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How to Use ABC's Monographs Page

Above is a video tutorial on how to use ABC's monographs page. To begin, click on the start button Start Button. To expand the video, click the fullscreen icon Fullscreen at the lower right of the frame. Please note that when you expand the video to fullscreen, it may take a moment for the resolution to become clear.

A monograph is a paper on a single topic. Herbal monographs normally include nomenclature, part used, constituents, range of application, contraindications, side effects, incompatibilities with other medications, dosage, use, and action of the herb.

To date, the American Botanical Council has published four books of monographs: The Complete German Commission E Monographs, Herbal Medicine: Expanded Commission E Monographs, The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs, and The Identification of Medicinal Plants.

Elder Berry Profile is a comprehensive profile written as a chapter from The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs. It includes a fully referenced monograph, clinical overview, patient information sheet, and table of clinical studies. View other monographs from The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs here.

Currently, ABC is developing a series of product-specific and proprietary botanical ingredient monographs.

Product-Specific and Proprietary Botanical Ingredient Monographs 

NEW! Pycnogenol® Monograph - In February 2019, the American Botanical Council published a revised and updated versions of its January 2010  monograph on Pycnogenol®, a patented dietary ingredient from French maritime pine bark, summarizing selected scientific and clinical studies demonstrating the extract's potential benefits in cardiovascular health, blood sugar control, edema, ADHD, asthma, menstrual pain, and osteoarthritis of the knee. 

POM® Wonderful Pomegranate Juice Product-Specific Monograph is an extensively researched, peer-reviewed literature review covering the pharmacological research and 6 preliminary human clinical trials on this patented pomegranate juice, demonstrating this juice’s safety and strong antioxidant activity, as well as its potential benefits to possibly reduce cardiovascular risk factors.

The COLD-fX® Product-Specific Monograph is an extensively researched, peer-reviewed literature review covering the pharmacological and human clinical research on COLD-fX, aka CVT-E002, a proprietary, patented fraction of saccharides from the roots of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), which the Canadian government has approved for use to prevent and/or treat symptoms related to colds and flu, complete with safety data, recommended dosage levels, etc.

Sinupret® Product-Specific Monograph - In February 2009 the American Botanical Council published a product-specific monograph summarizing the scientific and clinical studies of Sinupret®, a clinically-tested combination of extracts of five traditional European herbs. Sinupret is widely used in Germany and other countries for upper respiratory tract health, including conditions associated with sinusitis and bronchitis.