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Since its inception in 1988, ABC has had to grow substantially to meet the demands of the industry and consumers for responsible, science-based information on herbs and medicinal plants. Periodically staff is added in the areas of sales, education, public relations and the gardens. Whenever we have a position to be filled, we post it here first.


Jobs Available at ABC


Contract Assistant/Consulting Editor for the HerbClip Educational Service

The American Botanical Council is seeking to hire a contract consulting editor to edit the content of the final draft of HerbClip Education Service documents prior to publication. These materials include HerbClip Educational Service critical reviews and summaries of clinical trials, systematic reviews, herb profiles and monographs, lab analysis, and other articles pertaining to herbs/botanicals.

This position requires good working knowledge of grammar, diction, and spelling. Editors need to be able to edit for content, so knowledge of herbs, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and the herbal industry is necessary, as well as familiarity with or exposure to biological, medical, and/or chemical terminology. Topics include herbal and traditional medicine, legal and regulatory developments, FDA and related government documents, environmental concerns related to herbs, and research trials. Attention to detail, ability to learn quickly, verification that technical terms that are not common knowledge are explained, and considering each piece within the larger context of the herbal industry are important.

Twice monthly, the consulting editor will receive 15 HerbClips (along with the original articles) to be thoroughly reviewed for content and grammar prior to publication with focus on verifying that the herbal and scientific information is presented correctly within the HerbClip documents and that writing guidelines have been followed. Timeliness in the editing process is a necessary component to this position. The consulting editor will be giving a fixed deadline in which to complete the edits.

Required Qualifications and Special Skills:

  1. Excellent editing skills with attention to detail
  2. Capable of working independently
  3. Capable of working on multiple documents with a tight deadline
  4. Strong proofreading, organization, and time management skills
  5. Working knowledge of Microsoft Word.

In order to maintain consistently high levels of quality ABC screens all prospective consulting editors, and the first few assignments are presented on a "as accepted basis" meaning that editors will receive payment once those assignments have been approved for publication. 

Please send your résumé or CV along with writing samples to Employment. For proper routing, your subject line must contain HerbClip Consulting Editor and your first and last name.



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