knowridge Science Report. November 16, 2016.
Drinking red wine before smoking can prevent short term vascular damage. EurekAlert! November 15, 2016.
Scientists uncover genetic evidence that 'we are what we eat'. EurekAlert! November 15, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
EFSA models transparency with open source ‘Knowledge Junction’. NutraIngredients. November 16, 2016.
State now requires naturopathic doctors to be licensed. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. November 15, 2016.

Community & Industry
Fujifilm, China Resources to team on herbal medicine. Nikkei Asian Review. November 21, 2016.
Your thoughts on Trump's triumph: From 'authoritarian tactics' to 'a thriving business environment.' NutraIngredients. November 15, 2016.
Trump: Good or bad news for the supplements industry? (Our survey results are in). NutraIngredients-USA. November 15, 2016.
Charleston native Ann Armbrecht to present research on herbs. Charleston Gazette-Mail. November 13, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Medical Marijuana Is Legal in California. Except When It’s Not. The New York Times. November 21, 2016.
Texas Wants to Make it More Expensive for Cannabis Oil Dispensaries to Do Business. Texas Public Radio. November 18, 2016.
Cannabis Studies Called Into Question As Research Weed Is Too Weak. IFLScience. November 14, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Which Supplements, if Any, May Be Worth Your Money. The New York Times. November 21, 2016.
Supplementary Facts: Polyphenols' Power Is in Food and Drink, Not in Pill Form. Medscape. November 21, 2016.
Herbal Support for Sexual Health. Natural Products Insider. November 16, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Prescription Drugs Found in Some Supplements. Consumer Reports. November 15, 2016.

Trends & Technology
The Controversial Redesign of the Lowly Multivitamin (Yes, Controversial). WIRED. November 15, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Meet the Scientists Breeding Vegetables for Our Changing Environment. NBC News. November 21, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Thomas Temple Re-Elected Chair of USP Board of Trustees. US Pharmacopeial Convention. November 21, 2016.
The New York Botanical Garden Receives $100,000 Grant from Newman’s Own Foundation. New York Botanical Garden. November 17, 2016.
The Institute For Natural Medicine Continues to Strengthen Its Mission And Keep Its Promises. The Institute for Natural Medicine. November 16, 2016.
Natural Products Association Congratulates Donald J. Trump on Election Victory. Natural Products Association. November 16, 2016.
Pennsylvania Approves Naturopathic Licensure. Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. November 15, 2016.
FTC Issues Enforcement Policy Statement Regarding Marketing Claims for Over-the-Counter Homeopathic Drugs. Federal Trade Commission. November 15, 2016.
UpS Awarded Grant. United Plant Savers. November 13, 2016.
Words from President Juan Manuel Santos at the launch event in Colombia of the "Amazonian Travels of Richard Evans Schultes.” The Amazon Conservation Team. November 11, 2016.
Call for Articles: 2017 Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation. United Plant Savers. November 11, 2016.
United Plant Savers at the IUCN World Conservation Congress. United Plant Savers. November 11, 2016.
Guidance on the preparation and presentation of the notification and application for authorisation of traditional foods from third countries in the context of Regulation (EU) 2015/2283. European Food Safety Authority. November 10, 2016.
Voters In Eight States Approve Marijuana Law Reform In Unprecedented Election Victories. NORML. November 10, 2016.
Climate change dramatically disrupting nature from genes to ecosystems – study. International Union for the Conservation of Nature. November 10, 2016.

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November 15, 2016

Science & Research
Studies Show Little Benefit in Supplements. The New York Times. November 14, 2016.
Green tea extract supplements may improve lipid levels for women. NutraIngredients. November 9, 2016.
Spices and diabetes: Urgent need for more human trials to assess benefits, say Asia researchers. NutraIngredients. November 9, 2016.
Licorice compound interferes with sex hormones in ovary, study finds. EurekAlert! November 9, 2016.
Scientists reconstruct largest ever family tree of major flowering plant group. November 4, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Botanicals progress: EU Health Commissioner promises solution in his time. NutraIngredients. November 14, 2016.
Proposed Pa. law would have naturopaths be registered. Pocono Record. November 11, 2016.
‘Pro business’ is best guess when looking at character of Trump administration. NutraIngredients-USA. November 9, 2016.
UK petition demands nutritionist become protected job title. NutraIngredients. November 9, 2016.
Trumpism and the Bigotry of the Antagonists to Integrative Medicine and Health. Huffington Post. November 11, 2016.

Community & Industry
NBTY, LI vitamin maker, changes name to the Nature’s Bounty Co. Newsday. November 14, 2016.
Meet Jun Mao, MSK’s Chief of Integrative Medicine. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center blog. November 11, 2016.
Can President Trump change the natural products industry? New Hope Network. November 11, 2016.
Meet the Pukka Herbs founders who are actually 'selling tea to China'. Bristol Post. November 11, 2016.
Medicinal herb industry takes root in Palestine. Al-Monitor. November 9, 2016.
Industry Leaders Slam FDA’s Take on Vinpocetine. Nutritional Outlook. November 7, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Federally produced cannabis for research does not reflect potency, diversity of legal markets. CU Boulder Today. November 14, 2016.
Advocates for medicinal marijuana look to Texas next for legalization. KXAN. November 14, 2016.
A New Test of Pot's Potential to Replace Painkillers. The Atlantic. November 10, 2016.
Cannabinoids induce memory loss through the decrease in energy of the neurons. EurekAlert! November 10, 2016.
Medlab announces first Australian cannabis trial for cancer pain as nutraceutical sales soar. NutraIngredients. November 10, 2016.
Medical marijuana victories in Florida, North Dakota, Arkansas, Montana turn the tide. The Washington Post. November 9, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Aldi and Menora assure the ACCC they will no longer sell oregano mixed with other leaves. The Sydney Morning Herald. November 10, 2016.

Trends & Technology
With app, forest dept gets set to check illegal supply of medicinal plants, herb. Deccan Herald. November 14, 2016.
How Your Genetic Sequence Can Be Exploited By The Supplement Industry. Forbes. November 14, 2016.
The top trending Ayurveda ingredients right now…and why they are destined to remain niche products in the West. NutraIngredients-USA. November 14, 2016.
The amaro craze now has its bible, Amaro: The Spirited World of Bittersweet, Herbal Liqueurs. Chicago Reader. November 11, 2016.
FRLH Herbarium’s WeDigBio 2016 enables citizen scientists to upload details of medicinal plants to create flora distribution maps. Pharmabiz. October 26, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
India pitches for cultivation of medicinal plants to mitigate climate change. November 10, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Peru's practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine bonds two ancient cultures. New China. November 14, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
'Agaricus of North America' Now Available from NYBG Press. New York Botanical Garden. November 10, 2016.
NYBG's Center for Conservation Strategy Launches New York City EcoFlora Project. New York Botanical Garden. November 4, 2016.
NPA Supports the Lawful Marketing of Vinpocetine in the U.S. in Comments to FDA. Natural Products Association. November 7, 2016.
Brad Jacobs, MD, Becomes Chair of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine. Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine. November 3, 2016.
McLean Hospital Study Finds That Medical Marijuana Use May Improve Cognitive Performance. McLean Hospital. October 18, 2016.

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November 9, 2016

Science & Research
Dietary Supplements in Irritable Bowel Disease. Pharmacy Times. November 4, 2016.
Scientists decode the genome of Chinese licorice. EurekAlert! November 3, 2016.
JAMA review finds no statistical support for bias in industry-sponsored research. NutraIngredients-USA. November 3, 2016.
Negative cranberry study looked at wrong endpoint and editorial confounded issue, experts say. NutraIngredients-USA. November 2, 2016.
JAMA rejects cranberry for UTI; industry says Yale study infected with fault. NutraIngredients-USA. November 2, 2016.
Berry wine, minus the alcohol, may offer help for those with diabetes. Science Daily. November 1, 2016.
Review of industry-sponsored nutrition studies ‘suggests’ they’re more likely to have favourable conclusions. NutraIngredients-USA. November 1, 2016.
Opioids Out, Cannabis In: Negotiating the Unknowns in Patient Care for Chronic Pain. The JAMA Network. November 1, 2016.
From the Ground Up: Herbs and Antibiotics. Las Cruces Sun-News. November 1, 2016.
Cranberry disrupts harmful bacteria's ability to communicate, spread and become virulent. EurekAlert! October 25, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
13 things we learned from the IPA’s DC Workshop. NutraIngredients-USA. November 7, 2016.
Consumers Urge FDA to Keep Vinpocetine on Market as Dietary Supplement. Natural Products Insider. November 4, 2016.
German impact study finds EU health claim laws blocking innovation; no excuse for lame marketing, says analyst. NutraIngredients. November 4, 2016.
Ten things to change about DSHEA. NutraIngredients-USA. November 4, 2016.
Senator Hatch urges withdrawal of vinpocetine notice. NutraIngredients-USA. November 4, 2016.

Community & Industry
How California's Marijuana Legalization Vote Could Impact The Entire Country. Forbes. November 7, 2016.
All Plants Are Medicine; We Just Need To (re)Learn How. National Geographic – Voices blog. November 4, 2016.
Curing What Ails Us, from Urban Herbalism to Activism. Civil Eats. November 3, 2016.
Project aims to end 'ambiguity' of plant-based medicine. BBC News. November 2, 2016.
Supplement OWL product registry ready to accept product labels. NutraIngredients-USA. November 2, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Marijuana on the Ballot. Scientific American. November 7, 2016.
The Trend Toward Legalizing Recreational Marijuana. NPR. November 5, 2016.
Could pot help solve the U.S. opioid epidemic? Science. November 3, 2016.
Using DNA to unlock the mysteries of cannabis and reduce the risk of dodgy ‘medical’ products. The Conversation. October 31, 2016.
Vermont Group Makes $250,000 Investment In Hardwick-Grown Hemp. Vermont Public Radio. October 28, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Death Valley Is Alive. The New Yorker. November 14, 2016.
Superfood or Super Hype? Consumer Reports. November 7, 2016.
Everything you need to know about ashwagandha—the stress-fighting adaptogen of the moment. Well and Good. November 3, 2016.
The Definitive Superfood Ranking. Outside. October 31, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Detecting potentially harmful mycotoxins in beer. EurekAlert! November 2, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Brain Health and Sports Nutrition Team Up in Dietary Supplements. Nutritional Outlook. November 7, 2016.
Iran's exports of medicinal herbs rise as sanctions removed. Xinhua. November 4, 2016.
Autumn trend? Leaf extracts used as food colourants and nutraceuticals. NutraIngredients. November 3, 2016.
Hops beyond beer and tea from a spray can: Fona lists interesting food trends from October. FoodNavigator-USA. November 2, 2016.
Confidence, trust in supplements stay high as younger consumer usage grows: CRN data. NutraIngredients-USA. November 1, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Chinese Medicine Law Stirs Debate Between Scholars and Skeptics. Sixth Tone. November 7, 2016.
As health system collapses, Zimbabwe turns to street herbs. The Washington Post. November 6, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Bikes, Water & Women: How Traditional Medicinals’ Revive! Project is Changing Lives. CSRwire. November 3, 2016.
Brad Jacobs, MD, Becomes Chair of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine. Business Wire. November 3, 2016.
The Supplement OWL Has Landed: New Dietary Supplement Product Registry Ready to Accept Product Labels. Council for Responsible Nutrition. November 1, 2016.
Kew and Colombia to help identify, protect and promote plant biodiversity. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. November 1, 2016.
AHPA reappoints Wynn Werner and P K Dave as co-chairs of the Ayurvedic Products Committee. American Herbal Products Association. October 31, 2016.
Groudbreaking Ceremony Marks Beginning of Construction of the Edible Academy, NYBG’s State-of-the-Art Facility for Learning about Healthful, Plant-based Nutrition. New York Botanical Garden. October 27, 2016.
USP and Chinese Pharmacopeia Extend Partnership to Improve Medicines Quality and Patient Safety. US Pharmacopeial Convention. October 27, 2016.
Planting the Future: Medicinal Plant Conservation in the Driftless Region. United Plant Savers. October 26, 2016.

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November 4, 2016

Science & Research
Cranberry for Prevention of Urinary Tract Infection? Time to Move On. The JAMA Network. October 27, 2016.
Rosemary and Time: Does This Italian Hamlet Have a Recipe for Long Life? The New York Times. October 19, 2016.
If You Want to Cure All Diseases, Include All of the World's Scientists. Scientific American. October 20, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Sen. Hatch Urges FDA to Withdraw Vinpocetine Dietary Supplement Notice. Natural Products Insider. October 26, 2016.
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to decide dietary supplements case. Northern California Record. October 26, 2016.
Prop 65 private enforcers are just getting warmed up, attorney warns. NutraIngredients-USA. October 24, 2016.
Kratom: Deadly Drug or Herbal Cure for Opioid Epidemic? Rolling Stone. October 21, 2016.
NDIs—is everything old new again? United Natural Products Alliance. October 19, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Medicinal cannabis crops now legal in Australia. The Sydney Morning Herald. October 30, 2016.
Election May Be a Turning Point for Legal Marijuana.The New York Times. October 24, 2016.
A ‘Green Rush’ to the Great White North. US News and World Report. October 24, 2016.
Inside big pharma's fight to block recreational marijuana. The Guardian. October 22, 2016.
Researchers uncover structure of marijuana receptor that makes humans 'high'. CBC News. October 21, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
An uncanny mixture: God, alcohol and even cannabis. BBC News. October 27, 2016.
Can Ginger Ale Really Soothe Nausea? The Atlantic. October 27, 2016.
What The Real Witches Of America Eat. NPR. October 26, 2016.
When Tomatoes Were Blamed For Witchcraft and Werewolves. Atlas Obscura. October 24, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Next Gen sequencing still not mature enough to use as standard botanical test method, experts argue. NutraIngredients-USA. October 28, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Assam herbs ripe for nutraceutical and functional food development: Study. NutraIngredients. October 26, 2016.
How Indians are embracing the superfoods all around them. South China Morning Post. October 24, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
‘Critics think it's snake oil medicine’: Call for more TCM research to prove doubters wrong. NutraIngredients. October 31, 2016.
Practitioners of traditional Mayan medicine have a lot to teach modern doctors. Quartz. October 26, 2016.
Guam's indigenous healers harvest medicinal heritage at naval base. USA Today. October 26, 2016.
4 Things Native American Doctors Got Right Long Before Modern Medicine. Medical Daily. October 26, 2016.
Singapore shells out $3m to boost research on traditional Chinese medicine. Singapore Business Review. October 24, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Ethiopia’s Prof. Sebsebe Demissew awarded prestigious Kew International Medal. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. October 21, 2016.
Update on international supplement regulations. American Herbal Products Association. October 21, 2016.
"Incidental DNA fragments" may be misinterpreted using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). American Herbal Product Association. October 19, 2016..
Lawmakers Agree: Naturopathic Doctors are a Solid Choice to Combat Chronic Pain for Veterans. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. October 12, 2016.
CRN Announces Educational Grant to Advance Nutrition Education. Council for Responsible Nutrition. October 17, 2016.
Pew Supports Office of Dietary Supplements Strategic Plan but Suggests Evaluation. The Pew Charitable Trusts. September 30, 2016.

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October 24, 2016

Science & Research
Phytoestrogen health functions ‘inconclusive,’ review finds. NutraIngredients. October 13, 2016.
Anti-tuberculosis drug disrupted by botanical supplement, can lead to development of disease. Science Daily. October 10, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Room for Debate: Is Kratom the Plant That Heals, or Kills? The New York Times. October 19, 2016.
FDA’s Draft Guidance for New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Notifications in Dietary Supplements: Counting the Cost. Natural Products Insider. October 18, 2016.
DEA ends emergency kratom listing, begins more protracted proceeding. NutraIngredients-USA. October 13, 2016.

Community & Industry
Chinese Firms Look at Fortifying Nutrition Holdings With GNC. The Wall Street Journal. October 19, 2016.
From the Editor: Industry Taking the Right Road. Nutritional Outlook. October 18, 2016.
CRN donates $10,000 to Tufts University students. NutraIngredients-USA. October 17, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Will Hemp CBD’s Regulatory Controversy Help or Hurt Its Future as a Supplement Ingredient? Nutritional Outlook. October 18, 2016.
High on the horizon: A glimpse into Israel’s budding Medical Cannabis industry. Geek Time. October 16, 2016.
Mad Science, Bad Science and the Cannabis Plant. AlterNet. October 14, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Why bosweillia is the next ‘everything’ herb. ChiroEco. October 18, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
60 Percent of St. John's Wort Supplements Fail Tests: Lab. Newsmax Health. October 18, 2016.
ABC Adulterants Program speeds up publication schedule. NutraIngredients-USA. October 18, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Coffee And Climate Change: In Brazil, A Disaster Is Brewing. NPR. October 12, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Withdrawal of Notice of Intent to Temporarily Place Mitragynine and 7- Hydroxymitragynine into Schedule I. US Department of Justice. October 12, 2016.

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October 13, 2016

Science & Research
Half of U.S. Adults Use Dietary Supplements, Despite Scant Evidence. NEJM Journal Watch. October 12, 2016.
Trends in Dietary Supplement Use Among US Adults From 1999-2012. Journal of the American Medical Association. October 11, 2016.
The Supplement Paradox: Negligible Benefits, Robust Consumption. Journal of the American Medical Association. October 11, 2016.
Botanical supplement may weaken TB drug. Futurity. October 11, 2016.
Enhanced curcumin boosts endothelial function for healthy people: RCT. NutraIngredients. October 11, 2016.
Western medicine, more so than herbal medicine, contributes to DILI in China. Healio. October 10, 2016.
Scientists outline biochemistry of xanthohumol -- an avenue to treat metabolic syndrome. EurekAlert! October 10, 2016.
Certain alternative therapies may help patients with bowel disorders. Science Daily. October 3, 2016.
Building a Foundation for Clinical Trials of Natural Products. NCCIH Research Blog. September 27, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Panel explores issue of how best to live with NDI provisions. NutraIngredients-USA. October 11, 2016.
'Confusion' best describes global regulation of aloe, expert says. NutraIngredients. October 10, 2016.
EFSA to consider green tea catechins safety. NutraIngredients. October 6, 2016.
Herbal and dietary supplements tied to liver damage. Reuters. October 6, 2016.
Sabinsa’s Curcumin Ingredients Granted New Health Claims in Canada. Nutritional Outlook. October 6, 2016.

Community & Industry
Southeast Wise Women’s Herbal Conference will draw more than 1,000 to Black Mountain. Mountain Xpress. October 11, 2016.
Where Does the Dietary Supplements Industry Stand Two Years after the New York Attorney General’s Investigation?. Nutritional Outlook. October 10, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Pets on Pot: The Newest Customer Base for Medical Marijuana. The New York Times. October 8, 2016.
Pharmacy’s Role in Medical Cannabis. Pharmacy Times. October 7, 2016.
Ancient Cannabis 'Burial Shroud' Discovered in Desert Oasis. National Geographic. October 4, 2016.
Jamaica, Long Opposed to Marijuana, Now Wants to Cash In on It. The New York Times. October 1, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Herbal medicine: A relic of the past or a signpost of the future? The Irish Times. October 11, 2016.
The Early Feminist Who Used Botany to Teach Kids About Sex. The Atlantic. October 6, 2016.
Wave Hill Hosts Dead Botanists Walk. Patch - Mount Vernon, New York. October 5, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Growth Industry: Flagler County palmetto berries attract pickers. Palm Coast Observer. October 6, 2016.
Himalayan kodo millet found to have nutraceutical and functional food potential. NutraIngredients. October 5, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Macao 'to be' traditional Chinese medicine hub. ECNS. October 11, 2016.
Chinese medicine hopes to standardize. ECNS. October 11, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
New Study of Supplement Usage Shows Steady Interest by Consumers in Product Category. Council for Responsible Nutrition. October 11, 2016.
Toyota Supports Kew’s Vital Research Into Threatened Plant Species. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. October 7, 2016.
The Common Cold and Complementary Health Approaches. NCCIH Clinical Digest. October 6, 2016.

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October 9, 2016

Science & Research
Alternative medicine may be linked to lower vaccination rates. Reuters. October 3, 2016.
Wide net cast by paper clouds issue of liver injury risk posed by supplements, critics say. NutraIngredients-USA. October 3, 2016.
2-5 coffees per day shows CVD benefits. NutraIngredients. September 30, 2016.
Acai boosts vascular function, improves heart health: RCT. NutraIngredients. September 30, 2016.
Botanicals: Research round-up. NutraIngredients. September 28, 2016.
Pine bark extracts may help curb age-related muscle loss; Study. NutraIngredients-USA. September 28, 2016.
MPD3: a useful medicinal plants database for drug designing. Natural Products Research. September 28, 2016.
Top Kratom Researcher Discusses Potential Medical Use In Opioid Withdrawal. Forbes. September 28, 2016.
The spice of life: Cinnamon cools your stomach. Science Daily. September 26, 2016.
Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease: Could plant-based Traditional Chinese Medicines aid treatment? NutraIngredients. September 26, 2016.
Hallucinogen Therapy Is Coming. Nautilus. September 22, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
DEA appears to waver on kratom listing in face of pressure from lawmakers. NutraIngredients-USA. October 5, 2016.
New Dietary Ingredients (NDI)– A Better Solution. NutraIngredients-USA. October 4, 2016.
FDA extends NDI comment period to Dec. 12. NutraIngredients-USA. October 4, 2016.
How Do FDA and FTC Regulate Ayurveda Products? Nutritional Outlook. October 3, 2016.
Why Health Canada’s proposed overhaul of NHP regs are a concern to the industry. NutraIngredients-USA. October 3, 2016.
Senators Ask DEA To Delay Plans To Criminalize Another Herb. Huffington Post. September 30, 2016.
EU herbals: Creative escape routes out of botanical claims limbo-land. NutraIngredients. September 29, 2016.
THMPD: Has it delivered? NutraIngredients. September 29, 2016.

Community & Industry
New York Pushes DNA Testing to Ensure Dietary Supplements Contain Promised Ingredients. Care2. October 3, 2016.
NBTY to DNA barcode herbal ingredients after agreement with NY AG. NutraIngredients. September 29, 2016.
What’s in Your Herbal Pills? Firm Promises DNA Testing for Proof. The New York Times. September 28, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Medical marijuana legal fight rages over expanding qualifying conditions. Chicago Tribune. September 30, 2016.
How a Maryland lawmaker shaped the medical marijuana industry — and joined it. Washington Post. September 29, 2016.
Pharmacy leads research in marijuana, other plants. The DM Online. September 29, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Supplement Testing in a DNA World. Natural Products Insider. September 30, 2016.
Can DNA testing make nutritional supplements safer? Some tests might not be up to snuff. STAT. September 29, 2016.
DNA Testing Methods Create Challenges for Supplements Industry Post-NYAG Investigation. Natural Products Insider. September 28, 2016..

Frostburg State University Ethnobotany Students Gain Insight Into Western Maryland Ginseng Operation. FSU News. September 27, 2016.
New class teaches Ambler students ‘botanical traditions’. The Temple News. September 27, 2016.
Lee Foundation MSc students from Singapore start their study at Kew. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. September 26, 2016.

Grants & Awards
Honoring tropical botany: NTBG award winner’s work focuses on plant colonization on Hawaii. The Garden Island. October 3, 2016.

Trends & Technology
What's Behind Oregon's Marionberry Mania? NPR. October 5, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
A partnership in plant biology and conservation. ASU Now. September 30, 2016.
Medicinal Herb or Myth? Indian Official Proposes Hunt for Sanjivani of Lore. New York Times. September 29, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Industry Leaders Collaborate to Develop the Supplement OWL — New Product Registry a Hallmark of Industry Maturation. Council for Responsible Nutrition. October 3, 2016.
Food Supplements: Challenges & risks for consumers. BEUC: The European Consumer Organization. September 30, 2016.
AHPA expresses concern about DEA using emergency scheduling authority to temporarily classify herb as schedule I substance. American Herbal Products Association. September 30, 2016.
2016 AOAC Annual Meeting Highlights: Celebrating 132 Years of Analytical Excellence. AOAC International. September 30, 2016.

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October 2, 2016

Science & Research
Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease: Could plant-based Traditional Chinese Medicines aid treatment? NutraIngredients. September 26, 2016.
UK researchers tap into China's scientific powerhouse. BBC News. September 23, 2016.
Could a shot of orange juice boost brain power for men? NutraIngredients. September 23, 2016.
DEA Blocks Research Into Promising Opioid Alternatives. Slate. September 22, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Demand Time (and Changes) in the FDA’s Move Limiting Access and Increasing Costs of Dietary Supplements. Huffington Post. September 24, 2016.
Dallas judge rejects feds' attempt to shutter lab accused of making dangerous supplements. Dallas News. September 24, 2016.
One Week Until Kratom Components Are Banned In The U.S. Forbes. September 23, 2016.
NDI Draft Guidance: Just When You Thought You Were Safe. Nutritional Outlook. September 23, 2016.
NDI guidance will dampen innovation in botanicals, experts say. NutraIngredients-USA. September 22, 2016.

Community & Industry
This week: Join experts from ABC, GNC, Herbalist & Alchemist & Nature’s Way for the NIU Botanicals Forum. NutraIngredients-USA. September 26, 2016.
The science of UBC's secret garden. The Ubessy. September 24, 2016.
An Expert on Chinese Medicine, but No New Age Healer. The New York Times. September 23, 2016.
Trade groups claim victory on Puerto Rican product registration, fee plan. NutraIngredients-USA. September 23, 2016.
GNC/AHPA raw materials program nears final review. NutraIngredients-USA. September 22, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Lindsey Graham’s Mind-Expanding Pot Journey. Politico. September 20, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Can Breathing Oils and Herbs Aid Calm and Well-Being? Wall Street Journal. September 26, 2016.
Meet the Fruit: Aronia, a “Superfood” Native to the American Midwest. Modern Farmer. September 22, 2016.
Botanicals hit national spotlight in article on ethnobotany. NutraIngredients-USA. September 22, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Adulteration with bindweed: A big concern that nobody is talking about? NutraIngredients-USA. September 26, 2016.
Indo-Canadian study finds large scale adulteration of ingredient ‘Ashoka’ in traditional Indian medicines. India Live Today. September 20, 2016.

Trends & Technology
IASC says global aloe market continues to expand. NutraIngredients. September 26, 2016.
Turmeric leads the charge as herbal sales continue to bloom. NutraIngredients-USA. September 22, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Climate Change Threatens World’s Coffee Supply, Report Says. The New York Times. September 22, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
NPA Efforts on PROMESA Forces Puerto Rican Secretary of Health to Delay Onerous Restrictions on Dietary Supplements. Natural Products Association. September 22, 2016.
Puerto Rico Secretary of Health Stops AO 346 in its Tracks. Council for Responsible Nutrition. September 22, 2016.
Statement from Health Canada on the Testing of Marijuana. Health Canada. September 21, 2016.

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September 25, 2016

Science & Research
The Inevitable Evolution of Bad Science. The Atlantic. September 21, 2016.
Chokeberries have ‘minor beneficial effects’ on heart health, says study. NutraIngredients-USA. September 20, 2016.
The Plant-Based Solution To Antibiotic Resistance. WBUR. September 20, 2016.
Will the next antibiotic breakthrough come from these humble plants? Mother Nature Network. September 20, 2016.
Troubling New Potential Garcinia Cambogia Side Effect. Consumer Reports. September 15, 2016.
Corydalis yanhusuo extract for use as an adjunct medicine for low to moderate chronic pain. Science Daily. September 14, 2016.
Kava, with caveats: is this popular psychoactive tea bad for your liver? The Verge. September 14, 2016.
What vitamins, nutrients will help prevent glaucoma from worsening? Science Daily. September 14, 2016.
Omega-3, omega-6 supplement improves reading for children. Science Daily. September 14, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
When it comes to dietary supplements, who’s watching whom? September 20, 2016.
Kratom Defenders Fight Plan To Ban Herb Used By People In Recovery. Kaiser Health News. September 20, 2016.
From nanotechnology to master files, 5 things to think about from FDA's new NDI draft guidance. NutraIngredients-USA. September 19, 2016.

Community & Industry
NPA to develop ‘safe harbor’ list for dietary ingredients. NutraIngredients-USA. September 21, 2016.
What’s going on with the NY AG 7? NutraIngredients-USA. September 21, 2016.
More NDI training needed: A pulse on the dietary supplements industry. NutraIngredients-USA. September 20, 2016.
AHPA President Cites History of Self-Regulation in Dietary Supplement Industry. Natural Products Insider. September 17, 2016.
More to herbs than you might know; Austin Herb Society here to educate. Austin American-Statesman. September 16, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Canadian producers working to meet growing overseas demand for 'superfood' hemp seeds. CBC News. September 20, 2016.
How Backyard Pot Farming Is Helping Kids With Autism. The Atlantic. September 15, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
See Dazzling Botanical Imagery Through the Ages. Atlas Obscura. September 21, 2016.
Is Coconut Oil Good for Brain Health? Scientific American. September 15, 2016.
Protecting the Fellows: Dietary Supplements for Prostate Health. Nutritional Outlook. September 15, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
DNA Testing: Weeding Out Botanical Adulterants. Nutritional Outlook. September 21, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Kelp Is the New Kale. The Atlantic. September 13, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
NPA Developing Massive Safe Harbor Dietary Ingredient Database for Industry Members in Response to NDI Draft Guidance. Natural Products Association. September 21, 2016.
Seeking to transform health care through interprofessional education, AIHM expands Fellowship scholarship offerings. Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine. September 20, 2016.
SAVE THE DATE: The Future of Ginseng and Forest Botanicals. United Plant Savers. September 20, 2016.
HHS takes steps to provide more information about clinical trials to the public. National Institutes of Health. September 16, 2016.
Missouri Botanical Garden Announces 2017 Summer Exhibit. Missouri Botanical Garden. September 15, 2016.

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September 18, 2016

Science & Research
Could Ancient Remedies Hold the Answer to the Looming Antibiotics Crisis? The New York Times Magazine. September 14, 2016.
Corydalis yanhusuo extract for use as an adjunct medicine for low to moderate chronic pain. Science Daily. September 14, 2016.
Can Cinnamon Supplements Help with Glycemic Control in T2DM? Monthly Prescribing Reference. September 13, 2016.
Eating your greens could enhance sport performance. Science Daily. September 12, 2016.
Substitute developed for cancer-resisting Tibetan herb. Xinhua. September 10, 2016.
These wildflowers are so rare, botanists are keeping their location a secret. Science Alert. September 10, 2016.
Six-day clinical trial finds integrative medicine program alters blood serum. Science Daily. September 9, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
FDA Official Clarifies Agency’s Position on NDI Filing Exemption. Natural Products Insider. September 14, 2016.
FDA Draft Guidance Tightens Requirements for New Dietary Ingredients. The National Law Review. September 14, 2016.
Banning a Promising Cure for Opioid Addiction Is a Bad Idea. WIRED. September 13, 2016
Drug Clause in DSHEA May Cause Death of Dietary Ingredient Vinpocetine. Natural Products Insider. September 13, 2016.
Kratom Advocates Speak Out Against Proposed Government Ban. NPR. September 12, 2016.
Federal crackdown on drug some say treats opioid addiction faces backlash. The Guardian. September 11, 2016.
Health Canada to change standards for natural health products. The Globe and Mail. September 9, 2016.
Is GRAS Still a Viable NDI Workaround? Nutritional Outlook. September 9, 2016.
The DEA Is Rushing To Criminalize Another Herb, And Congress Is Silent. Huffington Post. September 9, 2016.
Why is the US banning kratom, the virtually harmless herb? The Guardian. September 9, 2016.
Company Submits First NDI Master File to FDA. Plus, Will Master Files and Piggybacking Really Be Useful in Practice? Nutritional Outlook. September 8, 2016.

Community & Industry
Drugs take back seat to seeds at Bayer with Monsanto acquisition. Chicago Tribune. September 15, 2016.
Would FDA’s NDI Guidance Really Cost Industry Billions of Dollars? Nutritional Outlook. September 14, 2016.
BCM-95 High Potency Turmeric GRAS for Medical Foods. Natural Products Insider. September 13, 2016.
Dietary Supplement Industry No Longer Flying Under State AGs’ Radar. Natural Products Insider. September 12, 2016.
Black cohosh: WNC's next cash crop? Asheville Citizen-Times. September 12, 2016.
A 19th-century Brunswick botanist gets her due with book of flora paintings. Portland Press Herald. September 11, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
What Donald Trump and Dr. Oz Have in Common. Mother Jones. September 14, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
New analytical method identifies adulterated St John’s wort products. NutraIngredients-USA. September 14, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Pet Health Supplements: Paw-Portunity Knocks. Nutritional Outlook. September 14, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
How customer communication and waste reduction are boosting herb business. Produce Business UK. September 15, 2016.
Can ‘plant blindness’ be cured? MongaBay. September 14, 2016.
Sustainability and Sourcing Conditions for Novel Beauty Ingredients. Natural Products Insider. September 14, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Time to revive our traditional knowledge systems. Millennium Post. September 14, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Time to revive our traditional knowledge systems. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. September 12, 2016.
IUCN Congress boosts support for Indigenous peoples’ rights. International Union for Conservation of Nature. September 10, 2016.
FDA provides $21.8 million to states for FSMA produce safety rule implementation. US Food and Drug Administration. September 9, 2016.
Takeaways from AHPA’s NDI draft guidance webinar in the September AHPA Report! American Herbal Products Association. September 9, 2016.
FDA Considering Vinpocetine Ineligible as a Dietary Ingredient. Natural Products Association. September 6, 2016.
Nine Companies Begin Beta-Testing of Industry-Wide Dietary Supplement Product Registry. Council for Responsible Nutrition. September 6, 2016.

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September 11, 2016

Science & Research
Tracing the path of pygmies' shared knowledge of medicinal plants. EurekAlert! September 8, 2016.
How Chinese medicine kills cancer cells. Science Daily. September 8, 2016.
The Truth About Red Yeast Rice for Lowering Cholesterol. Consumer Reports. September 8, 2016.
Ginger and chili peppers could work together to lower cancer risk. EurekAlert! September 7, 2016.
Mango and the microbiota: Potential role of this superfruit in maintaining gut health. EurekAlert! September 7, 2016.
I’m Just Mad About Saffron (and Other Spices That Activate the Endocannabinoid System). AlterNet. September 6, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
More Than 100,000 People Urge Obama To Stop The DEA From Banning Kratom. Huffington Post. September 8, 2016.
FDA rules vinpocetine not a legal dietary ingredient despite successful NDI filings. NutraIngredients-USA. September 8, 2016.
Which Ingredient Categories Would Be Hit Hardest by FDA’s NDI Draft Guidance? Nutritional Outlook. September 7, 2016.
Walmart Reaches Agreement with Iowa AG over Dietary Supplement ‘Verification Statement’. Natural Products Insider. September 7, 2016.
Supplements slipping the net: Is a self-regulatory registration scheme the solution? NutraIngredients-USA. September 7, 2016.

Community & Industry
Testing Traditions: The World Health Organization has failed to apply scientific rigor to traditional medicines. That’s bad for everyone. Slate. September 7, 2016.
Supplement Industry Cites Challenges in Developing Pre-DSHEA Ingredient List. Natural Products Insider. September 6, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Jiaogulan: The little-known herb that may be the secret to longevity. Fox News. September 8, 2016.

Trends & Technology
China’s Gold Rush in the Hills of Appalachia. Foreign Policy. September 7, 2016.
Can moringa, amla and turmeric spur India towards superfoods success? NutraIngredients-USA. September 5, 2016.

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September 7, 2016

Science & Research
Antioxidant evidence is very weak, concludes review. NutraIngredients. September 6, 2016.
Reviewing the research on traditional Chinese medicine. Medical Xpress. September 6, 2016.
Drug, Herb, and Dietary Supplement Hepatotoxicity. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. September 6, 2016.
The medicinal properties of tropical fruit 'asam keping'. Medical Xpress. September 6, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Popular but illegal: Legal certainty on the horizon for Tongkat ali extract? NutraIngredients. September 6, 2016.
Popular herbal supplement will be classified like LSD. USA Today. September 5, 2016.
The DEA Thinks All Kratom Use Is Abuse. Reason Foundation. September 5, 2016.
Hidden network of kratom devotees tries to keep the supplement safe — and legal. STAT. September 2, 2016.
DEA’s Sudden ‘Herbal Heroin’ Ban Triggers Stiff Resistance from Kratom Community. US News & World Report. September 1, 2016.

Community & Industry
Charting the Path Forward on NDI Guidance in a Time of Industry Criticism. Nutritional Outlook. September 3, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Quantifying Weed: Why We Need More Data on Our Dank. Vice – Motherboard blog. September 4, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Summer of DMAA: Spate of imports blocked in EU. NutraIngredients. September 5, 2016.

Trends & Technology
The Drug of Choice for the Age of Kale. The New Yorker. September 12, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
How a native plant ended up on reality TV, and why it’s at risk. The Conversation. September 5, 2016.
Experts warn booming seaweed industry. EurekAlert! September 3, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Request for Comment on the Status of Vinpocetine. US Food and Drug Administration. September 7, 2016.
ASA Releases Comparative Analysis of DEA Marijuana Scheduling Decision. Americans for Safe Access. September 1, 2016.

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September 3, 2016

Science & Research
RCT supports Fenugreek extract’s menopausal benefits. NutraIngredients-USA. September 1, 2016.
FTC seeks injunction against prolific publisher of 'predatory' journals. NutraIngredients-USA. August 30, 2016.
Fermented soymilk isoflavones could cut UV damage. NutraIngredients-USA. August 30, 2016.
Fibromyalgia treatment warning: Comfrey herb dangers. EmaxHealth. August 30, 2016.
The Truth About Omega-3 Supplements and St. John's Wort for Depression. Consumer Reports. August 29, 2016.
Effect of Oral Silymarin Administration on Prevention of Radiotherapy Induced Mucositis: A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial. Phytotherapy Research. August 23, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
DEA to List Kratom as Schedule I, Effectively Outlawing Herbal Supplement. Newsweek. September 1, 2016.
The DEA's Crazy Kratom Ban Dresses Pharmacological Phobia In Scientific Garb. Forbes. September 1, 2016.
Focus in NDI draft on supercritical CO2's 'newness' ignores its safety, quality, proponents say. NutraIngredients-USA. August 31, 2016.
The DEA Is Placing Kratom And Mitragynine On Schedule I. Forbes. August 30, 2016.
Feds Declare War On Herb Touted As A Solution To Opioid Addiction. The Huffington Post. August 30, 2016.

Community & Industry
Negative Industry Attention from State Attorneys General May Be “Diminishing,” AHPA Says. Nutritional Outlook. September 1, 2016.
NutraIngredients-Asia launched to shine the spotlight on industry across the region. NutraIngredients-USA. August 31, 2016.
Forum explores challenges & opportunities for botanical supplements. NutraIngredients-USA. August 31, 2016.

Grants & Awards
Billings woman named 2016 naturopathic physician of the year. Billings Gazette. August 30, 2016.

Cannabis Update
USDA Now Allows Organic Certification for Industrial Hemp. Market Wired. August 30, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Regulator warns of weight-loss supplements containing banned pharma. FoodNavigator-Asia. August 31, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Banned From National Forest, For-Profit Mushroom Pickers Go Underground. NPR. August 31, 2016.
Herb Stories: How We Protect Trillium. The Mountain Rose Blog. August 25, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
NIH Review Finds Nondrug Approaches Effective For Treatment of Common Pain Conditions. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. September 1, 2016.
Redouté to Warhol: Bunny Mellon’s Botanical Art Will Showcase Masterworks From the Oak Spring Garden Library—Many Shown Publicly for the First Time. New York Botanical Garden. September 1, 2016.
Schedules of Controlled Substances: Temporary Placement of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine Into Schedule I. Federal Register. August 31, 2016.
DEA Kratom Change “Toothless” Without United States Government Enforcement, Says NPA. Natural Products Association. August 31, 2016.
DEA Announces Intent to Schedule Kratom. US Drug Enforcement Agency. August 30, 2016.
NPA Requests Extension Period for Commenting on Final GRAS Rule to Determine Impact on Consumers. Natural Products Association. August 29, 2016.

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August 30, 2016

Science & Research
A Chocolate Pill? Scientists To Test Whether Cocoa Extract Boosts Health. NPR. August 29, 2016.
Beetroot juice helps muscle recovery, but not through antioxidants. NutraIngredients-USA. August 29, 2016.
Miracle fruit's flowering, fruiting behaviors revealed. EurekAlert! August 29, 2016.
Moth takes advantage of defensive compounds in Physalis fruits. August 26, 2016.
Purslane production practices enhance nutritional value. Science Daily. August 25, 2016.
MSU researchers spread the buzz about bee viruses. Montana State University. August 24, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Tracking retractions as a window into the scientific process U.S. government agency sues publisher, charging it with deceiving researchers. Retraction Watch. August 26, 2016.
4 Ways Brexit Could Affect the Supplement Industry. Nutritional Outlook. August 26, 2016.
Are Supplements About to Get Safer? Healthline. August 25, 2016.
Embracing the future: The dietary supplement industry comes of age. NutraIngredients-USA. August 25, 2016.

Community & Industry
NPA asks for NDI comment period extension. NutraIngredients-USA. August 26, 2016.
Respect for nature, and a cold, spawns tea business. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. August 26, 2016.
Seaweed helps bring food security to Latin America. The Christian Science Monitor. August 24, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Timeline For Texas’ Cannabis Oil Law Leads To Medical Refugees. Houston Public Media. August 25, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Environmental Nutrition: Top 10 tips for IBS relief. Chicago Tribune. August 24, 2016.
The Ginseng Web. Boston Globe. August 25, 2016.
The Movement to Define Native American Cuisine. The New York Times. August 16, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
FDA investigating high lead levels in Chinatown firm's dietary supplements. Chicago Tribune. August 29, 2016.

Trends & Technology
The Aztecs Once Revered It. Will You Fall For Amaranth, Too? NPR. August 25, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Making TCM acceptable abroad. China Daily. August 29, 2016.
Can India draw red lines to protect traditional health knowledge systems from bio piracy? August 26, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
NPA Requests Extension Period for Commenting on Revised Draft Guidance for New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Notifications. Natural Products Association. August 24, 2016.
SCNM’s Gaia Herbs Selective Offers Unique Experience in Botanical Medicine. Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences. August 24, 2016.

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August 28, 2016

Science & Research
Sea buckthorn seed oil may reduce cardiovascular risk. NutraIngredients. August 23, 2016.
Berry eaters may be at lower risk of diabetes: Meta-analysis. NutraIngredients. August 22, 2016.
Excessive antioxidant use may interfere with cell stress response, study finds. NutraIngredients-USA. August 22, 2016.
Spirulina’s anti-fatigue benefits supported by RCT. NutraIngredients-USA. August 11, 2016.
Soy supplements may be good for women with PCOS. Reuters. August 11, 2016.
Anti-inflammatory diets lower risk of depression in women by 26%: 12-year study. NutraIngredients. August 10, 2016.
Resveratrol: The key to reducing elderly frailty? NutraIngredients. August 9, 2016.
Managing diabetes with medicinal plants. Kew Science blog. August 9, 2016.
Nutrition science is broken, say researchers. NutraIngredients-USA. August 4, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Could Brexit give a boost to the UK’s supplements industry? NutraIngredients. August 24, 2016.
Dietary Supplement Industry Elevates Efforts to Engage State Attorneys General. Natural Products Insider. August 19, 2016.
CRN’s Steve Mister Covers the State of the Supplements Industry at ACI’s Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Forum. WholeFoods Magazine. August 15, 2016.
Opioid-Like Herbal Supplement to Stay on Shelves in Texas, At Least for Now. KUT. August 8, 2016.
US Marshals seize $150,000 of kratom. NutraIngredients-USA. August 5, 2016.
What is Kratom and why won't the FDA approve it as medicine? KPCC. August 5, 2016.

Community & Industry
Minnesota library chronicles the history of natural cures. Minneapolis Star Tribune. August 17, 2016.
Can Chinese medicine cure farm income deficiency? The Roanoke Times. August 16, 2016.

Focus on NDI Guidelines/GRAS Rules
FDA’s NDI Guidance and GRAS Rule: Stop Fighting, and Move Forward. Nutritional Outlook. August 23, 2016.
UNPA on the NDI draft guidance: ‘The economic cost to industry could be billions of dollars’. NutraIngredients-USA. August 22, 2016.
UNPA Overview of FDA/NDI Guidance Republished on August 11, 2016. UNPA. August 18, 2016.
Self-affirmed GRAS omitted from new NDI draft guidance. NutraIngredients-USA. August 18, 2016.
Chemical Alteration in FDA's NDI Guidance “Will Impact Everyone”: Takeaways from Natural Products Association’s NDI Webinar. Nutritional Outlook. August 18, 2016.
NDIs: The biggest changes may be on the industry side. NutraIngredients-USA. August 16, 2016.
FDA Issues a Revised Draft Guidance on New Dietary Ingredients Used in Dietary Supplements. Covington & Burling LLP. August 15, 2016.
FDA’s new NDI draft guidance: ‘Not much that’s surprising’. NutraIngredients-USA. August 15, 2016.
GRAS route will still be popular with hard line taken in NDI draft on synthetic botanicals. NutraIngredients-USA. August 12, 2016.
FDA Issues GRAS Final Rule, Officially Ushers In Voluntary Notification. Nutritional Outlook. August 12, 2016.
Supplement Industry Begins Analyzing Long-Awaited Revised NDI Draft Guidance. Natural Products Insider. August 11, 2016.
Can the FDA Make New Supplement Ingredients Any Safer? Consumer Reports. August 11, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Could Medical Cannabis Break the Painkiller Epidemic? Scientific American. September 1, 2016.
DEA Ends Mississippi's Medical Marijuana Research Monopoly. LA Weekly. August 20, 2016.
Updated FDA marijuana Q&A hems in use of CBD still further. NutraIngredients-USA. August 15, 2016.
Private Companies Have No Incentive to Study Marijuana. Newsweek. August 6, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Yes, America Has A Working Tea Plantation. We Visited It. NPR. August 23, 2016.
Tiny Spanish publisher clones world's most mysterious book. Yahoo! News. August 21, 2016.
Before steroids, Russians secretly studied herbs. Food & Environment Reporting Network. August 19, 2016.
How Democracy Gave Birth to Medical Populism. History News Network. August 7, 2016.
Herbs and Curses: Doping at the ancient Olympics. [video] Newsday. August 5, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Paper-based device spots falsified or degraded medications. EurekAlert! August 21, 2016.
British dieticians issue safe sports supplement guide. NutraIngredients. August 19, 2016.
UK launches campaign against fake weight loss pills. NutraIngredients. August 18, 2016.
Some Weight Loss Pills Still Contain Banned Substances. Consumer Reports. August 17, 2016.
FDA Finds Potentially Harmful Ingredients in Certain Supplements. US News & World Report. August 11, 2016.
Supplement shaming wins first Olympic gold medal. NutraIngredients. August 10, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Chinese medicine makers go mainstream. [video] Reuters TV. August 24, 2016.
The future of tea: From hangover cures to tea jellies, Tetley’s top five predictions. NutraIngredients. August 16, 2016.
Wild Himalayan fruits provide nutritional and nutraceutical opportunities: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. August 17, 2016.
Nanotechnology shows promise in overcoming fortification challenges. NutraIngredients-USA. August 12, 2016.
Productive, Protein-Rich Breadfruit Could Help The World's Hungry Tropics. NPR. August 9, 2016.

Environment & Conservatism
Are superfoods all good for you and the environment? Deutsche Welle. August 2, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
MHRA launch FakeMeds campaign with warning on dodgy diet pills. UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. August 17, 2016.
DEA Announces Actions Related to Marijuana and Industrial Hemp. US Drug Enforcement Administration. August 11, 2016.
FDA updates draft guidance on premarket safety notifications for dietary supplement industry. US Food and Drug Administration. August 11, 2016.
DEA Denies Cannabis Has Medical Value, Again. Americans for Safe Access. August 11, 2016.
Kratom seized in California by US Marshals Service. US Food and Drug Administration. August 4, 2016.

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August 2, 2016

Science & Research
Researchers develop new framework for human nutrition. EurekAlert! August 1, 2016.
RCT supports Ashwagandha root extract’s weight management potential. NutraIngredients-USA. July 28, 2016.
A sage discovery: Plant-derived compounds have potent anti-inflammatory effects. EurekAlert! July 27, 2016.
International Tree Nut Council study finds link between nut intake and inflammatory biomarkers. EurekAlert! July 27, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Food and Pharma: The Broadening Reach of Regulators. Pharmaceutical Executive. August 1, 2016.
FDA Acknowledged Flaws in Guidance for Dietary Supplement Industry. Natural Products Insider. July 28, 2016.

Community & Industry
Colgate Launches Herb Attack Against Patanjali's Dant Kanti With 'Cibaca Vedshakti'. Huffington Post India. August 1, 2016.
CRN Describes as ‘Same Old’ Consumer Reports Article on Dietary Supplements. Natural Products Insider. July 29, 2016.

Cannabis Update
What is California’s Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation? Comstock’s. August 1, 2016.
Minn. medical marijuana program opens doors to chronic pain patients. Minneapolis Star Tribune. July 30, 2016.
Doctors make easy money from medical marijuana. What happens when it's legal? The Guardian. July 28, 2016.
One striking chart shows why pharma companies are fighting legal marijuana. The Washington Post. July 13, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Consumer Reports names ‘15 supplement ingredients to avoid’. NutraIngredients-USA. July 28, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Beauty-from-within category success will require a combination of topicals and supplements, say experts. NutraIngredients-USA. July 29, 2016.

Environment & Conservatism
Conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants: problems, progress, and prospects. Chinese Medicine. July 30, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
CRN Welcomes New Vice President, Quality and Technical Affairs. Council for Responsible Nutrition. July 28, 2016.

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Friday July 29, 2016

Science & Research
What’s new for an old molecule like resveratrol? NutraIngredients. July 25, 2016.
15 Supplement Ingredients to Always Avoid. Consumer Reports. July 27, 2016.
Single IRB Policy Will Streamline Multi-Site Clinical Research. NCCIH Research Blog. July 25, 2016.
Herbal Compound May Fight Colon Cancer. Newsmax. July 25, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
FDA Expected to Release NDI Guidance for Dietary Supplement Industry. Natural Products Insider. July 25, 2016.

Community & Industry
Learning from others’ mistakes: NPA launches warning letter database. NutraIngredients-USA. July 27, 2016.
UM Hosts World Health Organization Working Group. Ole Miss News Blog. July 26, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Study examines evolving rates, perceptions of marijuana use. USA Today. July 26, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
We Made This Weight-Loss Supplement. Consumer Reports. July 27, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Supplement Sales Outpaced Overall OTC Sales in 2015, Says Market Researcher. Nutritional Outlook. July 22, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Europe's first Traditional Chinese Medicine museum opens in San Marino. New China. July 25, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
CRN Responds to Consumer Reports September 2016 Issue. Council for Responsible Nutrition. July 27, 2016.
NPA President Mark Le Doux Highlights Accomplishments and Goals for Association in Letter to Members. Natural Products Association. July 26, 2016.
NPA Launches Warning Letter Database for Member Companies. Natural Products Association. July 26, 2016.
The Prince of Wales announced as new royal Patron of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. July 25, 2016.
Garden Researcher Assists with Establishment of National Park. Missouri Botanical Garden. July 19, 2016.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Science & Research
Cinnamon may be fragrant medicine for the brain. EurekAlert! July 21, 2016.
Flavonoid intakes linked to lower depression risk for women: Harvard study. NutraIngredients-USA. July 19, 2016.
Scientists agree that cranberry benefits may extend to the gut, heart, immune system and brain. EurekAlert! July 19, 2016.
Beware of antioxidant supplements, warns scientific review. Science Daily. July 19, 2016.
Beyond Cannabis: Plants and the Endocannabinoid System. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences. July 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Sigesbeckia Chinese Herbal Medicine Given UK Approval. Science 2.0. July 21, 2016.

Community & Industry
Having the right research best way to weather nootropics storm, supplier says. NutraIngredients-USA. July 21, 2016.
Dietary Supplement Industry Prepares for GMO-Labeling Law. Natural Products Insider. July 20, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Lawmakers want to reclassify cannabis for research purposes. American Pharmacists Association. July 20, 2016.
Medicinal Cannabis Update: Insight from the Regulators. Lexology. July 18, 2016.
VA Hospitals Will Continue to Reject Medical Marijuana. High Times. July 5, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Smoothies as talismans: the allure of superfoods and the dangers of nutritional primitivism. The Conversation. July 21, 2016.
You Asked: Does Aromatherapy Really Work? TIME. July 20, 2016.
What Is Tamarind? A Tropical Fruit With Health Benefits. The Daily Meal. July 20, 2016.
How to Grow and Use Elderberry Plants. Grit. July 20, 2016.
How Craft Brewers Advance Science, and Make Better Beer. The New Yorker. July 8, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Coca-Cola turns to baobab in new low calorie soft drink brand. NutraIngredients. July 19, 2016.
Will breadfruit be the next superfood? PRI. July 18, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Is this honey Malaysia's healing secret? Fox News. July 20, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians [AANP] to host Annual Convention with focus on Diversity and Innovation in Health Care. AANP. July 21, 2016.
NPA Presses Congressional Task Force to Report on Impact of Puerto Rican Natural Products Policy. Natural Products Association. July 20, 2016.
Countdown to Giant Corpse Flower Bloom—and the Release of Its Infamous Stench—Is On at NYBG This Week. New York Botanical Garden. July 20, 2016.
Some Supplement Ingredients Can Hurt You. NSF International. July 18, 2016.
FDA Approves First-Ever Liquid Synthetic THC Formulation. NORML. July 14, 2016.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Science & Research
Studies look to enhance broccoli’s ability to ward off disease. NutraIngredients-USA. July 18, 2016.
Solving a plant-based Rubik's cube puzzle. Science Daily. July 15, 2016.
New prebiotic identified in fermented Japanese vegetable. EurekAlert! July 3, 2016.
What effect does oral aloe vera have on diabetes? EurekAlert! June 28, 2016.
Benefits of drinking coffee outweigh risks, review suggests. EurekAlert! June 27, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Herbalife Agrees To Pay $200 Million To Settle Complaints It Deceived Consumers. NPR. July 15, 2016.
Is self-regulation of supplements actually, at long last, working? New Hope Network. July 9, 2016.

Community & Industry
Go Inside New York’s Nearly Secret Botanical Library. Smithsonian. July 15, 2016.

Cannabis Update
What Can't Medical Marijuana Do? The Atlantic. July 18, 2016.
Study: Why pharma companies are fighting medical pot. The Denver Post. July 15, 2016.
Medical marijuana research comes out of the shadows. PBS Newshour. July 13, 2016.
Not blowing smoke: Research finds medical marijuana lowers prescription drug use. EurekAlert! July 6, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Politics and supplements—an uneasy mix. New Hope Network. July 15, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Lead-poisoning case linked to Ayurvedic supplements renews concerns about herbal remedies. MinnPost. July 18, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Never Mind Grass-Fed, How About Elixir-Fed Meats? The New York Times. July 15, 2016.
Fads in focus: Coconut oil – panacea or artery clogger? NutraIngredients. July 18, 2016.
Herbs and Botanicals Bounce Back. Nutraceuticals World. July/August 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Joint scientific research drives TCM westbound. New China. July 14, 2016.
Killer Knotweed Exposes Hidden Dangers of TCM. July 18, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Explore Kew’s First Science Festival. Kew Royal Botanic Garden. July 18, 2016.
Congress Clears Federal Mandatory GMO Labeling Bill to Be Signed into Law. American Herbal Products Association. July 15, 2016.
Study: Medical Marijuana Laws Linked To Less Prescription Drug Use, Medicare Spending. NORML. July 14, 2016.
New Study Compiles Checklist of Known Amazonian Tree Species. Missouri Botanical Garden. July 13, 2016.
Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) Board Chair announces retirement of President and CEO Frank Vitale. MUIH. June 22, 2016.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Science & Research
Could this South American plant hold the key to weight loss? Fox News. July 13, 2016.
Expert review: ‘DNA barcoding unsuitable as a stand-alone tool for identifying & authenticating botanicals'. NutraIngredients-USA. July 13, 2016.
Pomegranate juice may improve knee joint health: Study. NutraIngredients. July 11, 2016.
Hops extract studied to prevent breast cancer. EurekAlert! July 11, 2016.
Some natural treatments may actually help with menopause symptoms. The Washington Post. July 10, 2016.
Rosemary + grapefruit extracts show beauty-from-within potential: RCT. NutraIngredients-USA. July 6, 2016.
Drug Testing and Analysis Special Issue: Advancing supplement science - challenges and solutions. SpectroscopyNow. July 6, 2016.
Compounds in parsley and dill help fight cancer, research shows. Science Daily. June 28, 2016.
Polyphenol and fiber from dried fruit, green tea, may attenuate blood sugar levels. NutraIngredients-USA. July 1, 2016.
Researches identify medicinal plants using machine learning approach. TASS Russian News Agency. June 30, 2016.
Pomegranate finally reveals its powerful anti-aging secret. EurekAlert! July 11, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
FDA, DOJ Steroid Sweep Charges Two More Sports Nutrition Execs. Natural Products Insider. July 12, 2016.
Senate Passes A GMO Labeling Bill That The Food Industry Likes. NPR. July 8, 2016.
Massachusetts Bill Prohibiting Dietary Supplements to Minors Fails. WholeFoods Magazine. July 8, 2016.
Shelved Massachusetts bill part of rising tide of attempts to regulate supplements at state level. NutraIngredients-USA. July 5, 2016.
Experts dispute notion that DSHEA hamstrung FDA. NutraIngredients-USA. July 8, 2016.
EFSA adds botanicals to interactive data warehouse. NutraIngredients. July 7, 2016.
USPlabs to Offer Experts to Show Safety of Dietary Supplement in Felony Prosecution. Natural Products Insider. July 6, 2016.
The botanical blockade: EC ponders 3 pathways. NutraIngredients. July 4, 2016.
Regulatory malaise: Why sports nutrition is not racing away. FoodNavigator-Asia. July 5, 2016.
Ex FDA commissioners say their hands were tied while they were at agency. NutraIngredients-USA. June 28, 2016.

Community & Industry
CRN’s Online Product Registry to Launch End of 2016. WholeFoods Magazine. July 12, 2016.
Ginseng Digging: Local Traditions and Global Markets for Appalachia’s Medicinal Plants. Cool Green Science. July 11, 2016.
GUEST ARTICLE: Whole Foods will be sharing its sales data again. Why now? What now?. NutraIngredients-USA. July 8, 2016.
GNC raw material proposal in active revision, AHPA says. NutraIngredients-USA. July 5, 2016.
CRN names UL for Dietary Supplement Product Registry. NutraIngredients-USA. July 5, 2016.
‘Impactful meaningful self-regulation’: CRN & NAD celebrate 10 years of advertising program. NutraIngredients-USA. June 28, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Weed Might Be Able to Block the Onset of Alzheimer's. VICE. July 1, 2016.
Medical cannabis to be trialled in treatment of melanoma at the University of Canberra. The Canberra Times. June 30, 2016.
Illinois medical marijuana director resigns after 1 year. Chicago Tribune. June 27, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
How Olympians Choose Which Sports Supplements Are Worth It Wired. July 11, 2016.
Is this pea plant better at making decisions than you are? The Christian Science Monitor. July 2, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Is Chinese Medicine Being Destroyed by Chinese Herbs? The Epoch Times. July 10, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Digital Plant Diagnosis: Turning a Mobile App into an Agricultural Game-Changer. USDA Blog. July 13, 2016.
Trends in Weight Management Products. Natural Products Insider. July 12, 2016.
Botany may be dying … but somehow the plants survive. The Conversation. July 12, 2016.
What is the secret superfood hiding in Britain's waters? The Telegraph. July 8, 2016.
The Former CEO of Clif Bar Is Trying to Get America to Drink Herbs. Fortune. June 28, 2016.
The Weird Business Behind a Trendy “Anti-Aging” Pill. Wired. July 6, 2016.
Why You Need to Know About Adaptogens. The Huffington Post UK. July 5, 2016.
From Tree To Tap: Maple Water Makes A Splash. NPR. July 5, 2016.

Grants & Awards
Plant medicine R&D helps scientist win science prize. July 13, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
China defends use of wild animals in traditional medicine.. Reuters. July 2, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Residents of Three States Charged with Unlawful Sale of Dietary Supplements. US Department of Justice. July 12, 2016.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew statement on the UK’s referendum decision to leave the EU. Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. July 8, 2016.
Congress: Bipartisan Measures Introduced To Facilitate Marijuana Research Trials. NORML. July 7, 2016.
Kew scientists turn to crowdfunding to solve the mystery of 2,000 year old Aloe vera plant. Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. July 4, 2016.
AHPA Presents on GACP and GMP for Herbal Ingredients at ACI Conference. American Herbal Products Association. June 29, 2016.
CRN Names UL to Develop and Administer Dietary Supplement Product Registry. Council for Responsible Nutrition. July 5, 2016.
CRN & NAD Celebrate Ten Years of Dietary Supplement Industry’s Highly Regarded, Advertising-Focused Self-Regulatory Program. Council for Responsible Nutrition. June 27, 2016.
USP points to publicly available resources designed to address dietary supplement quality challenges in a special issue of “Drug Testing and Analysis” devoted to the topic. US Pharmacopeial Convention. June 16, 2016.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Science & Research
Picky eaters: Bumble bees prefer plants with nutrient-rich pollen. EurekAlert! June 27, 2016.
Broccoli sprout extract may protect against oral cancer recurrence. EurekAlert! June 23, 2016.
Why the Sweet Scent of Japanese Honeysuckle Signals Trouble. The New York Times. June 24, 2016.
Using plants to develop, improve medicinal treatments. Missouri State University News. June 23, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Puerto Rico Bill to Raise Taxes on Dietary Supplements Defeated. Nutritional Outlook. June 27, 2016.
Supreme Court vacates former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's conviction. CNN. June 27, 2016.
Why Vitamins and Other 'Dietary Supplements' Can Contain Anything. The Atlantic. June 26, 2016.
Industry reaction: What #Brexit means for UK & EU nutrition sectors. NutraIngredients. June 24, 2016.

Community & Industry
Federal report on alternative health understates impact of supplements, CRN says. NutraIngredients-USA. June 27, 2016.

Cannabis Update
How the government limits valid scientific research on cannabis sativa. Medical Xpress. June 23, 2016.
Experts off guidance on medical marijuana for pain. Science Daily. June 23, 2016.
Hatch introduces bill to encourage medical marijuana research. June 21, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Attention given to preventing adulteration on the rise, but has that curbed the problem? NutraIngredients-USA. June 24, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Meet the Moringa Tree, an Overqualified, Underachieving Superfood. The New Yorker. June 27, 2016.
This unexpected herb could be the next cure for the world's clean water crisis. AOL Business News. June 22, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
CRN & NAD Celebrate Ten Years of Dietary Supplement Industry’s Highly Regarded, Advertising-Focused Self-Regulatory Program. Council for Responsible Nutrition. June 27, 2016.
NPA Responds to Senate Agreement on GMO Labeling. Natural Products Association. June 23, 2016.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Science & Research
Plant kingdom provides two new candidates for the war on antibiotic resistance. Science Daily. June 20, 2016.
Self Medication, Wildlife Style: How Birds and Other Creatures Use Medicinal Plants. Cool Green Science. June 20, 2016.
Cocoa, tea compound may slash heart disease mortality by 40%. NutraIngredients. June 10, 2016.
Plant Engineering Method Could Fill Demand for Crucial Malaria Drug. Drug Discovery & Development. June 15, 2016.
Coffee, for Your Health. The Atlantic. June 15, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Hepatitis Outbreak Linked to USPlabs’ Dietary Supplement Shows Limitations of FDA MedWatch Program. Natural Products Insider. June 20, 2016.

Community & Industry
New tool by SPINS and IRI to give natural channel retailers ‘unprecedented advantage’. NutraIngredients-USA. June 20, 2016.
Royal Botanic Garden botanist Dr Barbara Briggs celebrates 57 years. The Sydney Morning Herald. June 12, 2016.

Cannabis Update
The First Big Company to Say It’s Serving the Legal Marijuana Trade? Microsoft. New York Times. June 16, 2016.
Pressure is on the U.S. to relax marijuana’s legal status. Chemical & Engineering News. June 20, 2016.
Texas might be ready to expand medical marijuana use. Austin American-Statesman. June 16, 2016.
US researchers call for re-evaluation of microbial testing of Cannabis. Medical Xpress. June 14, 2016.

Grants & Awards
Industry champion Sen. Tom Harkin receives Nutrition Business Journal’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Nutrition Business Journal. June 15, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Action needed to curb boswellia adulteration: QC analyst. NutraIngredients. June 15, 2016.

Trends & Technology
The world’s unquenchable thirst for energy drinks. NutraIngredients. June 14, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Will Medicine Survive the Anthropocene? Smithsonian. June 20, 2016.
Forest Service opens ginseng lottery. Asheville Citizen-Times. June 15, 2016.
The Plant Prospectors: The Arnold Arboretum’s systematic mission to sample botanic diversity. Harvard Magazine. July/August 2016.
Appropriating or Appreciating? An Examination of the Origins and Rise of “Superfoods”. Council on Hemispheric Affairs. June 16, 2016.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Science & Research
Tea and grape compounds show mitochondrial benefits for overweight & obese people. NutraIngredients-USA. June 9, 2016.
Ginger linked to healthier hearts: Study. Science Daily. June 8, 2016.
Plant-based sweeteners may help individuals control their blood glucose levels. Science Daily. June 8, 2016.
In the war against antibiotic resistance, scientists fear the bacteria are winning—but not for long. Medical Xpress. June 6, 2016.
How Other Primates Self-Medicate—and What They Could Teach Us. Alternet. June 3, 2016.
Rosemary extract may improve brain trauma-induced cognitive deficits, rat study finds. NutraIngredients-USA. June 7, 2016.
Recreational drug kratom hits the same brain receptors as strong opioids. Chemical & Engineering News. June 3, 2016.
Community & Industry
CRN: Dietary supplements industry contributes $122 billion, 750K jobs to US economy. NutraIngredients-USA. June 8, 2016.
Gaia Herbs begins multi-million dollar expansion. Asheville Citizen-Times. June 8, 2016.
Consumer confidence, transparency & innovation: What's going on in the dietary supplements industry? NutraIngredients-USA. June 7, 2016. 
Tea Journey Successfully Crowdfunded. World Tea News. June 6, 2016. 
FDA Official Comments on New Dietary Supplements Office at CRN Summit. WholeFoods Magazine. May 19, 2016.

Cannabis Update
International expertise on medicinal cannabis needed, advocates say. Nelson Mail. June 7, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
The Unsung Hero of Western Science. The Atlantic. June 7, 2016. 
Ayahuasca's Power Comes From the One-Two Punch of Anti-Depressants and DMT. Inverse. June 6, 2016.
Supporting Urologic Health: What Are Your Options? WholeFoods Magazine. May 16, 2016.
Are Herbs Useful for Chronic Pain? Dynamic Chiropractor. May 15, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Nature Made Supplements Recalled Over Salmonella, Staph Contamination Concerns. Huffington Post. June 8, 2016.

Trends & Technology
How To Create A Superfood. Huffington Post Australia. June 8, 2016.
This Is Why Everyone’s So Obsessed With Turmeric Right Now. Huffington Post. June 7, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Healthy Products Support Healthy Economy: Dietary Supplement Industry Contributes $122 Billion, Over 750,000 Jobs to U.S. Economy. CRN. June 8, 2016.
Thorne Research Partners with Multiple U.S. NBGs for Sport. Thorne Research. June 7, 2016.
CHTA Demands Action from Health Canada. Canadian Hemp Trade Association. May 16, 2016.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Science & Research
Elsevier Selected to Publish Open Access Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine. PR Newswire. June 6, 2016.
Myricitrin may protect against neuronal loss in Parkinson's disease. EurekAlert! June 6, 2016.
Plant extract under development may regulate appetite in men. Healio. June 4, 2016.
Supplement Staves Off Alzheimer’s — In Mice. American Council on Science and Health. June 3, 2016.
The Mushroom Farmer Versus Drug-Resistant Superbugs. The Atlantic. June 3, 2016.
'Bitter brake' activates gut hormones and suppresses food intake. Science Daily. June 2, 2016.
Walnuts may improve your colon health. Science Daily. June 2, 2016.
Mushroom Mania. WholeFoods Magazine. May 16, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Plans afoot to standardise TCM in S’pore. TODAY. June 6, 2016.
IP back to the future. Canadian Lawyer. June 6, 2016.

Community & Industry
The History of Compounds, Extraction and Tablet Compression. Natural Products Insider. June 6, 2016.
NCCIH’s New Strategic Plan: Exploring the Science of Complementary and Integrative Health. NCCIH Research Blog. June 3, 2016.

Cannabis Update
FDA Looking to Canada to Learn More About Regulating Medical Marijuana. High Times. June 3, 2016.
HIA petitions DEA to remove industrial hemp from controlled substance list: ‘It has no potential whatsoever for drug abuse’. NutraIngredients-USA. June 2, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Datura gives arid elegance. June 6, 2016. 
We Asked a Veteran Peruvian Ayahuasca Shaman About Dumb Tourists. VICE. June 5, 2016.
Exactly How Bogus Were Those ‘Trump Vitamins?’ Huffington Post. June 2, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Dietary Supplement Marketer Convicted of Selling Ephedra Years After FDA Ban. Natural Products Insider. June 3, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Seaweed On Your Dinner Plate: The Next Kale Could Be Kelp. NPR. June 5, 2016.
Traditional Medicine
4 Tribal youths make use of traditional knowledge in herbal medicine, set up business in their region. Times of India. June 6, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Christina Sax, Ph.D., named new Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for Maryland University of Integrative Health. MUIH. June 1, 2016.
Updating a Classic: First Sections of New Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada Now Available from NYBG Press. New York Botanical Garden. June 6, 2016.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Science & Research
Dietary supplement may prevent and reverse severe damage to aging brain, research suggests. EurekAlert! June 2, 2016.
Is beer good for the brain? Science Daily. June 1, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Puerto Rico Dietary Supplement Order a ‘Money Grab’. Natural Products Insider. June 2, 2016.
And Then There Were Seven: FDA Issues the Final Rule on Intentional Adulteration of Food; the Last Required by FSMA. FDA Law Blog. May 31, 2016.

Community & Industry
Q&A with FDA's New Deputy Commissioner Dr. Stephen Ostroff. Food Safety. June 2, 2016.
NutraIngredients-USA’s Top 5 most-read articles of 2016… so far. NutraIngredients-USA. June 2, 2016.
Refugees Cultivate Seeds of Hope in Lebanon. Voice of America. June 1, 2016.

Cannabis Update
'The pharmaceutical takeover' of medical cannabis. June 2, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Are you fooled by superfoods? BBC News. June 2, 2016.
The Future of Food Is Cheese Curds and Turmeric. The Atlantic. June 2, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
AIHM Interprofessional Fellowship Breaks New Ground with Scholarships. Business Wire. June 2, 2016.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Science & Research
Seaweed could potentially help fight food allergies. EurekAlert! June 1, 2016.
Subpar rosaceae-derived supplements abundant, USDA researcher says. NutraIngredients-USA. May 31, 2016.
Review supports safety of green tea extracts. NutraIngredients-USA. May 25, 2016.
British researchers to investigate Chinese herbal medicine as alternative treatment to antibiotics. Xinhua News Agency. May 25, 2016.
Scientists have found an ancient Welsh recipe could help fight food poisoning. ITV. May 25, 2016.
Common plant could help fight Zika virus. Student Science. May 26, 2016.
Can sesame-based ingredients reduce oxidative stress? EurekAlert! May 17, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
The dangers of normalising a medical taboo. NutraIngredients. May 25, 2016.
McCaskill's push for FDA review of herb/chemotherapy interactions called an intrusion into doctor/patient relationship. NutraIngredients-USA. May 23, 2016.
Are the regulations giving some sub-standard operators a competitive advantage over quality manufacturers? NutraIngredients-USA. May 19, 2016.
Sen. McCaskill Brings Herb-Drug Interactions into Regulatory Spotlight. Natural Products Insider. May 23, 2016.
Alabama becomes the sixth state to ban Kratom. Independent. May 13, 2016.

Community & Industry
The Irrepressible Palm Tree Tourists Who Travel the World to See Fronds. Atlas Obscura. May 31, 2016.
Beijing to build world's largest herbal garden. May 26, 2016.
Vitamins and supplements lobby ‘disgusted’ by supposed ABC exposé. FoodNavigator-Asia. May 25, 2016.
Cranberry players unite. NutraIngredients. May 24, 2016.
Meeting Dr. Michael Balick, a Premier Ethnobotanist. Huffington Post. May 23, 2016.
Naomi Whittel: From entrepreneur to Twinlab CEO. Sun Sentinel. May 23, 2016.
Start-up is banking on the "new kale". CNBC. May 20, 2016.
Action Alert: Industry Members Needed to Fight Two Attacks on Industry. WholeFoods Magazine. May 19, 2016.
NPA challenges Puerto Rico VMS fees. Drug Store News. May 19, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Creating reference standards for cannabis testing: an interview with Adam Ross. May 25, 2016.
Pets on pot: is medical marijuana giving sick animals a necessary dose of relief? The Guardian. May 23, 2016.
How Congress Finally Got Behind Veterans Who Need Medical Marijuana. Civilized. May 21, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Way over the limit: Hong Kong study finds excessive pesticide residue in Chinese herbs. South China Morning Post. May 29, 2016.

Trends & Technology
How Coca Leaf Became Colombia’s New Superfood. Vice – Munchies blog. May 19, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Can Planting More Milkweed Save Monarch Butterflies? It's Complicated. NPR. May 31, 2016.
All bark and no bite. Forests News. May 23, 2016.
Can legumes solve environmental issues? Science Daily. May 23, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
A peek into Guangzhou's traditional Chinese medicine museum. The Jakarta Post. May 26, 2016.
Meet Shane Ingrey, who is using science to explore Indigenous medicine. SBS. May 26, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
NPA Moves to Capitol Hill. Natural Products Association. May 31, 2016.
Ohio Set to Become the 26th Medical Cannabis State. Americans for Safe Access. May 27, 2016.
NPA Responds to Senator McCaskill’s Statement on Dietary Supplements and Cancer Patients. Natural Products Association. May 19, 2016.
NPA Works to Repeal Puerto Rico Rule that Raises Prices, Limits Access to Nutritional Supplements. Natural Products Association. May 18, 2016.
New IUCN-Toyota partnership to expand knowledge of threats to global biodiversity. International Union for Conservation of Nature. May 10, 2016.
MUIH Expands to New Maple Lawn Campus. Maryland University of Integrative Health. May 9, 2016.
Two New Volumes in the Landmark Flora Neotropica Series Now Available From The New York Botanical Garden Press. New York Botanical Garden. May 6, 2016.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Science & Research
Caraway extract shows slimming potential for women. NutraIngredients-USA. May 23 [sic], 2016.
Scientists Want to Fight Cow Burps and Farts with Oregano. Vice – Munchies blog. May 17, 2016.
Fruit compounds could be effective against diabetes and CVD, study finds. NutraIngredients. May 16, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Sen McCaskill calls for inquiry into chemotherapy-supplement interactions. NutraIngredients-USA. May 18, 2016.
Proper Questions for Experts Subject of Disagreement in Herbal Supplements Litigation. Natural Products Insider. May 18, 2016.

Community & Industry
NSF brings its DNA supplement testing services to Europe: 'We want to assist EU regulators'. NutraIngredients-USA. May 18, 2016.
Ikhlas Khan Receives UM Distinguished Researcher Award. Ole Miss News. May 14, 2016.
MTSU President McPhee highlights herbal medicine research. The Tennessean. May 18, 2016.

Young plant scientists are top emerging botanists. FIU News. May 18, 2016.
UNM alum headed to Africa for Fulbright research. UNM Newsroom. May 18, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
The Story Of An NBA Player’s Mystery Healing Herb. Voactiv. May 12, 2016.
A Bark with Benefits: What Is Slippery Elm? Monthly Prescribing Reference. May 17, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Herb Supplier Euromed Creates Its Own Quality Seal. Nutritional Outlook. May 17, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Hemp food and personal care US retail sales estimated at $283 million. NutraIngredients-USA. May 15, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Syria’s famous damask rose withered by war. Times of Israel. May 17, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
Aveda and the Estée Lauder Companies Support Conservation of Candelilla in Mexico. American Herbal Products Association. May 16, 2016.
MediHerb® Research Shows Limitations of DNA Barcoding in Authenticating Botanical Extracts. Standard Process. May 16, 2016.
Education Partnership between Leaders of Integrative Medicine and Public Health in San Diego. Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine. May 17, 2016.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Science & Research
Use of complementary, alternative medicine affects initiation of chemotherapy. Science Daily. May 12, 2016.
RCT supports cardiovascular safety of Bitter Orange in healthy people. NutraIngredients-USA. May 12, 2016.
New integrative data portal for brilliant brassicas. EurekAlert! May 12, 2016.
John Oliver takes down the too-much-science-not-enough-skepticism problem. New Hope Network. May 10, 2016.
Fruit discovery could provide new treatments for obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. EurekAlert! May 11, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Amendment to limit military access to dietary supplements withdrawn. NutraIngredients-USA. May 11, 2016.
Move over GNC: Crackdown on dietary supplement makers continues. JD Supra Business Advisor. May 11, 2016.

Community & Industry
FDA’s new dietary supplement office should focus on tainted products, GMPs & NDIs, industry leaders say. NutraIngredients-USA. May 10, 2016.
Oracle’s Ellison gives $200 million for cancer research. SF Gate. May 12, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Pot Matters: Cannabis and Veterinary Medicine. High Times. May 11, 2016.
'Marijuana superstore' wins legal battle over medical pot shops in California. The Guardian. May 10, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Turmeric, matcha & mushroom among specialty teas that are engaging Millennials and driving sales. NutraIngredients-USA. May 11, 2016.
Grading the costs and benefits of acai, chia and other ‘superfoods’. The Washington Post. May 11, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Botany at bay: A report on the state of the world’s vegetation gives cause for concern. The Economist. May 14, 2016.
Symposium highlights threats to the world’s plants, but solutions are to hand. TRAFFIC. May 12, 2016.
One in Five Plant Species Threatened with Extinction. Discovery News. May 11, 2016.
Cataloguing the world’s plants. The Economist. May 10, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
What the West Can Learn From Tibetan Pain Management. The Wall Street Journal. May 12, 2016.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Science & Research
Menace to society: Age-old herbal remedies don't guarantee safety. NutraIngredients. May 6, 2016.
RESEARCH: Peppermint tea boosts memory. The Clitheroe Advertiser and Times. May 5, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
FDA Criminal Office Said to Be Examining Drug Ostarine in Dietary Supplements. Natural Products Insider. May 6, 2016.
Senator Criticizes “Loophole” in Self-Affirmed GRAS System. Nutritional Outlook. May 6, 2016.
Drinking cherry juice may lower high blood pressure: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. May 5, 2016.
What Is 'Natural' Food? A Riddle Wrapped In Notions Of Good And Evil. NPR. May 8, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Cherokee council sparks up medicinal marijuana initiative. Carolina Public Press. May 6, 2016.
Court ruling may stop feds from going after medical marijuana. The Christian Science Monitor. May 8, 2016.

Showcasing natural products in the gardens they come from. Chemical & Engineering News. May 9, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Native Plants in Cities Need Protection Too. The Atlantic. May 5, 2016.
Bringing Back Cacao, The Great Healer. Indian Country. May 7, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
AHPA Prop 65 Guidance for Naturally Occurring Botanical Constituents, Goldenseal Root Powder and Aloe vera, Non-Decolorized Whole Leaf Extract. American Herbal Products Association. May 6, 2016.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Science & Research
Novel bitter melon extract show metabolic and anti-obesity effects: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. May 3, 2016.
Grape polyphenols help counter negative effects of high fat diet. EurekAlert! May 3, 2016.
Herbal remedies are an overlooked global health hazard. Science Daily. May 3, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
China’s New Sports Nutrition Safety Standard. Natural Products Insider. May 3, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Germany to legalise medicinal cannabis: minister. Medical Xpress. May 3, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Four plant species named for James Bond. Science. May 4, 2016.

Herbs & Conditions
Slippery elm: an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Clinical Advisor. May 2, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Leonardo DiCaprio invests in Runa, gifts shares to indigenous workers. New Hope Network. May 2, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Link between traditional Chinese medicine and liver transplants? 100 Hong Kong cases stir concern. South China Morning Post. May 4, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
The Republic of Tea Issues Voluntary Recall of Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea. US Food & Drug Administration. April 29, 2016.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Science & Research
Tropical Plant Called Moringa Shows Promise in Health, Anti-Aging Products. Rutgers Today. April 28, 2016.
Eating chocolate each day could reduce heart disease, diabetes risk. Science Daily. April 28, 2016.
Peppermint Tea May Improve Memory, Cognitive Function — Chamomile Tea, Not So Much. Medical Daily. May 2, 2016.
Science Confirms that Herbal Tea Boosts Your Memory and Makes You Chill. VICE – Munchies blog. April 30, 2016.
Eating black raspberries may decrease heart disease risk: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. April 29, 2016.
Garcinia’s conflicting science. New Hope Network. March 22, 2016.
Crowdsourcing control: Don’t make it a free for all, warn researchers. NutraIngredients. April 29, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
CRN seeks tweaks to proposed Prop 65 changes in bid to cut lawsuits off at the pass. NutraIngredients-USA. April 28, 2016.

Community & Industry
Fruit vs. triclosan: How one exotic ingredient could transform the toxic soap industry. New Hope Network. April 29, 2016.

Harvard’s David Eisenberg to Receive the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine Award. Integrative Practitioner. April 21, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Up in Smoke: Does Medical Marijuana Work? Consumer Reports. April 28, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
A wake-up call: UNPA survey shows lack of consumer & market awareness of credible certification seals. NutraIngredients-USA. April 29, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Despite risks, Americans flock to Amazon for Ayahuasca ritual and spiritual awakening. Fox News Latino. April 28, 2016.
Future Smartphones Will Tell You What’s Killing Your Plants. The Atlantic. April 26, 2016.
Growth in Global Dietary Supplements Market Led by Asia Pacific Region. Natural Products Insider. May 2, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Madagascar’s unique ‘Spiny Forest’ is fast being turned into charcoal. The Conversation UK. April 28, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Drought ravaging trees for birth control in Kenya. SciDev.Net. April 16, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
AHPA Adopts Labeling Guidance for Alcohol-Removed Products. American Herbal Products Association. April 28, 2016.
AHPA President Reviews Adulteration Solutions at IADSA Expert Roundtable on Botanicals. American Herbal Products Association. April 29, 2016.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Science & Research
Rosemary really is herb of remembrance, as scent boosts memory by 15 per cent, say scientists. The Telegraph. April 27, 2016.
Could a combined dietary supplement help ward off heart disease? Science Daily. April 25, 2016.
Twisted Proteins May Give Plants A Memory. Popular Science. April 27, 2016.
Review supports immune health potential of larch arabinogalactan. NutraIngredients-USA. April 26, 2016.
Olive-sourced hydroxytyrosol effective in biscuits: Study. NutraIngredients. April 27, 2016.

Community & Industry
Bianca Shah to Lead ITI. World Tea News. April 25, 2016.
If They Don't Want to Be Members, Give Them Something Else to Join. Associations Now. April 27, 2016.
Nestlé Develops Foods to Treat Diseases. The Wall Street Journal. April 12, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Former state trooper selected as Maryland’s new medical marijuana czar. Washington Post. April 25, 2016.
State Supreme Court delays enforcement of medical pot ruling. Missoulian. April 26, 2016.

Quality Control & Adulteration
How to shut down the illicit ginkgo trade. NutraIngredients. April 26, 2016.
Many Roads Lead to Adulterated Sports Nutrition Products. Natural Products Insider. April 27, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Loathed By Farmers, Loved By Ancients: The Strange History Of Tiger Nuts. NPR. April 27, 2016.
Cold Brew Tea. World Tea News. April 25, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Illegal harvest of medicinal plants threatens Tanzania's national park. Xinhua News Agency. April 27, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Korean traditional medicine struggles to remain competitive. Yonhap News Agency. April 26, 2016.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Science & Research
Observers say Harvard anti-supplements article so poorly done as to be 'embarrassing'. NutraIngredients-USA. April 25, 2016.
Dark chocolate rivals beetroot juice in boosting athletic performance, study shows. NutraIngredients. April 25, 2016.
'Mediterranean' diet linked to lower risk of heart attacks & strokes in heart patients. EurekAlert! April 24, 2016.
Coffee-Related Plant Could Boost HIV Treatments, FIU Researchers Say. Miami New Times. April 25, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Another April, another sports nutrition scandal. New Hope Network. April 13, 2016.

Ties to Alaska's wild plants: Ethnobotany film series connects plants with traditional uses. April 25, 2016.
Crowdfunding Campaign: Community Herbal Education Center. IndieGoGo. Ends May 7, 2016.
Evolution and Science Education: Religion Needs to Butt Out. Inquisitr. April 25, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Recent Study Shows That Cannabis Fights Osteoarthritis Related Cartilage Breakdown. The Weed Blog. April 24, 2016.
DEA Approves First Ever Marijuana Study for Veterans with PTSD
. Medical Jane. April 25, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Ancient German City Turns Public Spaces Into Gardens and Pastures. The Wall Street Journal. April 18, 2016.

Trends & Technology
This Cybernetic Lifeform Is Powered by Plant Intelligence. Vice – Motherboard blog. April 25, 2016.
Pastoral Medicine Credentials Raise Questions In Texas. NPR. April 25, 2016.

The Dangers of ‘Polypharmacy,’ the Ever-Mounting Pile of Pills. The New York Times. April 22, 2016.
Warning: Supplements and medications may not mix. USA Today. April 24, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
AHPA Board of Trustees Updates Membership Application Policies. AHPA. April 22, 2016.
NPA’s Dr. Fabricant Speaks at National Organic Standards Board and Calls for Carrageenan to Be Allowed in Organic Infant Formulas. NPA. April 25, 2016.
Senate Panel Votes to Protect State Medical Marijuana Laws. ASA. April 21, 2016.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Science & Research
Turmeric research boosted by $1.5M joint study. NutraIngredients. April 21, 2016.
Supplements for Seniors: New Research. Nutritional Outlook. April 21, 2016.
Measurement of β-Glucan in Mushrooms and Mycelial Products. Journal of AOAC International. March 1, 2016.
Barcoding Brouhaha. National Law Review. April 22, 2016.

Cannabis Update
Marijuana/Fibromyalgia – The Data Pile Up. National Pain Report. April 14, 2016.
Canada to introduce legislation to decriminalize recreational cannabis. The Guardian. April 20, 2016.
Mexico's president proposes legalising medical marijuana. The Guardian. April 21, 2016.

Trends & Technology
How to take the sleaze out of libido supplements. NutraIngredients. April 22, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Healing the Earth With Mushrooms. Epoch Times. April 22, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Restore sacred tribal practices to national parks. San Francisco Chronicle. April 22, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
AHPA endorses CARERS and Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Acts. AHPA. April 14, 2016.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Science & Research
Compound from hops lowers cholesterol, blood sugar and weight gain. Science Daily. April 18, 2016.
Not all cranberry supplements prevent urinary tract infections. Reuters UK. April 19, 2016.
US Phytotherapy Reports Significant Efficacy in Initial Studies on Dengue Virus. PR Newswire. April 20, 2016.
Enhanced curcumin shows endothelial benefits for healthy people: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. April 19, 2016.
Human data supports acai’s antioxidant activity in healthy women. NutraIngredients-USA. April 19, 2016.
A better understanding of bananas could help prevent blindness. Science Daily. April 20, 2016.

Community & Industry
Mauritius President for more collaboration in research, trade. Business Recorder. April 19, 2016.
UNM Curanderismo program returns for its 16th year. University of New Mexico Newsroom. April 20, 2016.
McCormick Acquires Australian Herb Company. The Wall Street Journal. April 19, 2016.

Cannabis Update
A Patent for Marijuana Plants Already Exists — and More Are Expected to Follow. VICE News. April 20, 2016.
Holy Moses These Fake Nuns Totally Grow Weed. Wired. April 20, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Supplement Pets' Lives, Boost Retail Sales. Pet Product News. April 2016.
Tea Trends: Cacao Shell Tea. World Tea News. April 19, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
NPA Announces 19th Annual Natural Products Day. April 12, 2016.
Multiple Nations Call for Reform in International Cannabis Policies at United Nations. ASA. April 19, 2016.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Science & Research
Berry drink shows skin benefits. NutraIngredients. April 15, 2016.
A natural food sweetener with anti-pancreatic cancer properties. Oncogenesis. April 11, 2016.
How Burning Herbs [Can] Cleanse Your Space—No, Really. They Can Kill Bacteria. Alternet. April 6, 2016.
Data confirms that DNA barcoding alone not suitable for finished dietary supplement products. NutraIngredients-USA. April 15, 2016.
Study shows curcumin/fenugreek combo helps relieve work-related stress. NutraIngredients-USA. April 18, 2016.
Resveratrol’s heart health benefits linked to gut microbiota changes. NutraIngredients-USA. April 18, 2016.
Great willow herb as an antitode in therapies against multi-drug resistant bacteria. Science Daily. April 14, 2016.
Debal Deb, India’s rice warrior, finds rice species containing medicinal properties. The Indian Express. April 16, 2016.
Maple syrup polyphenols may protect against neurodegenerative effects: Study. NutraIngredients. April 18, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
FTC action casts more doubt over usefulness of 'all natural' claims. NutraIngredients-USA. April 14, 2016.

Community & Industry
A Research Centre On Traditional Medicine to Be Set Up in Mauritius. All Africa. April 15, 2016.
UM Dedicates Natural Products Training Center. University of Mississippi News. April 14, 2016.
FDA ‘appreciates’ CRN’s product registry efforts. NutraIngredients-USA. April 15, 2016.
Singapore's first ethnobotany garden to open late 2017: NParks. Channel NewsAsia. April 18, 2016.
DNA barcoding is a critical part of improving the industry’s quality program, says NY AG’s office. NutraIngredients-USA. April 18, 2016.

Cannabis Update
The Word "Marijuana" Versus the Word "Cannabis". The Stranger. April 13, 2016.
Outrageous Sentences for Marijuana. The News York Times. April 14, 2016. [Editorial]
Prominent Doctors To Launch Marijuana Legalization Organization On Monday. The Weed Blog. April 16, 2016.

Consumer & Popular
Why we need consumer guides for complementary and alternative medicine. Hippocratic Post. April 18, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Network marketing continues to be growing outlet for supplements. NutraIngredients-USA. April 14, 2016.
Adaptogens yield functional food, beverage growth — but 'pixie dusting' concerns loom. Food Dive. April 14, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Dubai, China join hands in traditional Chinese medicine research. Xinhua. April 17, 2016.
Indigenous doctor incorporates traditional practices in modern medicine. CBC Radio. April 17, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
AHPA appoints Robert Wildman to chair Sports Nutrition Committee. AHPA. April 14, 2016.
Six North Texas Botanic Gardens Band Together to Promote National Public Gardens Day, May 6, 2016. BRIT. April 15, 2016.
Pennsylvania Becomes 24th State to Legalize Medical Cannabis. Americans for Safe Access. April 18, 2016.
Maryland: Governor Signs Hemp Research Law
. NORML. April 14, 2016.
UM Dedicates Natural Products Training Center. Ole Miss. April 14, 2016.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Science & Research
Personalised nutrition ‘really works’: new research. NutraIngredients. April 13, 2016.
In search of a treatment for osteoporosis from the tequila agave. Science Daily. April 9, 2016.
Increase in coffee consumption could provide protective effect in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Science Daily. April 13, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Global Tea Industry Faces Diverse Challenges. World Tea News. April 12, 2016.
EFSA needs more botanical experts, plant pundits urge. NutraIngredients. April 13, 2016.

Community & Industry
CRN Plans to Launch Dietary Supplement Product Registry. Natural Products Insider. April 13, 2016.
NPA vs current & former board members update: Defendants summit motion to dismiss complaints. NutraIngredients-USA. April 8, 2016.
Birkle-Dreer, Chief of NCCIH Scientific Review, Mourned. NIH Record. April 13, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Climate Change and the Migration of Infectious Disease. The Health Care Blog. April 13, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Why black rice is a star superfood. Fox News. April 12, 2016.
Guidelines for Predicting the Next Major Functional Ingredient Trend. Natural Products Insider. April 12, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Rina Yang on the cultural complexities of traditional Chinese medicine. Honi Soit. April 13, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
CRN Announces Industry-Wide Dietary Supplement Product Registry to be Launched This Year. CRN. April 13, 2016

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Science & Research
Eating pears regularly may improve blood pressure, heart function: study. Delhi Daily News. April 12, 2016.
The Health Benefits of Turmeric: Better than Ibuprofen? Inquisitr. April 9, 2016.
Hepatotoxicity by Dietary Supplements: A Tabular Listing and Clinical Characteristics. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. April 9, 2016.
Chinese medicine plant secrets probed. BBC News. April 9, 2016.
Elderberry extracts may protect air travelers from colds and flu. NutraIngredients. April 7, 2016.
Dietary Supplements for Dysmenorrhea: Are Any Effective? Monthly Prescribing Reference. April 7, 2016.
10 studies from Experimental Biology that caught our eye Part 1: Vitamins K2 & D, berries and green tea. NutraIngredients-USA. April 11, 2016.
10 studies from Experimental Biology that caught our eye Part 2: Omega-3s, lutein and mistletoe. NutraIngredients-USA. April 11, 2016.
Berry polyphenols may benefit learning and memory, for mice at least. NutraIngredients-USA. April 11, 2016.
Broccoli could counter obesity related liver disease: Mouse data. NutraIngredients-USA. April 11, 2016.
Breakthrough may stop multiple sclerosis in its tracks. Science Daily. April 11, 2016.

Legal & Regulatory
Sen McCaskill: “We shouldn’t be relying on Cohen et al to ensure industry is acting responsibly”. NutraIngredients-USA. April 7, 2016.

Community & Industry
Five Questions with Todd Rubin, President of The Republic of Tea. Food Tank. April 11, 2016.
Michael Murray, N.D., the voice of natural medicine. Nutrition Business Journal. March 26, 2016.
The Amazonian Travels of Richard Evans Schultes. The Amazon Conservation Team. April 2016.

Cannabis Update
In California, Marijuana Is Smelling More Like Big Business. The New York Times. April 11, 2016.
Revised medical marijuana manual lists many adverse effects. CBC News. April 11, 2016.
Medical cannabis companies partner to advance research into whole-plant treatment for sports-related injuries. Extract. April 7, 2016.

Environment & Conservation
Extinction of medicinal herbs leading to poor-quality ayurvedic drugs. The Times of India. April 10, 2016.

Trends & Technology
Dietary Supplements for Stress-Related Burnout. Nutritional Outlook. April 11, 2016.

Traditional Medicine
Choosing modern medicine over traditional healers in Ebola-affected Guinea. IFRCRCS. April 11, 2016.
Herbal life: traditional medicine gets a modern twist in Iran. The Guardian. April 11, 2016.

Community & Industry Releases
DEA Set To Act Imminently On Five-Year-Old Rescheduling Petition. NORML. April 7, 2016.

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