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ABC on the Air

Mark Blumenthal On the Air

ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal travels the world speaking about relevant herbal topics. Check out video, podcasts and articles featuring Mark:

The Science of Herbal Medicine:
April 9, 2013. Mark gave an hour-long webinar through Terry Talks Nutritions on "What Works and Why: The Science of Herbal Medicine." The entire webinar is available for download from the Terry Talks website here.

Evidence for Herbal Medicine:
July 10, 2012. Wellness Times Editorial Advisor, Lise Alschuler, ND, interviewed Mark in this 50-minute radio program about the scientific evidence substantiating the use of herbal medicines. The two botanical experts also discuss safety and other issues associated with the use of medicinal herbs. Listen to the interview here.

Responsible Use of Medicinal Plants:
June 15, 2012. Mark was heard on the Austin, TX-based KOOP radio program "Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer." The show featured a discussion of issues involving research, regulation, marketing, and responsible use of medicinal plants and other alternatives to traditional Western medicine. The podcast is available for download here.

Herbal Insights — Chamomile, Açai, Echinacea and More:
Jan. 2010 - Nov. 2011. Healing Quest, co-hosted by Olivia Newton-John on PBS stations, has aired 15 Herbal Insight segments featuring Mark covering chamomile, slippery elm, peppermint, ginger, marshmallow, senna, licorice, turmeric, hibiscus, rose hips, aloe, açaí, açaí hype, echinacea and one on whether echinacea works. View the schedule to see when Healing Quest airs near you.

Pharmaceutical Ingredients in Dietary Supplements:
Feb. 2, 2011. The Dr. Oz website posted an article on active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in dietary supplements (DS) written by Mark Blumenthal and Jana Hildreth. The article on APIs in DS was written in response to the FDA’s press conference on this subject on Dec 15, 2010 and the ABC Member Advisory which ABC issued that same day.

iHealthTube — Stevia and More:
June 22, 2012. Mark filmed a segment on stevia for An additional 26 short videos that Mark did for on various herbal topics such as basics of herbal medicine, how to find safe and effective herbal products, and mixing herbal medicine with conventional medicine are available here.

Cures for Outdoor Injuries:
June 1, 2010. Mark was interviewed for an article on on Mother Nature's Cures for Outdoor Injuries. 

Herb-Drug Interactions:
March 13, 2010. Joe and Theresa Graedon interviewed Mark Blumenthal for the nationally syndicated radio show "The People’s Pharmacy". During the show, Blumenthal discusses the errors, flaws, and omissions of the review article on herb-drug interactions published in early February 2010 by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, about which ABC issued a Member Advisory and Press Release. A podcast of the broadcast can be downloaded here on The People’s Pharmacy website.