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Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence in Herbal Education


What Members and Supporters Have to Say About the American Botanical Council:

Andy Weil, MD

Hard to believe it's been 25 years. I've been affiliated with and have supported ABC since its inception, because I believe in its mission. … As more health professionals are trained to use medicinal plants and other natural therapies, health care costs will decrease and health outcomes will improve. Education is required for this to happen, education of the sort that ABC has provided over the past 25 years and I'm sure will continue to provide.

Congratulations to Mark for heading this effort and to all who work with him.



Marianne Kaufmann

Congratulations to Mark and team. As a lay member since the beginning, I am amazed at the evolution of this fascinating publication.

Looking forward to a continually growing interest in and availability of herbal information for all.


Jean Robertson

Congratulations to you and your team for 25 Years of dedication to deliver quality, accurate herbal information to people around the world. Your efforts are noted and valued.

Joe Veilleux

ABC and Mark Blumenthal are valuable assets for the advocacy of botanicals. ABC has been an authoritative and important resource for information, education and public comment about herbs. ABC has played a significant role in the continued growth in the use of botanicals here in the US. Thanks to ABC and their 25 years of work, the use of botanicals has become an established means for American consumers to consider as part of their overall plan for maintaining good health.

Joe Veilleux, President, Euromed USA

Sara Altshul

Happy anniversary, ABC! You and Mark have always been there for journalists like me who try to navigate the nuanced waters of botanical medicine reporting. Thanks for always connecting us to the best researchers, herbalists, and ethnobotanists — and a special shout out to Mark for his always spot-on quotes. 

Sara Altshul, Prevention magazine


Ray Wolfson

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the work that you spearhead. It is always done with clarity and expertise and is a relatively sane voice in an insane world.

Aviva Romm, MD

Mark Blumenthal and the American Botanical Council have played a tremendous and important role in opening the eyes and minds of countless healthcare professionals to the importance of herbal medicines in healing, eco-conservation, traditional use, and even economics. ABC’s work, also, in part, paved the way for my own journey going from practicing as an herbalist to becoming a Yale-trained physician using botanicals as my primary modality in clinical practice, by contributing to the recognition of their value in healthcare and making what I had to offer as an herbalist a valuable asset rather than a fringe set of beliefs. It is with great respect that I wish ABC a happy 25th Anniversary and my gratitude and continued friendship.

Francis Brinker, ND

I came late to the HerbalGram party with the summer 1987 issue No. 13, the first in my archived collection. It has been a joy to be in on the birth of ABC and to be celebrating it through 25 years. It has served as a bedrock of reliable information, entertained with the obscure, and dazzled with the colorful world of global herbs and herbalists. From herbal society news to the context of science to commercial and political concerns to enrichment from cultural traditions, I have grown in my knowledge and appreciation of all things herbal through the help of HerbalGram and the other channels that ABC has made available.

To Mark the man, sine qua non, who has nurtured the seedling for us to enjoy the fruit, many thanks, including for that Echinacea logo

Neil Blomquist

When I look at all of the organizations that have been a part of the evolution of the Natural & Herbal Products industry, ABC, and its many educational and inspirational publications and events, rises to the top as one of the most important in my nearly 40 years of industry involvement. It is easy to take for granted the work that ABC does, but when you have an inside view of what is needed to continue to fund ABC through donations and memberships, while at the same continuing to strive to improve and expand services, you understand the hard work and dedication that Mark and the ABC team, past and present, have done to make ABC a reality. Congratulations to ABC for 25 remarkable years!

Tracy Romm, EdD

Happy birthday ABC, and Mark. You are a pathfinder, early on recognizing the need to build bridges and to bring wider stakeholders together in the service of healing, the plants, and the ecosystem. Informative and beautiful (the magazine, bud, not your mug), yes. But it is you, the Ambassador of Herbs, with an irrepressible sense of humor and gigantic heart, who has logged the miles and pounded the pavement to bring a reverential message (however irreverently presented at times!) to the masses. Thank you thank you thank you for following your inspiration.

Kudos on 25.  I am looking forward to seeing what is down the road for the next 25.

Love & respect,

Jerry Cott, PhD

There are significant factors in the evolution and maturation of ABC and its founder, Mark B. But perhaps the key is the cool-headed approach shown over the years by Mark, and reflected in his organization and publication, HerbalGram. In an age of hyperbole and hot-tempered opinions (even by a certain recovering pharmacologist), Mark has so consistently remained the consummate diplomat. I think this is the secret of his and ABC's success. No one is offended, personally or intellectually, but all are subtly persuaded that these herbals may not be half bad!

Bevin Clare, MS

Congrats on 25 years!

As a youngster herbalist, HerbalGram was anxiously awaited for its role in helping me understand herbal medicine in a completely new way. As an academic, my appreciation only grew as I was able to see its unique ability to blend all things herbal – science, tradition, and a love of the plant world. The wonderful world Mark has created enriches American herbalism in a significant and delightful way and I couldn't be more honored to be part of it.

Mindy Green

HerbalGram and the American Botanical Council epitomize the evolution of the modern herbal movement in America today. Mark has been at that forefront since the beginning, bridging science and folklore, herbalists and scientists, all the while reminding us with humor and grace that we all aspire to the same goals —  the betterment of health and humanity through the educated use of herbs.

John Weeks

The value of ABC is its service to sharing the whole herb – the science, the beauty, and in terrific articles, the cultures and peoples that cultivate and use them.

Lyle Craker, PhD

Since we first met, [Mark] you have been a true friend and a supporter of medicinal and aromatic plants through your activities and publication.

On behalf of the approximately 2500 students and myself that have made use of HerbalGram in our medicinal and aromatic plant classes during these past 25 years, thank you.

Colette Bernard Dulude

ABC for me is the ideal link to health.  I am retired and took on herbalism as a hobby and became a certified herbalist. Due to my limited budget, ABC has permitted me to stay in touch... In my humble opinion, you are the knowledge in the domain of health. Thank you to your team for that.

Will McClatchey, PhD

It is an amazing accomplishment that ABC, HerbalGram, and Mark have produced 25 years of exceptional research, reporting, and fair evaluations of herbal products. This one organization has provided a critical keel for the rapidly growing ship of the nutraceutical industry, not only in the USA, but globally. Without ABC, the ship would surely have sailed off course, or flipped over entirely. We all owe you a debt of gratitude!


Flo Lavallie

Mark Blumenthal and the American Botanical Council have left an impact on my ability to practice as an Herbalist in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. In my capacity I teach Aboriginal herbal medicine on reservations and inner city women’s programs, the history of herbs in HerbalGram is most educational. Elders attend my programs as well as sharing their knowledge. The co-existence of ABC’s presence also strengthens our connections with the earth through the study of herbal plant medicines. Congratulations on twenty-five years of groundbreaking and being a grassroots resource for generations to come, and the future of herbalism.


John Beutler, PhD

and ABC have been vital links between the scientific world, herbalists and consumers thanks to Mark's persistent networking with everyone involved. In an arena with plenty of nonsense, HerbalGram has brought good information to people in an appealing format. Has it really been 25 years?

Robin Marles, PhD

As a regulator of dietary supplements and botanical ingredients in foods in Canada, and as a consumer and parent, I recognize the great importance of HerbalGram, the Botanical Adulteration Education Program, and other ABC initiatives in educating manufacturers, consumers, healthcare practitioners, and regulators about herbal medicinal ingredients. Applying the knowledge provided by ABC programs on how to control herbal product quality helps manufacturers to be able to assure us that what is on the label is what is in the bottle, that the products are safe, and that they will do whatever they say on the label. The reliable, scientifically reviewed information that ABC provides about the safety and benefits of herbal products helps practitioners and regulators to make informed recommendations and decisions, and helps consumers to make informed choices.

Susan Murch, PhD

Congratulations Mark and HerbalGram!  For 25 years you have informed, engaged, critiqued, enlightened, and inspired.  Your work has made us better and we are richer for the experience.

Kerry Bone, MCPP, FNHAA, FNIMH, and DipPhytoBSc (Hons)

Congratulations to Mark and team for their tireless work over 25 years in representing and promoting botanical therapy as a rational and credible healthcare alternative.

Stefan Gafner, PhD

Happy anniversary ABC!! 25 years is quite an achievement – thank you for letting me be part of the adventure.

Rosemary Gladstar

I also simply love Mark, the visionary editor of HerbalGram. I think of Mark as the great herbal diplomat (I also think of Echinacea in the same way). Is there anyone who moves between the different plant families as well and heart-fully as Mark does? Both Mark — and Echinacea — had the amazing ability to move herbs into the 'main stream.'  They both did it in similar ways, by being beautifully, seriously and joyfully effective…

Congratulations to you hard working honey bees that gather the pollen and are so devoted to the cross-pollination of herbal wisdom! 

I love you, Rosemary

Peggy Brevoort

Thinking back to the first early black and white (stapled??) together HerbalGram (Herb Clips???), it reminds me so much of a parallel with the evolution and growth of the entire herbal industry: small, sincere, ready to share the "new"/old knowledge about our newly discovered herbal treasures. Done on a budget, circulated among friends and new found colleagues: Hooray for HerbalGram and congratulations to the many many people who have had the perseverance and vision to make it and the entire herbal industry grow into the respected entity they each are today.

But what happened to Verbalgram?????

Peggy B

Jim Duke, PhD

Congrats to HerbalGram on its 30th birthday. Here at the Green Farmacy Garden, the garden crew eagerly awaits the arrival of the new issues, always seemingly improving. I am pleased and proud to say that as a senior citizen (now 84 myself) I have given my complete set of back issues to the library at nearby Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia Institute, one mile away crow flies).. Mark Blumenthal and Herbalgram have admirably done a great job of keeping the quality and rigor of the science in Herbalgram A#1.

I often try to rhyme away

Endearing things I need to say

HerbalGram is here to stay

Do have a happy birthday. . . anonpoet

James A. (Jim) Duke

Steven Foster

I’ve been involved with HerbalGram since the first issue, watching it evolve from an 8-page newsletter to a four-color journal and magazine. HerbalGram is a unique hybrid periodical blending popular interpretation of scientific studies on medicinal plants with original peer-reviewed research. Under Mark Blumenthal’s steady editorial guidance the information has always been cutting-edge and in a word — reliable. From history to new clinical studies, reporting on new regulatory and market developments to comprehensive reviews and covering the world’s herb and the world of herbs, no publication has provided more to all interested stakeholders in every aspect of herbal medicine. It’s been a remarkable journey.

Ed Smith

I consider HerbalGram the preeminent journal on medicinal herbs, and it is invaluable in my work in the medicinal herb industry and herbal medicine education. It is both an entertaining magazine and a peer-reviewed academic journal. I liken it to other prestigious periodicals like Nature, Scientific American, and National Geographic.




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