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Adopt-An-Herb is an exciting and mutually beneficial way to support ABC! Each adopting organization helps ensure that the most current information on their herb is available in HerbMedPro. This enables consumers, researchers, educators, media, health practitioners, government agencies, and members of industry (including retailers and other) to have easy access to abstracts of the latest scientific and clinical publications on the many aspects, properties, and benefits of the adopted herb.

Adopters' contribution to keeping ABC's information up to date is recognized in multiple ways, including links on their websites allowing them to share free information on their adopted herbs with their website visitors.

Become an adopter today!  Contact Denise Meikel at 512-926-4900 extension 120 or by email. 

ABC thanks its Herbal Adopters:

Acerola Diana logo AcerolaSM2
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AAH_AndroNatRemLogo AAH_AndrographisSM
Naturopathica logo with border ArnicaLG
Artichoke logo for AAH ArtichokenameNew
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Botalys AAH AAH Asian ginseng small
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Soladox for chokeberry BlackChokeberryName
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AAH Chamomile logo AAH ChamomileSM
Pharmatoka AAH CranberrySM
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Soladox for elder Elderberry SM
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Garlic logo AAH Garlic AAH
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FourElements logo AAH Lemon balmSM
Natural Remedies logo AAH AAH Licorice SM2
AAH Lifeflower logo AAH LifeflowerSM
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Euromed milk thistle AAH logo Milk thistle AAH SM
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DMH Rooibos AAH logo Rooibos AAH SM
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SaffronLogo SaffronSM
ValensaLogoAAH SawPalmettoAAH-SM
Zembrin logo for AAH SceletiumSM
Senna Adopt an Herb Senna Adopt an Herb
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Soladox for nettle Stinging Nettle SM
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Yerba mate Centroflora logo AAH Yerb mate AAH SM

is an interactive, impartial and evidence-based herbal database that provides hyperlinked access to abstracts of the scientific and clinical publications containing data underlying the use of more that 200 herbs and phytomedicines commonly used for various health purposes.

Become an adopter today!  

To learn more, contact Denise Meikel at 512-926-4900 extension 120 or by email.


 ABC Members and Supporters, including Adopters, do not influence ABC content.