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Since its inception in 1988, ABC has had to grow substantially to meet the demands of the industry and consumers for responsible, science-based information on herbs and medicinal plants. Periodically staff is added in the areas of sales, education, public relations and the gardens. Whenever we have a position to be filled, we post it here first.


Jobs Available at ABC

Contract writer – HerbClip™

The American Botanical Council is seeking an experienced writer with a strong science background to critically review and summarize clinical trials, meta-analyses, and systematic reviews, along with occasional other articles for HerbClip. Each HerbClip review is a well-crafted, often peer-reviewed summary of the article, but it is not just an abstract or summary. It may bring into focus related issues, it may critique the original article, or it may link the article to related points in the news.

Articles are assigned at the end of the month. One HerbClip review would be a “FasTrak” due one week after the article is assigned, and the other reviews would be due by the third week of the following month.

HerbClip is emailed twice monthly to certain levels of ABC members and is posted to ABC’s website where it is available to ABC members at the Academic level and above. Through the generous support of sponsoring industry leaders and members at certain levels who enjoy the service, HerbClip is made available to researchers, academicians, university departments, policy makers and journalists who would not otherwise have easy access to this important information. In this way, HerbClip assists in the growth and development of the herbal community and provides valuable information regarding numerous compelling issues affecting the research, marketing, sale, and responsible use of herbs and medicinal plants. HerbClip review articles are drawn from scientific journals, government documents, special reports, mainstream media, and a variety of newsletters. Sample HerbClip reviews can be found on the ABC website –

Please send your résumé or CV along with writing samples to Employment. For proper routing, your subject line must contain HerbClip Writer and your first and last name.



Employment with Other Companies

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ABC posts open positions for its Sponsor Member companies. Please look here to see what is available.

If you are interested in posting a position, please email