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AAH Rose Hip LG

The American Botanical Council (ABC) is passionate about helping people live healthier lives through the responsible use of herbs and medicinal plants. As an independent, nonprofit education organization, ABC is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information for consumers, healthcare practitioners, researchers, educators, industry and the media.

Please enjoy this information on rose hips made available through the generosity of Loomis Enzymes' adoption.

AAH Rosa canina

Rosa canina (Rosaceae), called dog rose or brier rose, is native to and widely distributed throughout Europe. Bright red persistent fruit or pseudofruit (hips) appear in September and October. Rose hip preparations are used for colds, diabetes, diarrhea, edema, fever, gastritis, arthritis, and numerous other conditions. 

Additional ABC Rose Hip Resources 

HerbalGram Articles

Dog Rose Hip. 2016; 111:8-19

HerbClip reviews

Review of Rose Hip for Arthritis Summarizes Evidence of Potential Benefit. HC# 081663-566, 4/14/2017.

Special Danish Rose Hip Powder Reduces Pain and Stiffness of Osteoarthritis of the Hand. HC# 031432-500, 7/15/2014.

Meta-analysis Suggests Reduction of Osteoarthritis Pain with Rose Hips Powder. HC# 041033-407, 8/31/2010.

Rose Hip Powder Improves Rheumatoid Arthritis Disability Scores. HC# 110695-397, 3/31/2010.

Review Reveals Therapeutic Indications for Rose Hip. HC# 090384-371, 2/27/2009.

Efficacy of Rosehip (Rosa canina) as a Pain-Reducing Agent in Persons with Osteoarthritis. HC# 060183-358, 8/15/2008.

Systematic Review of Rose Hips and Seeds for Use as an Aid for Treating Symptoms of Osteoarthritis. HC# 050665-320, 1/15/2007.


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