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Since its inception in 1988, ABC has had to grow substantially to meet the demands of the industry and consumers for responsible, science-based information on herbs and medicinal plants. Periodically staff is added in the areas of sales, education, public relations and the gardens. Whenever we have a position to be filled, we post it here first.


Jobs Available at ABC


HerbMed Pro Compiler/Editor

Qualified candidates for this position will have a background in science (e.g., pharmacognosy, pharmacology, ethnobotany, botany, biology) or herbal or naturopathic medicine, and who are conversant with the scientific literature on medicinal plants. They must be able to research the literature on medicinal plants from various online published sources, categorize and sub-categorize the data, summarize each item briefly, and hyperlink it directly to the source data. The ability to determine specific types of scientific studies (e.g., clinical trials, pharmacological studies, etc.) are vital, as are clear writing and attention to detail.

HerbMedPro™ is an interactive, electronic herbal database that provides hyperlinked access to the scientific data underlying the use of herbs for health. It is an evidence-based information resource for professionals, researchers, and general public, that provides evidence for efficacy, safety data, evidence of activity, formulas/blends, pictures and distribution maps, cultivation issues, and related links.

Due to the nature of the project, we require a 10-15 hour/week commitment on average. However, since this is a part-time, contractual position, it offers great flexibility in scheduling the work to be done.

Please send your résumé or CV along with writing samples to Employment. For proper routing, your subject line must contain HerbMedPro Compiler and your first and last name.




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