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2009 International Training Program on Natural Products: Botanicals, Nutraceuticals & Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA


July 20-24, 2009: 2009 International Training Program on Natural Products: Botanicals, Nutraceuticals & Medicinal & Aromatic Plants: "From Sourcing & Production to Processing & Product Development, & from Quality Control to Health Applications." Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA. The 2009 program focuses on the chemistry and biochemistry of natural products, genetic diversity, plant-based bioprospecting, extraction and processing technologies, botanical standardization and new product development. The program will focus on aroma and flavor chemicals of temperate and tropical zone species. This training includes methods of isolation and analysis and an introduction of chemistry for the non-chemist. Particular emphasis this year will be on developing a Quality Assurance and Quality Control for botanicals from sustainable bush wild-crafting, through the introduction of a new botanical into cultivation, organic production, harvesting and processing, storage, and the actual quality control and product standardization of simple and complex natural plant products. The 2009 program is geared to those interested in agriculture and food, the allied processing and product development industries and in international trade. For those involved in or interested in agriculture, this short course will include trainings in taxonomy and botanical authentication, plant genetic resources, genetic diversity, organic production technologies, developing real Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Sourcing Practices (GSP) for the successful commercialization of botanicals and in developing quality control programs for natural products including the development of tracking systems, standard operating protocols, and product specifications sheets for botanicals, medicinal plants, spices, essential oils and other herbal products and dietary supplements. For those interested in new products, new scientific developments and the market of botanicals and dietary supplements, food safety, chemical characterization and bio-activity screening of botanicals will also be featured along with historical and current market trends.

This course will provide an in-depth focus on Natural Products; including case studies on individual Essential oils, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. The marketing, trade and regulations of dietary supplement and nutraceutical industries will be discussed. Finally, we will also provide a focus on African and Asian botanicals and case studies on specific plants and products from these regions.

The program will include workshops, lectures, hands-on laboratory including herbarium vouchering, the screening of botanicals for antioxidants, total phenols and antimicrobial activity, and in the testing and evaluation of product quality (chemical and physicochemical attributes). Site visits to the New York Botanical Gardens (Bronx, NYC), Herbalist and Alchemist, a commercial botanical manufacturer (Washington, NJ) and our own Rutgers field breeding and agricultural research experiment station (Pittstown, NJ) are planned.

For more information, please visit the website: http://www.aesop.rutgers.edu/~newuseag/itp2008.html.

Start Date: Monday, July 20, 2009
End Date:   Friday, July 24, 2009














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