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Noted and Beloved Ethnobotanist and Herbal Medicine Advocate Jim Duke Dies at 88

It is with great sadness to learn the news of the passing of one of the giants of the herbal movement of the past century, James A. Duke, PhD, who died peacefully on the evening of December 10, 2017. Jim, as he was known to all, served as one of the founding members of the Board of Trustees of the American Botanical Council. His impact and inspiration for the last three generations of all aspects of the herbal community cannot be overstated. Read more here.

American Botanical Council Welcomes Three New Board of Trustees Members

The American Botanical Council (ABC) announces the election of three new members to its Board of Trustees: Bethany Davis; Richard Kingston, PharmD; and Holly Shimizu. The new trustees bring decades of combined experience in a diverse range of fields related to medicinal plants Read more here.

Biotropics Malaysia Adopts Tongkat Ali through ABC’s Adopt-an-Herb Program

The American Botanical Council (ABC) recognizes Biotropics Malaysia’s adoption of tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) through ABC’s Adopt-an-Herb botanical education program. Tongkat ali is a Southeast Asian flowering treelet that has been used traditionally for a variety of purposes, including as an aphrodisiac, adaptogen, and general health tonic. Read more here.

American Botanical Council Begins 30th Year

On November 1, 2017, the American Botanical Council (ABC) begins its 30th year of nonprofit service, providing reliable, science-based information on the responsible use of herbs, medicinal plants, other beneficial botanicals, essential oils, fungi, and related materials. The independent nonprofit has members in countries around the globe, has received numerous awards, and is recognized as a thought leader and innovator in the field of botanicals and herbal medicine. Read more here.








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